leo bittencourt

Okay I have questions:

1. How is Sami Khedira already 30? He’s supposed to be like 25 next thing I know the 2010 kids will think about retiring??? It doesn’t make sense.

2. Was Bayern even trying to win the game against Hoffenheim or…?

3. How is Bremen doing this? How where they fighting against relegation yesterday and now they’re dreaming about europe? Also why do I love Piza so much?

4. Wtf Frankfurt? How can you be so good in the first half of the season and so bad in the second one? And I know you’ve done this before but I really thought Kovac had gotten you sorted out.

5. How is Leo Bittencourt such a perfect being?

6. Just…. wtf Bundesliga? Why are there like 8 points between europe and relegation? I can’t deal with this kinda stress.