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while the moon sign may reflect direct influences on the native during childhood, it can also represent a lack of some kind which shapes their needs as they age. this may be an alternative upbringing instead of the obvious interpretation

note, to clarify: the native themselves didn’t necessarily “lack” anything, their childhood environment or the people surrounding them did

MOON IN ARIES lacked recognition, reward, profound excitement, spontaneity, or fulfilling risks in their childhood which creates a deep need to out-perform others in order to solidify their worth and individuality; there may have been a consistent absence of stimulation in their environment so that they now seek thrilling unfamiliar experiences (or foster an uncomfortable fear of such). They didn’t feel safe in their identity so now the instincts support the survival of ego.

MOON IN TAURUS lacked material comfort, personal space, luxury, security, or physical affection in their childhood which creates a deep need to acquire their own worldly possessions, wealth, and general abundance in their adult life. They may have “expensive tastes” now because they often “went without” in their youth. There is also a tender longing for sensuality, romance, and sweetness to make up for physical coldness, distance, or lack of attention from the parent(s).

MOON IN GEMINI lacked definitive proof / adequate rationale, communication, and intellectual fulfillment in their childhood which creates a deep need to glean answers out of the world around them; they have to make sense of life or they become anxious. They may have felt invisible and unheard, so now they speak more (or less) than their fair share because they don’t think others listen or care. They constantly felt misunderstood as a kid, so they’re inclined to over-explain.

MOON IN CANCER lacked tenderness, security, emotional attention, or gentle nurturance in their childhood which creates a deep need to either over-protect their emotions or force vulnerable, intimate relationships; they were deprived of true inner safety so now they obsess over it, over-share, cling to those they love and demand the affection & care they require. They can also become repressive and withdrawn, repeating their parents’ neglect and possibly becoming cold.

MOON IN LEO lacked heartfelt praise, attention, encouragement, or creative outlets in their childhood which creates a deep need to dominate the spotlight & remain the focal point (or they have a strong aversion to this & avoid it). Insecurities/nervousness are significant issues that are hard to cope with, and they need cathartic emotional expression (often through art) & positive feedback or they quickly become overwhelmed with self-doubt and feel trapped inside.

MOON IN VIRGO lacked support, guidance, mature & just reasoning, and stable improvement in their childhood which creates a deep need to become their own parent and independently steer themselves toward continual progress. They don’t feel like others are capable of helping them so they have an aversion to asking for it. The immense pressures they felt in their youth to make things run smoothly & achieve success by themselves persist (painfully) in adulthood.

MOON IN LIBRA lacked compromise, interpersonal harmony, and acceptance in their childhood which creates a deep need to perpetually undermine their own desires & emotions to keep others comfortable, consistently making sacrifices so loved ones don’t have to. Their identity may have been shunned, criticized, or judged in their youth, so now they feel like they have to keep things unique to them private & only share what others relate to, to conform to the social climate.

MOON IN SCORPIO lacked honesty, protection, validation, and healing in their childhood which creates a deep need to defend themselves from any external stimuli (person or situation) which they don’t know inside-out; they are highly suspicious because they felt lied to in their youth. They weren’t taught how to cope with or process emotions in a healthy way, so they develop negative patterns of thought and behavior which can become self-destructive.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS lacked profundity, adventure, personal liberty, and truth in their childhood which creates a deep need to explore the world on their own, live without limitation, and discover the meaning of things independently. They strongly reject the realities other people try to force them to live in and avoid being tied down to anything that stifles or confines their expansive psyche for a fear of returning to the draining stagnation they experienced as a kid.

MOON IN CAPRICORN lacked structure, constructive criticism, and respect in their childhood which creates a deep need to force the world around them into a strict order to comfort their anxiety. Constant instability in their youth created a repressive cycle, containing the self to combat their frighteningly un-contained life. They weren’t taught how to gently improve themselves so they seek success & perfection through self-brutalization in pursuit of honor, to be worthy.

MOON IN AQUARIUS lacked forward-thinking, stable logic, and compelling originality in their childhood which creates a deep need to break away from tradition and normalcy, to “stir the pot” and establish an identity unprecedented in their family. They’re determined to invent a new way of life for themselves. There may have been over-emphasis on emotionality which made everything extreme and dramatic, so they disown their feelings to keep level-headed.

MOON IN PISCES lacked compassion, release, kindness, and intuition in their childhood which creates a deep need to manipulate tenderness & support out of their environment, since they had no other way to get it; they may leech it from loved ones for this reason. Emotions were externally suppressed or hidden, so now they require regular catharsis to stay healthy. As a child, they were spiritually & interpersonally uninspired, so now they romanticize to be content.

Having trouble remembering what the Signs and planets mean?

Here’s a cheat sheet!

The Zodiac Signs: These key phrases express what the basic nature of each of the signs at their core. Sometimes it’s what most important to them, usually it’s what’s second nature for them to focus on.

  • Aries: I am
  • Taurus: I possess
  • Gemini: I think
  • Cancer: I feel
  • Leo: I will
  • Virgo: I analyze
  • Libra: I balance
  • Scorpio: I desire
  • Sagittarius: I see
  • Capricorn: I use
  • Aquarius: I theorize
  • Pisces: I believe

The Planets: These key phrases express what the basic sphere of personality each planet is designated to.

  • Sun: As a whole, I am- | I behave-
  • Moon: I deal with emotions by- | In order to be happy, I need-
  • Mercury: I communicate through- | I learn by-
  • Venus: I value- | In romance, I-
  • Mars: I am passionate about- | I deal with anger by-
  • Jupiter: I am luckiest when- | I expand through-
  • Saturn: I view my limitations as- | I feel responsible about-
  • Uranus: I rebel- | I progress towards-
  • Neptune: I feel enlightened when- | I lose touch with reality-
  • Pluto: I transform- | I seek power by-

The Houses: These key phrases express the fields of our lives the houses govern.

  • 1st House: Self
  • 2nd House: Possessions
  • 3rd House: Communication
  • 4th House: Home
  • 5th House: Pleasure
  • 6th House: Health
  • 7th House: Partnership
  • 8th House: Sex
  • 9th House: Philosophy
  • 10th House: Social Status
  • 11th House: Friendships
  • 12th House: Subconscious
Signs as Kid Gorgeous Quotes

Aries: “And you replied, “Hey, do you want me to kill that guy for you? Because it sounds like he totally sucks and I will totally kill that guy for you.”

Taurus: She said,You can make fun of me, just don’t say that I’m a bitch and that you don’t like me.I was likeWhoa, the bar is so much lower than I ever imagined, that’s it?!

Gemini: “I’ve never really cared about politics. But then, last November, the craziest thing happened.”

Cancer: “I was raised to be nice to everyone in every situation because you never know their story. A lot of people don’t seem that nice and they seem to be doing fine in the world.”

Leo: “I lived like a goddamn ninja turtle.”

Virgo: “I was in Connecticut recently, doing white people stuff.”

Libra: “Like years later, I’d be in college about to go down on this rocking twink and I’d be like, “Wait a second…what would Leonard Bernstein do?”

Scorpio: “I was like top three colleges? I thought I’d be dead in a trunk with my hand hanging out of the taillight by now.”

Sagittarius: “Oh, you mean like having friends?”

Capricorn: “College was like a four-year game show called Do My Friends Hate Me or Do I Just Need to Go to Sleep? But instead of winning money, you lose $120,000.”

Aquarius: “My dad is so weird. I’d love to meet him someday.”

Pisces: “She’s my hero. When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It’s exhausting.”

Healthy and unhealthy ways the moon signs cope with their emotions/problems


Unhealthy: They turn their emotions into anger until it drains them and they feel nothing. They explode around the ones they love about stupid stuff because they refuse to address the real problem. They fight them, they fight feeling that certain emotion until it turns into feeling nothingness.

Healthy: They fight the problem that is causing them to feel that way head-on and try to solve it as fast as possible. They calm themselves instead of bursting in the heat of the moment and try to talk to their loved ones after they decide whether whatever they have to say is something worth discussing.


Unhealthy: They distract themselves with possessions or their work. They lock themselves in their comfort zone and refuse to talk about anything. They indulge in their bad habits to forget about it. They are also prone to ignoring it to the point that everybody around them knows what’s wrong and they would still act like nothing is wrong because of fear of losing whatever shred of comfort they have left.

Healthy: They take time to themselves to relax and understand the problem and where it’s coming from. They try to solve it with whatever way they can, they don’t stop until it’s solved or until they feel better about it. They don’t settle for less than feeling at peace even if it means stepping out of their comfortable surroundings to achieve that.


Unhealthy: They criticize and bottle them up. They don’t accept the fact that they’re hurt therefore they do not try to know who or whatever is hurting them. They ignore their emotions, act like they don’t exist which sometimes makes them act cruel.

Healthy: They search and analyze the problem. They use their resources to find a solution. They work on accepting their emotions and the fact that there are some things that do not have logical explanations. They share their experiences with their friends and sometimes ask them for help too.


Unhealthy: They hide them, they don’t talk about them until their emotions are eating away at them. They drown themselves in self pity to the point that it’s the only thing they feel. They don’t try to understand them. They regret every choice they made yet they do not try to do better.

Healthy: They actually let themselves feel the emotion, so they can know what it is and where it comes from. They find the reason as to why they feel that way and cut it from the root. Knowing why gives them some sort of closure. They embrace what they can’t change and grow past it.


Unhealthy: They avoid their feelings by burying them using anything that gives them a rush of power. They let themselves go, they keep giving and giving even when the receiver breaks everything that they give. They turn all their negative emotions into hate and direct it at themselves. They become everything they hate about themselves.

Healthy: They try to understand the reason behind whatever it is they’re feeling. They try to control their choices and decisions in hopes that they will feel better, when that doesn’t work they direct themselves towards whatever the cause is and controlling or stopping it. They try to seek help from those they trust and they don’t beat themselves up for feeling the way they do.


Unhealthy: They criticize and analyze themselves for not being able to fix the problem. They run from it. In the way that they look for other things to fix. It becomes a routine sometimes even an obsession they need to fix things so they can feel helpful. They will take time for everyone and everything but never for themselves.

Healthy: They help themselves for once. They don’t give up too quickly on themselves. They validate their emotions and not just look at them as these things that are inconvenient to them. Sometimes they ask for help from trusted people or they agree on taking offered help and sometimes when things are too much they allow themselves a break.


Unhealthy: They degrade their views on the problem and it becomes a need to mold themselves into whatever would please the people surrounding them so they could feel accepted. They are not fair to themselves, do not trust themselves enough. Their need for acceptance become intenser because of the idea that if they are accepted by people everything will be okay.

Healthy: They weigh the good and bad of the situation, their feelings. They treat themselves fairly and see their own problems as real ones and they let themselves invest in them. They ask their loved ones for advice but they would also reach a middle ground after figuring out what they want. They understand that they need to be accepted by themselves and they work towards that.


Unhealthy: They bury them, deeper than the ocean. They become self destructive. They can become quite vengeful and jealous too. They keep falling into the same loop or so that’s how it feels. They hide everything so well because of their paranoia of it being used to hurt them. They’re afraid and they hate that so they act like they’re emotionless.

Healthy: They let their emotions wash over them. They become one with how they feel and let the emotion whether good or bad transform them, they always come out of them different, grown, healed somehow. They find the problem and search for anything that they are yet to know about it. They cut the person off and/or get rid of them problem it’s that simple.


Unhealthy: They avoid their problems and feelings, they run. They go to new places, meet new people and once what they’re running from catches up they get up and leave. They lie to themselves, to everyone around them cause, they don’t wanna talk about it. They’re so afraid of their emotions because, they’re afraid of anything that they do not understand.

Healthy: They face their problems head on and only seek help with them when they are 1000% sure that they need it. They don’t run from their feelings they try to understand them and when they don’t they try to embrace them, they still don’t act on them most of the time but at the same time they don’t run away either when people try to open up about things.


Unhealthy: They build a fortress around their emotions and lock it inside. They act cruel and cold, they allow themselves to carry other peoples emotional burdens but they never acknowledge theirs, they forget how to let people in, instead they push them outside. They are that person that nobody knows anything about. They carry al their burdens alone, struggle in silence.

Healthy: They understand that they do not have to do all of it alone. They open up a window to that fortress, later a door. They let themselves hurt so they can learn and heal, they don’t shoves it all aside. They will share some of their burdens with the ones they loved/trusted ones they will also let themselves be taken care of from time to time without beating themselves about it.


Unhealthy: They become way too detached. They distract themselves with anything they can. They can be irresponsible and way too analytic. They don’t give themselves the space to feel anything, they break their feelings down and try to understand them. They ignore every emotion that has ever crossed them to the point that they never learn how to deal with them.

Healthy: They still would rather not talk about emotions but they let themselves acknowledge them, feel them. They don’t brush off every hurt they feel and don’t over analyze and beat themselves up for it. They still feel uncomfortable because of what they don’t understand but they’re not that afraid to start trusting certain people after a while.


Unhealthy: They become escapists. They indulge in whatever makes them feel like they’re somewhere or someone else to the point of addiction. They become so sucked into their own reality where they are the only victim that it becomes difficult for them to see things the way they are, they hurt the people around them by blaming them even if it’s not their fault.

Healthy: They address their bad habits and take responsibility for their actions. They cut off problems and bad influences from their life. They own up to their choices and don’t escape from them. They cherish themselves enough to give themselves time to heal without needing to get back to old habits. They use their lessons to help others find their way.

Moon Signs with...

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Aries Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: exaggerates impulsivity, has a magnetic pull on others, great vibrant energy

…with an Earth Sun: strengthens leadership ability, optimistic outlook, enterprising

…with an Air Sun: receptive to change, sharp intellect, powers of persuasion

…with a Water Sun: impressive originality, emphasized imagination, intense emotions

Taurus Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: warm and affectionate, physically imposing, fiery enthusiasm

…with an Earth Sun: enhanced persistence and determination, stable and patient

…with an Air Sun: practical, financial intellect, firmer decision-making

…with a Water Sun: bestows magnetism, artistic, and good follow-through with creative ideas

Gemini Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: excellent leadership ability, independent and adventurous spirit

…with an Earth Sun: increased versatility, quick-witted and practical

…with an Air Sun: sharp intellect, gift of gab and an excellent communicator, super charming

…with a Water Sun: emotional understanding, strong creativity, love for learning

Cancer Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: enthusiastic and dramatic flair, charismatic, and creative

…with an Earth Sun: very protective and loyal, strong passions

…with an Air Sun: alluring and an excellent reader of people, highly sympathetic

…with a Water Sun: deep and intense emotions, very intuitive and hypnotic

Leo Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: fun-loving, strong leadership skills, animated disposition

…with an Earth Sun: intense, passionate nature, warm-hearted romantic

…with an Air Sun: dynamic and social, open-minded, contagious laughter

…with a Water Sun: colorful, very influential, affectionate and loving

Virgo Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: strengthens creative pursuits, strong common sense, regal demeanor

…with an Earth Sun: industrious, practical, and very responsible

…with an Air Sun: refined intellect, original and meticulous

…with a Water Sun: rare balance of psychic and realist, introspective and thoughtful

Libra Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: good-natured, polished, and charming

…with an Earth Sun: adaptable, diplomatic, and creative

…with an Air Sun: graceful, an ability to win people over, quick-witted

…with a Water Sun: artistic vision, highly intuitive and romantically inclined

Scorpio Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: compelling and driven, influential on others

…with an Earth Sun: authoritative with great leadership skills, ambitious and self-reliant

…with an Air Sun: captivating, idealistic, more intense emotions

…with a Water Sun: highly imaginative, emotional, and sensual

Sagittarius Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: super adventurous, yearning for new experiences, and very confident

…with an Air Sun: optimistic and cheerful, extroverted, discerning intellect

…with an Earth Sun: more adaptable, independent, creative outlook

…with a Water Sun: talented artists, expressive, very open-minded

Capricorn Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: mesmerizing, reliable, ambitious goal-getter

…with an Air Sun: resourceful, patient, and inventive

…with an Earth Sun: deep, hidden emotions, responsible, powerful personality

…with a Water Sun: committed, strong-willed, dynamic

Aquarius Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: compassionate, progressive, and persuasive

…with an Air Sun: emphasized intelligence, humanitarian, stimulating conversationalist

…with an Earth Sun: tolerant, innovative, very independent

…with a Water Sun: highly creative, clairvoyant tendencies, quirky and individualistic 

Pisces Moon…

…with a Fire Sun: deep emotions, sense of sophistication, hypnotic

…with an Air Sun: very sympathetic, clairvoyant tendencies, artistic 

…with an Earth Sun: loyal, perceptive, and idealistic

…with a Water Sun: highly intuitive, spiritual, and sensitive

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Soulmates and the Signs

Soulmates and the Signs

Aries – Does not give the impression but believes in finding a special someone that can match their independent nature. Of course, they will not mind being alone because they thrive without needing others around. Their ideal would be someone who relates to them emotionally and physically. When they have found the one, they will be the most vulnerable, just like a Scorpio in love. The Aries will do their best to cherish their partner but if all goes awry… be ready for the fury.

Taurus – Their soulmate would have to provide them with confidence and understand their deepest needs. They do not appreciate those who betray them, so they like to keep their hearts guarded until the perfect person comes along and sweeps them off their feet. Taurus will give their partner the sky, the stars and the moon if need be. This partner will stick by you through thick and thin.

Gemini – Always thinks about who will come into their life and who will be the best for them. They can focus on someone one day and when another pops in, they can easily discard the original. This is not because they are heartless but because they just always think about the ONE in a dreamy way.

Cancer – Believes that their soulmate will arrive but the timing will always be off. Cancer opens their hearts to those around them, which can make them prone to heartbreaks and learning lessons. What is admirable is that they will still continue to live and have fun, ready to open their hearts once more to the euphoria of love.

Leo – Like the Gemini, the Leo might grow tired of a mate because in their mind there is always someone just better out there. When they find their soulmate, they will be showering them with gifts, love and protection. Their ego will subside as they devote themselves fully to the one they love.

Virgo – Love is practical for the Virgo, but they are huge romantics (they just will never tell you). The Virgo wants a soulmate who understands them at the telepathic level. They will not need to reassure their love that they indeed adore them because they want them to just KNOW. When the person comes into their lives, they will be put together and not turn into a project for the Virgo to fix. Their Soulmate will help them evolve and find true love within themselves as well.

Libra – Their persona masks break and you finally see the real person behind the beauty. They expose their soul to you. Their heart is in your palm and all they want is the reassurance that you will be there for them through thick and thin. Libra will feel whole, complete and renewed when they have found the partner they have dreamt of. It is also easy for them to escape with them and start fresh away from the world.

Scorpio – They want loyalty and someone they can trust. When Scorpio opens up and surrenders themselves to someone that they think is their soulmate, they become vulnerable. This is a dangerous place for the Scorpio to be in because it makes them susceptible to emotional destruction and ruin. If the Scorpio you love does this with you, respect them and protect them because you will have a loving partner for life. Their loyalty will transcend space and time.

Sagittarius – It is hard for Sagittarius to fall in love, but it is easy for them to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with others. When they realize that their hedonistic lifestyle will have to come to an end, this is when they do some introspection to see if it is worth giving up their freedom to stay with someone they care for. The Sagittarius is willing to “chain” themselves in a commitment with someone that they deem as the one. Their heart will long for this person in ways that will drive them mad. If this relationship were to end, they would be the ones hit the hardest and the recovery process would strike them harder.

Capricorn – Practical like the Virgo, Capricorn seeks stability and reassurance. Their heart can be stone but when in love, it melts into something potent that will make you wish you were bound to them. The person that they love will make them become selfless and devoted. The protector will become their new role because they treat their soulmates as if they were the gifts from the heavens.

Aquarius – Loyalty is what this fixed sign looks for. They will generally be aloof when they are out of love, but once they have fallen, they will become subservient and will shower you with emotions and devotion. The Aquarius falls hard when they think that they have found the one. The cockiness fades, their hearts soften, and they will let you know that they are here for you. This is a love that feels mystical for both parties involved.

Pisces – Their love is not in this realm because they can easily think that they are in love with everyone they have dated. The Pisces, like the Gemini will fall easily in love and vanish when other prospects present themselves. This can make them selfish and known heartbreakers. They have idealized and romanticized a version of love that is not achievable in this plane and that is a truth that they do not want to face.

8th House: Intimacy

Aries in the 8th House: Tends to dive into physical intimacy with passion but the physical is usually the only intimacy they are use to. Emotional intimacy is something they may be uncomfortable with, lashing out at it with anger, frustration, or impatience. Their instinct can help guide them towards better intimate bonds but might fight against any instinct that they view as soft, weak, or unacceptable. Emotional understanding and acceptance must be learned to find real intimacy with others. Aries in the 8th House could have a conquering view towards intimacy, seeing the closer they get to someone, usually physically as a win. The leadership trait can manifest in intimacy by always trying to take the lead on how close they or others can get in their relationships.

Taurus in the 8th House: This sign does have a physical and material approach towards intimacy. They might really need and speak physical touch + gifts as a love language. There is something primal in how they approach intimacy. They might not be what say a heavy Air influence is looking for, mental and emotional intimacy will be slow to develop and connect with. But trust and passion might actually be needed to unlock their more deeper and ardent side. There is a possessiveness in this position and will likely easily become possessive over anyone they are intimate with.

Gemini in the 8th House: Intimacy is something this person might not be familiar with and when faced with it can be scared. Through intimacy this person can discover a LOT about themselves. Intimacy opens their mind to a new world. A mental understanding or stimulation must be partnered with emotional openness or else a connection can’t be sustained for too long. Change, acceptance, support, and feelings of fellowship are themes in this person’s intimate bonds or approach to intimacy.

Cancer in the 8th House: Despite the watery, emotional, and sensitive vibes of this combo, this indicates someone who is heavily guarded towards intimacy. Emotions can be put through denial when one is going through heavy transformations or getting incredibly close to another. Intimacy forces them through introspective and at times healing. A compassionate and sensitive side will emerge in intimacy and like many other tropes with Cancer they fear this vulnerable side of them being exposed to others. There is an association with their mother/a source of early nurturing that could have been turbulent and/OR determines how they get close to others and what they prefer in intimacy. 

Leo in the 8th House: Before they get intimate with another this person or relationship must align with their identity, what they stand for, and maybe their ego.  One could see emotional intimacy and maybe physical as a threat to their individuality, pride, or some form of authority that is trying to take them over. Those who admire them, bring out the childlike generosity and love in them tend to help them overcome these fears and blocks. With the passion of Leo and the emotional intensity of the 8th House, one could use intimacy as a way of gaining power over others, especially physical.

Virgo in the 8th House: Over practicality, analyzation, desire for physical/material satisfaction, high standards, and blockage to passion can get in the way of intimacy for this person. Physical intimacy holds a special connection in either great desires or disgust, or both. Devotion, dependability, and no judgment is what they seek in intimate relationships but balancing tolerance with discernment is going to be a task they must learn as they show more and more of themselves to others. Body and mind are what they want to see and show the most.

Libra in the 8th House: They welcome romantic feelings but have a fear of true emotional intimacy, especially when it comes to uncovering weaknesses and flaws. They don’t want anyone, especially loved ones to “look under the rug”. Acceptance and self-discovery is really needed here. Some with this can hide in their independence and desire for space from intimacy, hoping no one gets too close or see’s their blemishes. But partnerships are something they crave. They may see romantic relationships as the only space to show and have intimacy.

Scorpio in the 8th House: This person really has no fear of intimacy, understanding great risk = great reward. But there is a deepness that can seem endless and consuming that is attractive to others but heavy and at times stressful for the individual. Intimacy on many levels is not only a need but a fear and a way of life. There is a strong emotional understanding overall with Scorpio in the 8th House. Obsession, panic, paranoia, and possessiveness or control can get in their way of forming healthy intimate bonds. Here intimacy can easily turn toxic. But with positive and healthy intimacy there is so much power here.

Sagittarius in the 8th House: This person can be passionate, open, and honest with others but is slow to dive into the deepness, rawness, and especially commitment involved in true intimacy. They will show their inner fire but can lack in dependability in closer bonds. There is optimism towards close bonds and intimacy may be a tool this person will use to navigate self-discovery and emotional advancement. Having faith in a partner or a partner believing in them is important to finding real intimacy. Honesty and dishonesty are themes among intimacy here. This person may likely see rawness and true closeness as a blessing or curse. Becoming intimate with someone can tap into an instinct of theirs that they never even saw/knew.

Capricorn in the 8th House: People with this can fear intimacy but ultimately crave it. They fear losing their lover or friend. They only become intimate with those they know will be around, will be devoted, and they can give their devotion to. Those with this placement need stability, without it they become cold, distant, and refuse to become intimate. There is an association with intimacy being viewed as a burden or responsibility. They could also view intimacy in a superficial or materialistic way or see it as something messy and undesirable. They can give tenderness, understanding, protection, and strength to loved ones but only after they essentially surrender to intimate bonds.

Aquarius in the 8th House: To be blunt, this tends to be associated with fears of intimacy and intimacy issues/disorders. Independence, detachment, unrealistic or unusual standards, unconventional views, and even a fixed approach to relationships keeps them out of deep intimacy. Someone who respects their space and views can be helpful however this individual needs to push themselves into becoming intimate with others and really, maybe intimate with themselves on a mental/emotional/spiritual plane. Aquarius is usually not comfortable in this House that is heavy with depth and emotional ups and downs. What can be key for this individual is self expression and allowing/indulging in the natural change of relationships. By learning to express themselves more freely in close bonds and finding and allowing relationships to change and grow can lead them into knowing intimacy.

Pisces in the 8th House: This person can get deeply involved with others quickly. They take on loved one’s pains, fears, and joys. But unrealistic expectations or views of reality can keep this person disconnected with the realness involved in intimacy. They can reach emotional intimacy but must be careful of seeing their loved ones as an extension of themselves, a oneness that can create disappointment and mistrust. Who they become intimate with is like a mirror but they paint on it, not seeing the whole image or lesson. Many Pisces placements need to be careful of being used, this is true in the 8th House. By wiping away the paint from the “mirror” someone with this House is imaginative, compassionate, healing, and ever flowing in their intimate connections.

the signs loving somebody


check sun and moon!!

Aries: excitement, restlessness, caring, delicate, a truthful kind of love 

Taurus: communicative, smiley, wants to connect, so thoughtful, a sweet kind of love 

Gemini: forward, honest, endearing, can be quite nervous, intuitive, a unspoken kind of love 

Cancer: emotional, affectionate, kind, hilarious, always has heart eyes, a once in a life time kind of love 

Leo: passionate, supportive, sometimes mixed signals, positive, a lasting kind of love 

Virgo: sincere, hesitant, soft, often goofy, an “I’m here for all of you” kind of love 

Libra: affectionate, pure, harmonizing, proud, ‘a meant to be’ kind of love 

Scorpio: beautiful, emotional, deep, sometimes tense, wild, an unforgettable kind of love 

Sagittarius: full speed, committed, generous, unstoppable, an intense kind of love 

Capricorn: stubborn, faithful, intimate, slow, a forever kind of love 

Aquarius: sexy, earnest, confident, clingy, a daydream kind of love 

Pisces: heart stopping, romantic, shy, devoted, a soulmate kind of love 

Your Ascendant


Think of an Aries Rising as spring, powering through the cold hard earth of winter. They are people of action, and being ruled by Mars adds a pioneering and competitive spirit. Their energy is direct and honest. Typically not shy, these people have no problems expressing what’s on their mind. In friendship, people with an Aries Ascendant often bond with other adventurous, spontaneous, and free-spirited people. 


Taurus Rising’s want the best: best house, best sex, best food. They have an aura of calm that surrounds them. They are charming, loving, and artistically-inclined, thanks to Venus’s influence. They are not pushy, but are well known for their steadfastness and loyalty. These people tend to attract other artistic souls, and may have a tendency to place them on a pedestal. 


Gemini Risings are restless, quick-witted, and very excitable. Mercury, which rules this ascendant, was well known for his mental agility and speed. These traits are noticeable in this placement, as they often gesticulate with their hands and can talk on a variety of subjects. These people are eager to explore and they welcome change - whether it’s a change in occupation, residence, or even significant other. They may often have many acquaintances, but have only one “best friend”.


The Moon plays a huge and noticeable role on Cancer risings. They are famously in tune with emotions- theirs and others. There is a protective, motherly quality that makes them stand out. They are compassionate, understanding, and warm. A Cancer ascendant also possesses an active imagination, and is able to pick up signals from all around them. These people may be hard to get close too at first, but once you do, you’re in like family. 


Leo Risings embody a regal, royal energy. They often possess a sense of nobility and are usually very generous and big-hearted. With the Sun ruling this placement, they are gifted with a vibrant magnetism and a flair for drama. Socially, Leo ascendants are charming and diplomatic, able to communicate with almost anyone. They are very lovable, and others are drawn to them because of their energy and sense of humor.


Mercury is the ruler of Virgo risings, and this makes these people analytical and practical. They are highly adaptable, organized, and responsible. They are not as cold and stand-offish as they may seem. This placement bestows very caring and tender qualities, although they may keep them well-hidden. Getting to know a Virgo ascendant can be tough for this reason, but is well worth it, because these people are very selfless and sympathetic towards their friends.


Libra risings are recognized by their charm, graciousness, and social ability. With this position being ruled by Venus, they are seekers of beauty and harmony. They possess an aura of refinement and have a gentleness to their actions. These people often have a cheerful disposition, and love to be in an atmosphere of laughter and fun. This placement attracts friends who are confident and dominant, and can keep up with their social life. 


Will-power and intensity are the words that come to mind for a Scorpio rising. This person puts their whole heart into everything they do, and doesn’t half-ass anything. They are charismatic and magnetic, and can be intimidating to a lot of people. Pluto ruling this placement grants strong emotions, creativity, and persistence. In friendships, these people tend to attract more mature individuals, and value those who are intellectual and can hold a deep conversation. 


Jupiter rules Sagittarius risings, and this is evident in their optimistic, cheerful, and adventurous personality. These people are always on the lookout for new experiences and have a frank, philosophical outlook. They are well known for being very honest and idealistic. Sag ascendants love meeting new people and talking about new ideas. They value exchanging opinions and are able to make friends quickly, and with different types of people. 


This is a very complex rising sign. Capricorn risings have a strong personality and come off as reserved, cautious, and cool. Ruled by Saturn, this placement is known for its willpower, patience, and discipline. They are very responsible people and work diligently towards their goals. To those that have cracked them open, these people are expressive, friendly, and harbor deep emotions. They are drawn to people who let them let loose and “play”.


With Uranus ruling this placement, Aquarius risings may come off as different/eccentric/unique in some sense. Whether it’s their style, personality, or interests, something about them will be unusual or original. They are very quick-witted and honest, with an idealistic outlook. This placement is known for its love of freedom and progressive, forward-thinking. With friends, these people are attracted to outgoing, open-minded individuals.


Pisces risings try to view their world through rose-colored glasses. Their mind is swirling in fantasies and is tinged with their romantic outlook. They are artistic, idealistic, and dreamy. Neptune’s influence on this placement is evident in the compassion, intuition, and sensitivity that these people often have. They strive to try and see the best in people and in situations. Pisces risings tend to make friendships that are supportive and long-lasting. 

Moon Signs at the Breaking Point

Aries moons accept defeat easily and become withdrawn internalizing their anger.

Taurus moons let their comfort items fall to ruin and stop caring about pleasurable environment/pursuits.

Gemini moons refuse to vocalize their feelings, as theres too many/too void to sort through.

Cancer moons are stuck in the same emotional rut, with no direction to pull out.

Leo moons inner glow is dulled and their optimism dimed.

Virgo moons cease to care about the things once so important to them.

Libra moons break the peace they’ve so carefully tried to maintain.

Scorpio moons let their emotions bleed out in front of people.

Sagittarius moons cease to find meaning in life.

Capricorn moons visibly meltdown in front of people.

Aquarius moons become overwhelmed by emotional activity, with sudden emotional outbursts.

Pisces moons completely detach from all reality through escapist means, with no intention of coming back.


Decision Making  

Aries: “It can’t be that bad of a decision if I don’t end up on fire”

Taurus: “I’ve calculated this to plan, everything should go exactly right unless somebody else interferes and ruins it” 

Gemini: “I am good at making decisions, I make countless a day…I can always just change my mind back”

Cancer: “What would my dead ancestors think of this??”

Leo: “I trust my instincts over anybody else - including myself”

Virgo: “My brain’s risk assessment program has concluded a 2% of success and 98% chance of disaster but you can expect better odds than that in life”

Libra: “I need to make a decision”
Brain: “Okay”
Libra: “What one do I choose?” 
Brain: *plays memory box cinematic masterpiece of every bad, humiliating, or unfortunate choice she has ever made in her life*
Libra: “Okay”

Scorpio: “If I am wrong then I will sit here and wait for the whole universe to converge and prove it to me”

Sagittarius: “Its 5 o’clock somewhere….”

Capricorn:  “Have I really calculated and planned for every variable? What am I missing? Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Will this have a long term implication on my future or career?”

Aquarius: “How will this decision change the course of my future? The earth’s future? The universe? The sun? The galaxy? Time and space and eternity… how….?”

Pisces: “Will anybody be hurt? Will everybody understand why I made this choice?… wait … what was I deciding about again..”