In appreciation of Historia’s character development throughout the manga. Historia has become one of the toughest and most complex characters in the series - she experienced so many hardships in these past few chapters, yet managed to come out stronger and more badass than ever. I hope she kicks some serious ass in the coming chapters <3

(also, look at the art improvement! You go Isayama!!)

Can I just say that I’m in love with the fact that Historia holds no hard feelings for Levi nor is angry at him for strangling her but INSTEAD she managed to learn something from it and USE IT for everyone’s sake without caring about if he agrees or not?

And I’m even more in love with the fact that Levi’s all like “damn it, you’re right”.


Snk Characters: At a Carnival/Fesitval







Connie and Sasha:

Berthodlt and Annie:



Ymir and Historia:


Petra and Auruo:


Erwin, Mike, Auruo:


Regarding the scene where Historia recounts what Levi said to her back at him:

First let me clarify that, like most of the fandom, I agree that what Levi did was wrong. I don’t think he “strangled” Historia (word choice matters IMO), but I do think he should have been a better person and tried to appeal to her without touching her. He did hurt her, whether intentionally or not, and I hope he is sorry for having done it.

Historia was kind of upset at Levi for treating her that way, which is 100% understandable and I don’t blame her at all. She probably felt so used after that scene: she’s not a person, shes’ a tool that Levi is using (that the Survey Corps is using!) to get what they want.

Because of this, I’m surprised Historia took his words to heart. In the end she listened to Levi’s words and NOT his actions. This saddens me a little because this means she listened to Flegel’s dad.

Historia purposefully made an effort to look past what Levi did to try to understand what Levi said.

I wasn’t impressed with this chapter overall, but I did like Historia here. She admitted her faults and not in a poor-wah-pity-me kind of way or anything; she’s just being real about stuff. Then she steps up to the plate like a champ. Good job, Historia. Please continue to show us the kind of person you really are.

Here we have Christa stopping Eren from throwing himself at the titan’s mouth. And everyone’s okay with him trying to do so, Levi’s even making plans for what they’ll do after Eren’s dead. She’s the one that stopped them. 

AND she was given an out to turn tail and go away to safety but she didn’t she fucking stood up in front of whatever fate’s coming her way. She isn’t running or throwing her life away. Stop bein’ salty to this amazing angel.

Last night I had a dream that I was on a matchmaking gameshow with the snk characters. Unsurprisingly, Ymir pretty much fell for Krista right away, so (because I was the host), I kept telling her awful things about Krista. No matter what I said she just kept saying:
“I don’t care”
“Give her to me”

After that, Ymir picked her up bridal style and walked off the stage. Then I woke up. That was the sweetest dream I have ever had.

2014 was such a great year for girlfriends in action-adventure animation.  A lot of important canon firsts came along that have made many people, including myself, feel incredibly happy and acknowledged.  Here’s to 2015 continuing to break new ground in LGBT representation!

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