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Lentil Studies Introduction Post

Hello! I’ve only been here for a short time, and I’ve almost reached 1000 followers, which is crazy *-*

I’ve only been posting pictures of my notes, so I haven’t done very much on here yet. But here’s an introduction post, and I hope through this I can meet more people in the community!

I’m Lentil (it’s a play on words with my real name, but I’m not that comfortable sharing that here >.<). I live in the US, I’m 17, and in the class of 2017, so I’ll be graduating from high school this year. Although I like school I’m very much a Hufflepuff (even my patronus is a badger heh). I love reading and music and art. This is a sideblog for my art blog Lentil Art (though I haven’t posted on there for awhile).

I’ve joined this community mostly because I really really like stationary, and I like being neat! I have a bujo that I use to keep track of my work, and I generally post pictures of my own notes here (I haven’t reposted anything yet, but I’ll probably start soon).

I think that’s pretty much it! Some studyblr’s that have inspired me are: @bluelahe @studyblr @soymilkstudies @aestudier @mochi-studies @tbhstudying @studyign @sushi-studies @etudiaire @hardworkign @eintsein @roadmapplus @takecaredarling @studie-s @metanoiastudies @katsdesk @joo-ah-lee @livsdesk @stillstudies @sootudying @studywithinspo @studylustre