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Clouds pour over Lion’s Head, South Africa


Lenticular Cloud and Aurora all at once

There are a total of 160 volcanoes, 29 of which are still active in the Kamchatka Peninsula of far east Russia. On this night, incredible lenticular clouds formed amidst a glowing red sunset reminding us of a volcanic plume. If you visit this vast wild landscape you will feel a rawness that we rarely experience while traveling.


Lovely lenticular cloud over Mexico’s Colima volcano

Landscape Language

Altocumulus (n) – mid-altitude clouds

Altocumulus clouds are mid-altitude clouds that form between 6,600-20,000 feet. There are four “species” or subtypes of altocumulus cloud. The most common type is Altocumulus stratiformis, which forms a “strata” or layer of small globs of clouds. However, when altocumulus clouds hit an object – say a mountain that reaches to 14,410 feet – the clouds can change shape, forming Altocumulus lenticularis. They are more commonly known as simply “lenticulars”.  What other clouds have you spotted around Mount Rainier?

NPS photo of both Altocumulus stratiformis and Altocumulus lenticularis clouds around Mount Rainier, June 8, 2016. Description: Spotted clouds give way to smooth clouds wrapped around the peak of a mountain. ~kl


Sunrise illuminates lenticular clouds over Torres Del Paine National Park