➾”To make it short, I am a fugitive. I am not ordinary man. If the fleet finds me, than the effort it took for to me to flee would have been for nothing. Necromongers use a technology far more advance than most worlds do. Lensor, crippled living corpse can track up body thermal radiation which is what you possess.”

“If you value your life, it would be preferable if we do what I say…”

Through most of his explanation, a considerable amount of the words had been going in one ear, swirling around in Jan’s brain, and leaving out her other ear. She didn’t understand half of what was being said, and it frustrated her to no end.

“…..Are you saying I”m some sort of….leverage to keep them away from you?”

you ever just find old threads and think about the development that’s happened since then— BECAUSE JAN STILL HAS THE SAME OPINION OF VAAKO. SHE’S STILL SQUINTING AT HIM FOR USING HER AS LEVERAGE. ( @necroiism )