If you asked my what my favorite Sci-Fi series was, it would not be Doctor Who nor Star Trek Nor even Star Wars.


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E.E “Doc” Smith INVENTED Space Opera.  And nobody…NOBODY did it better than him.

You ever see that cover of Amazing Stories from the issue that introduced Buck Rogers?  here it is,

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A lot of people assume that’s Buck Rogers on the cover.  But t'isn’t - it’s a scene from Doc Smith’s previous classic The Skylark of Space.  A scientist goes from inventing a new propulsion process to building a spaceship in what seems like two weeks.  And it is glorious.

Lensmen  took the scale that people were writing science fiction and ruined it. Galactic-level scope, dating back to the birth of the galaxies, entire planets uses as projectile weapons…it was awesome.

And the books still work today, if you could friggin’ FIND copies.  The only edition recently in print are quite expensive trade paperbacks, with intros by J. Michael Straczynski.  

Some years ago, he was working on scripts for a film version, with Ron Howard directing.  It seems to have died on the vine, but god damn, I want it to happen.

Drew this cool dude awhile back ;) Worsel from the Lensmen anime was one of my first crushes, for obvious reasons. He’s steady, unfazed in the face of danger, supportive and helpful to new Lensmen who need to understand the crazy world they’ve entered. Also he’s a bird/horse/dinosaur alien and what’s not to love about that? 😘 Would love to paint this up when I’ve got the chance.

Eamon De Valera Speaking in Kilmainham Jail where he was imprisoned and scheduled to be shot by the British 50 years earlier, he escaped death when his sentence was commuted to penal servitude for life. This raises the question as to how de Valera escaped execution. It is taught the the British were afraid to kill an American at a time when they need their help with the war in Europe


My most prized literary possession.  It’s a first print Fantasy Press edition of E.E. “Doc” Smith’s Triplanetary, first of the Lensmen series.  (As with most series, not the first written, but work with me)

My friend found this at a thrift store.

It’s inscribed.  Not just signed, inscribed, to a person.  Big difference, bibliophilically speaking. 

If you’ve never read Smith’s work, do so - the man invented Space Opera, and as a rule, the reason things catch on is cause the first example at it is SO good that it makes other people want to do it too.

At last report, Ron Howard had the movie rights and J. Michael Straczynski (One of the few bigger Lensfen than me) was working on the script.  I live in hope.