Due to their brilliant blue eyes, some koalas model for companies such as LensCrafters and RayBans.  This makes the brown-eyed koalas very jealous, causing a rift in the koala community. 

Myopia, or nearsightedness, has exploded in the West over the past 40 years. In Asia, the condition has reached truly epidemic proportions – within the span of a single generation, it’s gone from affecting a small percentage of the population to, in certain demographics, affecting damn near all of the population. … Why all the sudden squintiness? Well, to trace myopia back to its earliest roots, it seems the condition sprung from our human need to escape the slavering iniquities awaiting us in that place that must now only be mentioned in a hushed whisper (“outdoors”). You see, much like Superman, your eyeballs derive their superpower from sunlight (“superpower” in this case meaning “ability to focus on anything beyond arm’s length”). Studies have shown that spending too much of your youth indoors under weak, artificial lighting is all but guaranteed to doom you to a lifetime of haggling with LensCrafters cashiers.

5 Sneaky Ways The Modern World Is Destroying Your Body


When you’ve been paying $200+ for glasses your entire life but Tumblr comes thruuu with the links and leads you to EyeBuyDirect where you buy a cute pair of prescription glasses for only $35 and you’re really really excited cause your blind broke ass couldn’t afford LensCrafters so you gotta post a pic on your blog to let the world know how excited you are

i had to run to lenscrafters today before work because i needed to get new glasses by the end of the calendar year and i DIDN’T REALIZE HOW EXPENSIVE THE TRANSITION LENSES WOULD BE, now looking at my receipt (i got my last glasses at costco, with transition lenses…it was a lot cheaper…), but when i was trying on glasses i took pics because i couldn’t fucking see what i looked like without my glasses on, and this was the pair i decided on

i love tortoiseshell it’s so cuuute