Okay so this morning, I was having an absolutely heavenly time in the shower as the warm soothing water rolled off my body, washing my sorrows away. What a beautiful way to start the day………….and then all hell broke lose. I was in the middle of shampooing my beautiful hair when all of a sudden, my shower head spurted some water into my eyes along with what felt like all the shampoo on my head. It was one of the most painful experiences ever. Just imagine someone microwaved a spoon until it was red hot and then shoved it into your eye sockets. I feel like that would even be less painful than my experience this morning. To top it all off, my roommate in the other bathroom flushed his toilet only a moment after. My shower turned from a warm soothing rinse into a scathing hot hellish experience. Moral of the story; be wary of shower-heads. They may appear to be idle and inanimate, but believe me. They are out to get you.

Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!