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Maybe (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Request:Hey!!! Would you be open to writing a story about my favorite two charries. Snart and Mick, reader is Micks sister she gets a electric gun from snart her boyfriend but although she doesn’t mind hiding them and stuff she does mind being a criminal herself. :) i think it could be a nice imagine xxxx loyal reader 

Prompt: Your brother Mick and your boyfriend Snart hide at your place. Snart invites you into their life of crime.

Warning: none? Mention of guns? Mick makes a somewhat inappropriate joke lol


A/N: I’m sorry for the small mistakes lol I typed this on my phone late at night and sometimes things get away from my proofreading. Happy Reading!

You sat on your couch with your legs on top of the table as you tinkered with your gift from Snart. You were shocked he had gotten you an electricity gun but you absolutely loved it. Mick, your brother, liked to tease you by saying it was just a big taser. He isn’t completely wrong but Snart said that the genius at S.T.A.R labs who made it did it so that it could very lightly taser someone or power a small city which is pretty badass and makes it a little more than a big taser.

You aimed the gun at the wall enjoying the light weight of it when you heard a loud knock on the door. You put the gun on the table and walked over to the door. When you opened it you were surprised to find your boyfriend Len with Mick just a few feet behind him.

“Hey, kid.” he smiles for two second before it’s gone and steps into the house. Leonard walks in right behind him, but places a quick kiss on your cheek before doing so.

“What are you guys doing?” you asked as you closed and locked the door behind you.

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theopengrave  asked:

Why do you think len has a mental illness?

I don’t mean to say he specifically does, or specifically has any particular definable mental illness. That’s part of why I worded that the way I did: “He doesn’t externalize (his) symptoms of mental illness and neurodivergence” <– putting the “his” in brackets was meant to imply that he doesn’t necessarily have mental illness or neurodivergence, but if he has either, he doesn’t externalize his symptoms in the way that Mick does.

But more generally, I do headcanon/believe he has some mental illness. I think Len struggles with (episodes of) depression, probably some form of an anxiety disorder though maybe not always at a clinical level, and has (had) PTSD from his childhood and upbringing. And I’d say that it doesn’t show that much in part from the fact that he internalizes more than he externalizes, he’s had so many years to work through some of it, and also because he has coping mechanisms (sometimes maladaptive ones) that make it manageable. It also flies under the radar on a show with so many other people with varying levels of mental illness, like Mick, or Rip with his grief and depression, or Sara with her own struggles too.

Some signs of Len’s mental illness come through in his ‘adrenaline junkie’ way of doing things, the way he seems addicted to it and to continuing to up his game, needing more of a thrill and a rush from stealing over time. I’d argue there’s self-worth problems tied up in there, throwing himself into danger, heedless of his own well-being. Addiction in most of it’s forms tends to be due to a persistent lack of reliable social connection (including in the early, like up to 18-20 parts of life) or lack of social support. Survivors of abuse also show issues with self-worth and depression and anxiety pretty commonly, though of course everyone deals with these things differently.

More evidence on the anxiety and evidence of PTSD side? There’s his strict adherence to a plan and timing things to the second, that meticulous need for order when it comes to his work. And then the fact that he literally shot a guy for wanting out without thinking twice, a sort of highly extreme hair-trigger reaction to a reasonable situation. A learned, knee-jerk reaction that came from somewhere. It fits with other signs of hyperviligance we see from him, including the fact that he always knows when Barry shows up, or else knows whenever there’s someone behind him, and often keeps something at his back in a room, even though he doesn’t always. Should also say the way he responds to his abuser (Lewis) is telling.

It’s worth noting, though not everyone will agree with him on this, that most of the positive emotions we’ve seen him express are in the form of sarcasm or sardonic wit, in the middle of a heist and then it’s more exuberance and a rush than actual joy, or else his positive emotions seem far more muted. I would argue he therefore demonstrates difficulty in experiencing at least some positive emotions, if not a larger range of them. And we know he has serious difficulty with trust.  He pulls his weapon on his best friend and other allies when he feels threatened or backed into a corner in any way. Pulling the gun on Sara on the Waverider was an act of panic. And not that it shows, but like killing anyone who wants out, it looks almost like a knee-jerk panic reaction he suppresses and deals with through violence. 


There are a lot of plausible headcanons for Len in terms of mental illness and neurodivergence. These are just some of mine. I know some people see him as maybe having obsessive-compulsive disorder, which seems possible, and is technically an anxiety disorder so fits with how I see him more broadly. Some have headcanoned different personality disorders, which I know less (but some) about and I enjoy those headcanons. 

And more frequently, I’ve also seen him described as on the autism spectrum and I can 100% see it. Stimming with throwing a ball or keeping his hands busy, wrapping his arms around himself in the way he does for physical pressure stimming when he’s overwhelmed or self-protective. His attraction to some of the things he steals could be due to special interests or stimming as well. He demonstrates a difficulty looking people in the eye or looking them in the eye for too long, and an awkwardness with certain types of social situations (but a smoothness when he’s not involved himself, when he’s following a ‘script’ of sorts like when he’s on a job?).

I’ll admit though, I know a bit about autism but people who are actually autistic can speak much better to headcanons on that, which is why it’s not something I typically discuss on this blog in too much detail. I will say though that I’ve been trying in my latest fic to write him more on the autism spectrum, but I don’t know if I’m having any success. 

Of course, everything here is a headcanon because canon never gives explicit diagnoses for any of it’s characters, we just get to conjecture.

[response to this]

@frost-master, I don’t see how he could know how evil they are? It’s not like he and Damien Darhk would likely have crossed paths, and especially considering how long Darhk has been around, many of his really awful allegiances (like, y’know, to literal Nazis in WW2) were well before Len was alive? And Eobard’s from the future and Len wouldn’t know anything about him unless the Len they picked up was after The Flash 1x22, and even then it’s not like team Flash would’ve told Len about EoWells?

And I doubt they’re telling him about their own personal histories; they’re not exactly a forthcoming bunch…

Regardless, I do agree that he’s totally the type to bide his time and see what else he can get out of the situation. It’s very him to watch and see before taking action.

I’m not sure if he’s terrified of his own death. I know that’s @pretzel-log1c‘s position, but I don’t think he’s necessarily motivated by fear as much as he is by the natural desire to continue living and survive, the instinct to see if he can cheat fate, cheat death. I think a knee-jerk reactance to finding out he died and being offered a chance to steal something to undo that? Would be enough to pique his interest. Len will stare down the barrel of a gun, would just as likely say “not interested but thanks for the tip – I’ll be sure not to head on any ‘heroes journey’ in January 2016″ were it not for the fact that his interest is piqued. Not to mention by power and a particularly huge ‘score’ of sorts, a completely new challenge.

All that being said… I really don’t get why this characterization would seem like a reach. All of that is… very fitting to him? And perfectly in line with what canon has shown us?


Top of the Sledding Hill by Jonathan

January 2010

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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