My top 14 favorite TV episodes of 2014 | #13

Augustus had a sister. Octavia.

My life ended the day you were born.

The 100 1x06 - “His Sister’s Keeper”

Lens ≠ lens cap
  • Me:I've misplaced my lens cap
  • Daughter:Here it is (hands me my other lens)
  • Me:I've misplaced my lens cap
  • Son:Is this it? (hands me my other lens)
  • Me:I've misplaced my lens cap
  • Husband:Found it! (hands me the other lens)
  • Me:...

As we were waiting for the rain to stop pouring our guide told us we might not be able to descend the canyon as it might be too dangerous. Once we finally left the sky cleared up and we ended up having the entire place to ourselves, just like the caverns from the day before. Like the day before I also ended up dropping my lens cap numerous times into gaps between rocks or into the water flowing below. In the end I still have my lens cap, slightly broken, but I still have it.

Everything always seems to work out for me. *knocking on wood* (at Torotoro National Park)