lens of grace

I like to think that Len and Mick are super best friends with all these great stories about each other and a shit ton of inside jokes, but when it comes to relationships and romance, they become bitter rivals

Like, it becomes a big competition so whenever the two of them are in the same room with their significant others, it becomes all about who’s the better boyfriend

And when Barry or Caitlin’s birthday rolls around, or a big holiday, they pull out all the stops and try to out do each other with these huge obscene displays of affection and no one tries to stop them because they get SUPER into it and who wants to get in the middle of that rivalry?

I just need Len and Mick arguing over who’s the better boyfriend while Barry and Caitlin are face-palming in the background

So my faveorite part of Steven Universe is how the physical placement of their gems for the Crystal/Homeworld Gems interacts with their personalities/fusions.

Garnet has gems on her hands, and is a very strong gem. (Both emotionally and physically)

Amethyst has her gem on her chest/heart, she is a very passionate and emotional person. 

Pearl’s gem is on her forehead, she is very smart and graceful.

Steven and Rose’s gem is on their stomach or womb. They both love life and beauty about it, even in monsters,

Peridot’s gem is on her forehead, but unlike pearl, its a little less smooth and graceful. Peridot is very intelligent and charismatic though. 

Jasper is the best at smelling

Lapis Lazuli is very supportive of Steven, and sacrificed her sanity for him. Her gem is on the spine, which supports the entire body.

Fusion is truly fascinating when looked through this lens.

Opal = Grace (Pearl) + Passion (Amethyst)

Sugilite = Passion (Amethyst) + Strength (Garnet)

Sardonyx = Strength (Garnet) + Grace (Pearl)

Rainbow Quartz = Beauty in life (Rose Quartz) + Grace (Pearl)

Alexandrite = Passion (Amethyst) + Strength (Garnet) + Grace (Pearl)

What ever gem this is = Strength (Garnet) + Grace (Pearl) + Passion (Amethyst) + Beauty in life (Rose Quartz)

Malechite = Smelling (Jasper) + Support (Lapis Lazuli)

I think this is just another reason why Steven Universe and the stevencrewniverse is so awesome!! And maybe think of this next time you make an OC!

- when awkward meets pretty woman. 

photo by: Deun Ivory