lens effects


The curious look,
different, unusual,
nothing routine.

A special look,
without comfort zone.

A lively look,
exceeded the risks
of pure experimentation.

Where the look evolves
pushing the optics
natural limits.

Look invented,
Indeed, the lens effect
already part of the edition

A transforming look,
view and makes common objects
in pure abstract image.

A defiant look …


for Seriously Edited Friday


Thanks to PWS - Nikos

Seriously Edited Friday - Sunday Reblog 10-01-2016

Love the strong, vibrant monochromacity which enhances the abstract feeling created by those brushstroke-like lines.

PWS - Nikos

PWS - Photos Worth Seeing


Submission for Gray-Card’s year end Top 5. These are not the five most popular, but rather my own personal choices of images I shot in 2016.

1. Flowers shot with a Russian lens originally intended for a night vision scope, resulting in a pseudo-Petzval lens effect.

2. No, not a selfie. Portrait of a chimpanzee.

3. Sea nettles, hanging out in their ‘hood.

4. San Francisco Embarcadero, shot from pier 14. I use HDR sparingly, but thought it was effective here.

5. The very talented and fun to collaborate with Lux Lächeln   @luxbotlacheln

ColdFlash dream

I dreamed about Flash ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Various iterations of Barry trying to fix the timeline and ending up with things always being slightly different. 

Finally, when things seemed as close as he could risk without continuing to mess things up, he was at the precinct and someone said, “Your husband’s here.”


Mayor Snart walks in. 

And then I woke up. 

But Len had this smile, and Barry was just frozen. I imagine him thinking…did I create Earth-2? But no, everything else is almost perfect, HOW did I change the past for HIM, and how did that end up with us married?!

Because even Thawne running down the street again a little later than he had originally, causing a draft that maybe meant someone turned a different corner on the way home, could have so many little unforeseen butterfly effects. 

Len is basically the same age Barry is now back during the night of Nora’s murder. What if the butterfly effects caused him to pause during a heist just as he was on the cusp from going from pretty good thief finally having gotten his sister away from his father to the mastermind who hits Central City every 6 months…and with one moment’s decision, he changes his mind about what he wants. 

It was his Sliding Doors moment, and because of that change in the wind, he decides he’d rather leave behind the life his father built for him now that he has Lisa and can give her a better life, and rolls with it. 

As the years pass, he uses his reformation, juvi record, and very minor criminal record (because he hadn’t served any hard time yet) as part of his spin to be a good politician because he changed, he turned his life around, helped put his sister through college by doing odd jobs and going straight until he was on his feet enough to get a lasting job at City Hall. Just a temp then, but it stuck, because he’s smart and a good planner and never gives up. 

He got his GED and took night classes to get a degree in business. He’s put the same focus he spent in Barry’s timeline on being a criminal toward being something legit, and Barry is so…amazed. 

But of course before he learns all of this, it starts with just ‘his husband’ coming into the precinct to see him, and a few cops giving them sly grins, because…holy shit is Snart the trophy husband or is Barry, because Barry is like, half Snart’s age, and oh god, what does Joe think about this, how is Barry supposed to respond–

“Got a minute, Mr. Allen?” Snart smirks at him, which is obviously meant to be a tease, though Barry is used to Snart teasing him, so…

“Uh…hey. Sure.” This is his husband so he should definitely try to smile normally. 

They go into Barry’s lab, and Snart shuts the door. Barry has no idea what to say as Snart at first legitimately has mayoral things to ask CSI Barry Allen about, then switches to domestic things about dinners coming up with Lisa, and Cisco should join them sometime, those two keep dancing around each other, and…

“Are you okay, Scarlet, you seem tense? Tough day?” Snart comes closer, a bit of that more familiar, predatory smile on his face, as he grips Barry’s shoulders and massages them, then up his neck, and wow, his hands are something special. 

“You’re the mayor. Shouldn’t you be the tense one?”

Snart laughs. “Says the city’s superhero,” he whispers, and oh thank god, at least Barry isn’t keeping THAT secret from his husband. 


Then Snart crowds in closer, parting Barry’s legs to get in…real close. “You know what we haven’t done in a while…in your office…when we might get caught without the door locked.” That grin again. And damn Snart looks good in a three-piece suit. 


“I thought that was your favorite stress release, Barry. Having the mayor on his knees.” Snart literally drops to his knees in front of Barry, as Barry leans back against his desk, and starts to undo Barry’s slacks. “You can pay me back at home later.”

Oh shit. This is so much different than getting a kiss from Earth-2 Iris. Because this is…well, Barry’s Snart, not some other universe’s Snart, it’s just the timeline that’s different, and Barry doesn’t remember this life yet, but…it’s still HIS husband, right?

Barry has a fleeting moment to think he is so going to Hell, before he gives in, pants and underwear sliding down his thighs as Leonard Snart gives him a blowjob right there in his own lab at CCPD. 

No one catches them. Afterward, they kiss, and Barry is shaking a little he’s so wound up from the attention, and from it having come from Captain Cold. 

They part ways, and Barry has a few flashes of this life he doesn’t remember yet, images of Snart at the Wests, him and Joe actually getting along, Iris and Lisa laughing about something, Snart giving Wally advice, and while nothing has cemented yet, it all feels a little too…right. 

That’s when, as Snart heads out of the precinct, that Barry first hears someone say ‘Mayor Allen’, not Mayor Snart. 

Barry debates for maybe two seconds trying to change things again, only to think…maybe he’ll give this one a few days and see where it leads. 


Scrap from the WIP fake Borderlands movie photoset