lens based communication


Now, these pictures are from my lighting assignment. The emphasis for this assignment was going out and shooting at different times of the day. All of these pictures were taken either before or after sunrise or sunset. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed waking up early, going out, and shooting. There’s a certain atmosphere if shoot in the morning, as well as if you shoot at sunset. But, before my teacher assigned this project, I had never really gotten up early specifically to go out and shoot the morning light. The first time I went out morning shooting, my friend Krystina and I stayed up for a majority of the night and left campus at around 6:30. We went to Bayfront Park, took some pictures, but more so, watched the sunrise. Quite honestly, it was probably one of the most magical things I’ve witnessed to date. I really do love going out in the morning and shooting, and since I’m in such a beautiful location, it just makes the whole experience really incredible.