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kiss by Yu Wei Lin


Rail Travel in Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
The train system in Japan is very well constructed. Although it is quite complex, but it is very convenient for tourists travelling in Japan. Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-6, Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec, Aperture: f/5.6, Focal Length: 300mm, ISO: 320 Lens: LA-EA2 + Sony 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DT Alpha A-Mount Telephoto Zoom Lens (SAL55300).


Here’s a little film I made a few months ago with the smallest cast & crew ever: me.
I shot it with an iPhone 6S using FILMIC PRO & a MOONDOG LABS anamorphic lens adapter. It’s very short, totally homemade, completely absurd and you can watch it now!! ^^

SHINee’s Season’s Greeting 2017 | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

What do you think about the most these days?
Positive energy. I’ve been thinking of having good thoughts and be good-natured.

Is there any artists or fields that you’re paying attention to lately?
These days I listen to Danish band Lukas Graham’s songs a lot. To say that performance is important, as someone whose job is performing, I found it charming that they captivated my eyes and ears only by their music. I’ve started thinking that I want to captivate people only by my voice.

I will talk about your item choice. You chose camera?
It’s the camera I bought in 2012. I used it a lot when I had photography directing lesson in university. I bought the camera with a friend who worked together with me. I took photos using this camera, and both the composition and the picture turned out different from what I have thought inside my head. I’ve taken photos using this camera many times and have made videos. I’m very contented.

Is there any exceptional feeling or something different when you use this camera?
I’ve got to know that the scenes and views I discover become different when using this camera. I’ve got to know the difference between the ones I take and the real ones. I might say that I’ve got to know the fun of seeing the world through lens. I’ve learned various views.

Do you also use the camera everyday?
I can’t do that these days. I use my phone to take photographs and I use the camera mostly to shoot videos. I don’t just shoot casually. When I have time, I plan it with my friends in advance and make some preparations with my friends to shoot something. I shot a short video, it will be uploaded to Vimeo when it’s finished. I think *making arrangement is important.

It’s a very productive hobby, though?
I work quite hard once I’ve come up with a story to film. Since it’s not a work that needs to rush, I’ve become more attached to it. I’ve made around six to seven works. Actually there are many times when we’re running out of times although we filmed for a whole day. I did a lot of additional filmings. I did the music and video editing all by myself so time went by so fast.

The fact that other people turn their job into a hobby. Isn’t that great?
I start doing it because it’s fun. There was also a time when I created the story after I decided the music first, and I do it because it gives off a unique feeling. The interesting points are different each time. Surely, the joy when we finished one project becomes the strongest point and charm.

What’s the work that you like the most?
It’s my school graduation project. I created my own story and worked very hard on it. It captures conflicting feelings between my everyday self and my inner self. The story is about one who thought he’s been looking at himself in the mirror after all this time, but turned out it’s another person and not him in the mirror. When I edited the ending scene, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I did additional filmings several times. I became attached to it the most when I finished it.

Is there any plans of having collaborations on short films or music videos or some directing in the future?
Yes. Although it’s not yet a definite plan, I’d like to try if there’s a chance.

In most cases with camera, people would upgrade their camera when there’s a new model. Do you plan to do the same thing with your camera? Or do you want to keep it?
Camera is divided into body and lens. I think it’s nice to follow the trend and get the body upgraded for the better performance. But I like this lens just right. I need to feel familiar with it even with the same lens. Rather than using a new product and trying to adapt, this lens has grasped the essential points and I like using it. It just feels right to me.

Have you ever revealed this camera to the fans?
I guess I haven’t done it. I just revealed it on this calendar.

Where is the camera’s home?
Since the lens and body need to be taken care of, I let my friend to take care of it. I don’t want it to be covered in dust in my house. So I handed it over to a friend whose job is a video maker in order for it to be used.

What do you usually do when you can’t make time to make videos?
I like sports. I like ball games ones, such as soccer and basketball.

What do you want to do the most with the members when you all have time?
I want to travel with the members together. We still haven’t done it together. I want to spend a good time with the members.  

*: Minho used  word ‘Mise-en-Scène’ here, it’s one of film studies term which refers to the arrangement before the camera rolls. (source: wikipedia))

English Translation: @sagyehan
interview photo by:
scan by: sewingfactory
Please take out with FULL credits
Do let me know if you want to retranslate
Thank you.

Reunited Part 2

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Request - i really loved your Leonard fic, could you make another part to it? pretty please with chardonnay on top?

WordCount - 887

Part 1

Waking up Christmas morning, I nearly jumped when I felt an arm wrapped around my waist. Trying to adapt to Len being back home was something while pleasant and the best Christmas present you could have asked for, it was everything you wanted. Looking over at your bedside table you noticed it was nearing 5 am. Any minute now your son would come running in, telling you Santa had come to visit last night. You had written all of the tags from both you and Len, knowing at such short notice he would really appreciate it. 

As Leonard’s arm tightened around you, you knew he was waking up. Maybe you moved too much after all Len had always been a light sleeper. 

“Why are you awake this early?” Len mumbled as he tucked his body closer to yours trapping your legs together. 

“Because any minute now, our son is going to come bursting through that door almost exploding with excitement. Telling both of us that Santa has come.” You replied Len nestled his head into your neck, grumbling some incoherent words As if on cue your son came running through your bedroom door. 

“Momma, Daddy. Santa has been!” Y/S/N came running in and attempted to climb onto your bed, pulling away from Len, you moved to help your son get up into bed. Maybe you would be able to convince him for five minutes to cuddle with both of you just so you could get your barrings and wake up.

“Why don’t we sit in bed for a couple of minutes and then we’re go down have some breakfast before we open presents?” Suggesting this to Y/S/N, he approved before moving so he could sit down in-between both of you. Len was struggling to get used to the time of the morning. 

“Merry Christmas Daddy.” Y/S/N, enveloped his arms around Len, the best he could. You didn’t miss the grin that appeared on Len’s face. You knew that Christmas wasn’t Len’s favourite time of year, due to his upbringing and the relationship he had with his Father. 

“Merry Christmas Y/S/N. So what’s breakfast this morning?

“Can we have pancakes?” Y/S/N questioned, looking at Len, he seemed to be agreeing with Y/S/N. 

“Well let’s go but first we need to go and wake up Mick.” Mick was known for his heavy sleeping and his attitude when someone woke him up especially at five in the morning. That was going to be eventful. 

Who would have thought if you send a two-year-old boy to go and wake a hardened criminal that a positive result would actually come out of it, sure Mick was still his normal grumpy morning self but at least he got out of bed and didn’t try to shot anyone with his gun this time. 

While Mick sorted himself taking time out to mentally prepare for his excited nephew who was so desperate to start Christmas (Y/S/N had asked Mick a few days if he could call him Uncle) you begun working on the pancakes. Y/S/N was by the Christmas tree trying to work out what Santa had brought him exactly. Len was quietly drinking his coffee at the island. 

“Are you okay?” You question Len, as he stared moodily at into the coffee cup. 

“I just don’t know how he can accept me so easily. What if I mess up? I don’t exactly have the best track record in the world.” Putting the already made pancakes on the side, you moved around the island to stand behind Len.

“He accepts you because he has no idea or what you have done or w you have gone through. All he knows is that you’re his Dad and for the last few days you’ve done everything in his power to make him happy. Do you remember when we first started seeing each other and you always told me you were some evil corrupt man who would leave me instant? While I knew you were no angel, you aren’t exactly evil either. You’re in the middle. Not completely good but not completely evil. Whether you admit this or not Leonard Snart, you have a heart and it’s a beautiful one at that. So why don’t we enjoy some breakfast and then open up some presents because I for one can’t wait to see Y/S/N open his presents.” Using two fingers to rise Len’s head up so you could kiss him lovingly, Len rolled his eyes.

“You know I hate when you’re right.” 

“Baby I’m always right you’re just too proud to admit it” 

“Daddy come play with me?” Y/S/N called out from the living room as you were in the process of cooking Christmas dinner. Len was trying to help you but Y/S/N was adamant that Len was his for the day, which you, of course, didn’t mind. 

“Buddy give me a minute,” Len replied, suddenly Len’s arms were wrapped around you securely stopping you from moving any further. 

“Merry Christmas my love. I know I don’t say this often but I love you.” Len was hanging something above your head, you smiled when you noticed it was mistletoe. Not being one to break one of your favourite traditions, you let Len bring you in for a kiss before pulling away. 

“I love you too, my beloved criminal” 


Clean White (Thursday, 21st of September 2017)

During today’s class, we were photographing our classmates for our first attempt at the “Clean White” project. We were split into two groups - one group researched “Clean White” portraits for two hours, whilst the other group set up the studio and shot portraits, then we switched tasks so that everyone had the chance to shoot “Clean White” portraits. 

Equipment used for the “Clean White” shoot:

  • Nikon D3200 DSLR camera 
  • 55 - 200mm Nikon lens
  • hotshot adapter and sync lead
  • light meter 
  • light trigger 
  • three studio lights (two to light the background, one to light the subject)  
  • white background 
  • two black foam boards 

Although I found this task incredibly frustrating at first, especially with making sure the lighting was perfect, I throughly enjoyed it. 

I’m not particularly proud of these three portraits as I believe I can shoot something far more creative and interesting. Next time, I will make sure to bring in props and have ideas ready for shooting, so that I am not wasting any time. 


Dean imagine requested by idk-who-r-u! This imagine has been edited for reposting, just to add more detail to my older writing, so I no longer have the request. In summary: “The reader is severely wounded on a hunt, leading Dean to confess his affection while they wait for Castiel’s healing hands.” Hope you like it!

The hunt had reached its climax: your prey was in range of your makeshift blade, your muscles coiling in anticipation as you lunged inward for the lethal blow, your fingers holding tight to the leather-bound handle of a sharped shard of spruce. You made contact briefly before the spiked tip punctured flesh, your weapon piercing through layers of clothing, muscle, and fat, carving around bone with ease until it reached the heart. You felt a pinch in your abdomen, the searing pain disintegrating in the heat of your attack. Adrenaline tended to overpower pulled muscles in times like these. The light spluttered in the goddess’ eyes before extinguishing with a pathetic sizzle, her face numbing of all painful emotions as you twisted the stake within her for good measure. The muffled snap of a rib accompanied her body’s final jolt, the sound altered by the meatsuit between you. You watched as a glistening strand of droll-diluted blood fell from her impossibly luscious lips, the crimson trail dribbling onto the hollow between your collarbones before spilling underneath your shirt. The body slumped away from yours, the downward fall thieving the stake from your palm. Even in death, the goddess was beautiful. Her hands went slack, her arms splattered with blood, her jewelry gleaming dimly under the harsh florescent lighting.

You swiped your fingers along the trail of borrowed liquid gore that had painted your skin, your hands returning stained with the garish warpaint. Thus was the uncomfortably filthy aspect of your employment. You were more often covered in blood than you were your own, for which you were thankful, but the fact remained that you were slicked in god juice, the goop hardening on your skin as it dried. Your hands were trembling, the blood catching the light in bursts as your fingertips shivered. The spaces between your fingers displayed the concrete floor… but something was creeping into the pristine portrait of victory. Blood, your blood, was dripping onto the cooling gray stone beneath your feet. Your vision went hazy when you shifted your gaze, twitching your hand out of sight to see… oh God. The jab you had felt in your stomach was returning with agonizing determination as your brain connected the image of the bronze hilt to the pain you had experienced earlier. Your hand dropped to the handle of the dagger, pulling numbly, gaining little progress, though it was enough to see that this dagger of hers was larger than you would have liked. A sliver of scarlet-slicked blade was visible when your hand fell limply to your side, your skull vibrating with every frantic pulse of your heart. So much for victory.

You may have screamed. If you did, your voice was weak. You couldn’t hear over the beehive residing within your brain, the swarm’s warrior stinging all over your body, the masses of vengeful insects pricking and jabbing around the dagger with your every breath. The thick vault doors, previously locked by the kebab at your feet’s magic, slammed against the wall, all ringing metal and shrieking hinges, the locking mechanism clattering across the floor, the combined force of the Winchester brothers’ feet and shoulder knocking bolts loose from their homes. You exhaled, struggling to catch whatever breath you could through the swarm of rippling heat, your hands fluttering from your sides to press against your stomach, avoiding the weapon buried deep within your core. Dean’s face, marred as it was by the swirling waves of heated air, was alive with panic, his eyes dropping to the obstruction as your fingers curled around the hilt. You wobbled and tipped, your eyes swimming in tears and sweat as you extracted the knife from your stomach, your world buzzing, shadows closing in on your view of the Winchester brother. The blade clattered to the floor, your hands covering the hole it had left in your body, finding the area already swamped with the sickening warmth of your blood. You felt nothing as you crumbled to your knees, though you knew the fall to concrete should have hurt some. Nothing could compare to the blazing, slow-burning agony you felt pulsating with your heartbeat.

Your adrenaline lines were running dry, and there was nothing lefty to distract from or mask the excruciating pain you now felt ravage your body. One of your hands left your wound, blood spilling from your stomach, to catch yourself as you slunk closer to the ground, your hand coated generously in the darkest of red, the liquid refracting the light like a ruby. Over your laboured breathing, you heard the hurried, heavy clunk of boots as they raced towards you, muscled arms catching your shoulders the second before your body collapsed entirely, saving your head from striking the unforgiving stone foundation. Your eyes now saw the world through a tunnel, the edges of your vision shrouded in terrifying darkness, twin voids slinking ever closer to the center of your sight. Dean’s face was hovering over yours, your body clutched to his chest, his hand replacing yours over your injury. He moved to swipe a strand of hair away from your face, and what little you saw of his hand was already soaked in gruesome pigment. You felt the wetness soak through the back of your clothing as it traveled to the ground, coating your torso with slick paint. Dean’s voice drifted to you on a wave; warped and billowing and only partway audible, his volume fading in and out of focus like a broken camera lens struggling to adapt to a moving herd of zebras. His voice rumbled around your skull, pausing in areas, moving in others, his anxious, aggravated tone ricocheting from the walls around you.

“Y/n… find Casti… alright… thinking?… alone like tha… killed…waited for me…” Was all you managed to decipher, your brain struggling to morph around the ever changing rapids to pluck segments of his panicked sentences from the roaring water. Your eyes blinked slowly, revealing the image of the speaker’s aggravated, wet face, his features blurred from your pain-induced tears as they welled and fell from your waterlines. Dean wormed his fingers underneath your head, supporting you like an infant, whispering unintelligible, soothing words. After a few more minutes of watching him intently wipe the blood from  your stomach, his hand pressing quite painfully against the wound once more, you finally found your voice. What emerged from between your trembling lips was ragged and unfamiliar. Your situation grew ever more terrifying.

“Dean…” you whispered, feeble, your voice a wavering note, an injured swallow struggling to fly, all chirps and no momentum. You had planned on saying more, but his glistening eyes silenced you. He was somewhere between a glare and the wide-eyed glance of unadulterated fear. His brows were lifted in concern, though his lips were pursed in aggravation. If looks could kill… well, you’d be in a similar state. He was worried just enough that his eyes could not finish the job.

“Don’t you say a word, Y/n. Not a word,” He spat through his teeth, practicality growling at you, save the tender lilt your name carried from his lips. His face was both stern and murderous, soft and fearful. For once, he frightened you. “What the holy Hell were you thinking? You were supposed to wait for me!” He screamed, his voice rough. His words cut-off with a jagged breath, his sob hastily covered with a clearing of his throat. You couldn’t summon the strength to speak. Dean rearranged his hand, pressing harder now on your stomach. You ground your teeth to reign-in the grunt that threatened to escape from between your lips. You inhaled slowly, using the pain to voice your words.

“I killed her, Dean… she’s… she’s gone,” you spoke through your teeth, your words coming in bursts, “I did my job. Not even… that bad.” You weren’t sure if you were speaking to convince Dean or yourself. He pressed again, his fingers spreading, trails of blood seeping over your sides to the floor.

“When you agreed to go for that goddess, you became my responsibility. I was supposed to protect you. Its my job to keep you safe. You could have at least tried to keep your fork out of the toaster. Throw me a Goddman bone,” He hollered, tears threatening to spill from his eyes, the emeralds nestled between ruby rims and saltwater waves. 

“It’s not your fault. Bound to… to happen sometime…” your hoarse voice begged him to be gentle, your strength fading with each word. You felt like your vocal chords might snap, strained as they were already. Another speech just might take it out of you.

“Y/n, we might not be able to fix this,“ he whispered, his voice breaking with frustrated emotion, veins prominent in his neck. His tone wavered with the threat of tears. Hunters were injured all the time. So your wound was a tad more serious. It was nothing an angel couldn’t zap back together… so long as that angel showed his face in time. Your vision went darker, the shadows dancing inward.

"Dean…” you breathed, a warning more than anything. His eyes shut, tears falling over the planes of his cheekbones, the water dripping to your chest.

“Come on, Y/n, I need you to stay with me. I need you,“ he paused, pressing his hand harder against your wound. You didn’t feel as much pain, and that frightened you. Dean shook his head, his lips quivering, his tone shifting. "You’d think someone as smart as you would’ve pieced it together by now. I haven’t exactly been subtle,” He sighed, his voice but a whisper. You opened your mouth with intent to question his statement, his voice supplying an answer before you could speak. "I love you, Y/n. I need you to keep your eyes open. Keep them on me. We’ll be fine, we’ll be fine.”

The room was silent, save your labored breathing, for a very long time. You wanted to reach out and touch his face, but your arms were immobile at your command. You could no longer move. Your limbs were but tubes extending from your body. Your chest rose and fell with every shallow, painful breath. Dean’s hand supporting your head shifted you slightly, jarring your eyes open.

“Come on, Y/n, stay…” But his voice was fading away, no matter how he shook you. You were slipping through his fingertips.

You heard a flutter of wings through the stuttering beat of your heart. A chilling finger touched against your forehead, spreading warmth to your skin like an open flame had been lit against your flesh. Your breath expanded your lungs to their full capacity, your eyes opening fully to see your stomach sizzling with divine light, an angel crouched by your side, his sapphire eyes focused on your mending wound, your skin sewing itself together, the open injury now hidden from view. You turned your face, Castiel’s eyes locking on yours as the light faded to the former brightness of the overhead lamps, his lips pursed in approval of his healing. When you turned back to Dean, your priority, his hands flew to your cheeks, his eyes washing over your body, assessing the area for damages, his hands warm and wet with your blood. When he found you to be completely mended, he crushed you to his chest, your arms moving with phantom slowness to wrap around his back, his lips pressing to your hair, your forehead, before his hand cradled your cheek once again. His eyes were glorious this close, and the renewed clarity of your vision allowed you to fully appreciate their beauty. He exhaled, relieved, his thumb stroking over your cheekbone as he ducked his lips to yours. He tasted of heat and sunbeams and fear, his smooth lips molding to yours with every thankful emotion dancing from his tongue to yours.


Via Flickr:
The Wood Duck on the bridge at George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC Canada. Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-6, Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec, Aperture: f/8, Focal Length: 500mm, ISO: 800. Lens: LA-EA2 + Sony 500mm F8 Reflex Lens

poisonboak  asked:

I'm really interested in taking pictures of the stars, what do you suggest I do in terms of lens type, expose time, and what times of year to try shooting?

Hey there! It depends on what kind of camera you are using for the lens…
But in general the two things to look for are:
1. A fast lens which means you want the smallest possible f-value/ aperture, eg preferably 4.5 or less (smaller is better but gets really expensive!)
2. A wide lens so that you can get as much sky as possible in the shot 

I use a Canon Sigma 10-20 mm lens for most of my star photos but I also sometimes use a Nikon Rokinon fisheye lens with a canon adapter if I want to go ultra wide.

Exposure time really depends on the kind of photo you want. If you want this look:

 …then you want to go about 1 hour to get the long streaks. Note that the stars are circling around a central point which is the North Star so if you live in the Northern Hemisphere it is good to be able to identify that. As you can see, there is much more movement in the stars when you are shooting farther away from North.
If you want a photo where the stars are just points and not moving like this: 

 …then you need to get your exposure time down to less than a minute. That’s where the fast lens thing comes into play as it allows you to get more light in with less time! Use a headlamp to briefly illuminate things in the foreground if you want to get super-creative :)

When setting up the shot, a helpful trick is to line up the camera where you think you want your shot to be, then take one or a few short 5-10 second pictures at maximum ISO to see if your image is in focus and the context is what you want. This is really important as there is nothing worse than waiting an hour in the cold for a photo and realizing you didn’t get the focus right! 

As for time of year I would say winter hands down. Although it is cold, the sky tends to have less particulates during the winter and is much clearer. Also the sun sets so much earlier, meaning you don’t have to stay up quite as late to get the shot. But I’ve taken many nice star photos at all times of the year so don’t let the season stop you!

Hope I was able to help, 
Good luck with your star photos!



So I bought this thing a while back for a photography class and it was a pretty expensive thing that I only got like a semester’s use out of… I wanted to keep it because I had fun taking pictures but honestly I’ve already forgotten how to get ideal photos and I haven’t really felt the need to have anything more powerful than my iPhone for taking pics. I’m not a photographer! Haha.

So I’m looking to sell it! 

Things it comes with:

  • Sony A300 DSLR Camera
  • 18-55mm Lens w/ Lens Cap
  • Rechargeable Battery w/ Adapter 
  • USB cord for…………. something I can’t remember
  • Micro SD USB for devices without an SD slot
  • Carrying bag

I’m looking for something around $150-$170 for it all or under special circumstances, like if you’re a student who would love to use it for school or something special, I can discount it further! I bought it for around $200 with my own money, so hopefully I can make a little bit off of it haha. 

If you’re interested, please throw me an ask or an e-mail at pascall.trevino@gmail.com

I can ship anywhere in the US! 

sometimes I think ‘abstract’ photography is really cool and the shapes and colours are wicked …

but then other times I think, what a pointless photo. It just will never compare to the emotion and connection a portrait, for example, can create.