lenora you are a married woman

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Prompt: Jim and fem!Bones pretend to be married

(I have been so excited to write this one all day. It is like, my two favorite things ever. Fem!Bones and pretending to be married. Fuck yeah.)

There is a lot of shit that Lenora McCoy is willing to deal with. She’s dealt Jim’s terrible roommate etiquette. She’s dealt with Scotty being a handsy drunk. She’s dealt with Chekov’s puppy crush on her. She’s even managed to deal with Spock. She’s done all of this without once raising a hand to any of the aforementioned people. Well, with the exception of Jim. But he deserved it. 

She is not a woman of insufficient means when it comes to her ability to deal with shit.

She’s not sure she can deal with this. Someone is going to get punched. 

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