How to pronounce some of the more difficult names in the series

Here is a pronunciation list! Neferet sounds just like it’s spelled: nef-er-et

Nyx = nix

Kalona – kuh-lone-uh

Lenobia = len-oh-bee-uh

Kramisha = crum-eesh-uh

Aurox = or-ax

Sgiach = sky-atch

Rephaim = ref-i-am

Tsigili = sigh-gil-lee

Hope this helps! I don’t know how to say the Cherokee names, but if you have a chance to listen to the audio books they are said perfectly. We paired St. Martin’s Press with the Tahlequah Cherokee Heritage Center to get the pronunciations just right! For more, check me out on twitter @ChickenFrances. https://twitter.com/ChickenFrances
TTFN, Kristin Cast


“Lenobia was striking looking, even for a vampyre. She had amazing hair that reached her waist and was so blond it was almost white. Her eyes were a weird color of gray, like a stormy sky. She was tiny, and carried herself like a prima ballerina. Her tattoo was an intricate series of knots entwining around her face, within the sapphire design horses plunged and reared.”


 “Often things that bring us the most honor can also bring us the most problems.”


 “Battle scars from the war of good versus evil have a unique beauty all their own.” 


“Horse Mistress/Equitation Professor Lenobia” by Joelle Jones


For all you guys going back to school this week. Here’s a little shout out to one of the House of Nights most popular/favorite Professor!

(We all know we would want an awesome teacher like her :D)