When the driver finally stopped and Lenobia stepped from the carriage down to the dock, a brisk, cool breeze chased away the last of the clouds and the sun beamed as if in welcome, flashing on a lavishly painted frigate that bobbed restlessly at anchor nearby in the bay.

Lenobia stared at the ship in awe. All across the top of the hull was a band of blue on which intricate gold filigree was painted that reminded her of flowers and ivy. She could see orange and black and yellow decorating other parts of the hull, as well as the deck. And facing her was the figurehead of a goddess, arms outstretched, gown flowing fiercely in carved and captured wind. She was helmeted as if for war. Lenobia had no idea why, but the sight of the goddess had her breath catching and her heart fluttering.

—  Lenobia’s Vow

“Lenobia, come on-stay with us!”

Lenobia blinked through the sweat that had been running down her brow and into her eyes to see that Simonette had paused at the rear of the group to call to her. How have I gotten so far behind them? Lenobia tried to hurry. Tried to catch up, but there was something in front of her-something small and furred that she stumbled over, almost falling to the cobblestoned street.  

A strong, cool touch took her elbow, righting her, and Lenobia looked up into eyes blue as a spring sky and a face so beautiful she thought it otherworldly, especially as it was decorated with a tattoo pattern that was featherlike and intricate. 

“My apology, daughter,” the woman said, smiling an apology. “My cat often goes where he will. He has tripped up many who are healthier and stronger than you.”

“I am stronger than I look,” Lenobia heard herself rasping.

“It pleases me to hear you say so,” the woman said before loosing Lenobia’s elbow and walking away with a large gray tabby cat following her, tail twitching as if in irritation. As she passed the group of girls, she glanced at the head nun and bowed her head respectfully, saying, “Bonsoir, Abbess.”

Bonsoir, Priestess.” the nun responded smoothly.  

“That creature is a vampyre!” the Bishop exclaimed as the beautiful woman pulled up the hood of her black velvet cloak and faded into the shadows. 

Oui, indeed she is,” said the Abbess.

Even through her illness Lenobia felt a start of surprise. She had heard of vampyres, of course, and knew there was a stronghold of them not far from Paris, but the village of Auvergne had none of them, nor had the Château de Navarre ever hosted a group of them, as some of the bolder, richer nobility occasionally did. Lenobia wished, fleetingly, that she had taken a longer look at the vampyre.

-Lenobia’s Vow

Young Lenobia and adult vampyre by Kim Doner

So I bought this book/novella yesterday, which I now finished today and i have to say was a great idea because it was simply amazing. If you’ve read the House of Night series I so totally recommend you to read Lenobia’s Vow. I swear I was bawling my eyes out at the end of the novella and I still believe that Travis is the reincarnation of Martin. Which would be sooooooo awesome but also so very sad considering Lenobia’s promise/vow she had made all those years back. I feel so bad for Lenobia and at the moment I’m like this —>

because it’s so unfair that when Lenobia and Martin finally get to be together without any fear of being look down upon for their skin color by the other settlers in New Orleans, stupid stupid stupid Charles had to interfere D: And poor Martin sacrificed his life for Lenobia like a hero…

And the damn vow she made D: I feel so bad for her and all i want to do is give her the biggest hug. D: Now I really can’t wait until the next House of Night, and apparently there’s going to be another novella for Neferet. So i can’t wait for that, no matter what people say i will always love this series <3