From the bowels of Shade's head.
  • Lenny Shapiro: What do you mean, his demons? Like black magic?
  • Rac Shade: No. All the stuff that's inside of him. All the fears and angers and perversions and badness that don't come to the surface.
  • Lenny Shapiro: Sheesh. They must be some demons. The stuff that's on the surface is not exactly angelic. Is there a bathroom around here?
  • Rac Shade: What?
  • Lenny Shapiro: Whenever I'm in a situation that seems beyond my experience I try to orient myself by finding a bathroom. Bathrooms are great levellers, Shade.
  • Rac Shade: Lenny, this is serious. I mustn't let his demons out...
  • Lenny Shapiro: Why the hell not? They're his demons, aren't they? If anyone should be worried, it should be him, not us.