lenny martinez


..A group consist of three amazing people; Isam Bachiri (muslim, morocco), Waqas Qadri (muslim, pakistan), and Lenny Martinez (catholic, honduras). Different background, but they’re all staying in Denmark.

Beberapa temen suka bilang selera musik ku aneh saat aku rekomendasiin mereka lagu-lagu Outlandish. Sebenernya nggak 100% bener. Seleraku simple banget; lagu yang ngebawa ‘sesuatu’. Dan Outlandish konsisten dengan hal itu di lagu-lagu mereka. Some of their songs yang menurutku recommended banget;

- A Mind Full of Whispers [MV]

Music is my frame
The worlds are the picture

- After Every Rainfall Must Come A Rainbow [MV]

Some got it bad, some got it worse
Life can sometimes be so absurd
So i cry my heart out let it all go
Cause after every rainfall must come a rainbow

- Aicha [MV]

Lord knows the way she feels
Everyday in His name she begins
To have her shining right right here by my side
I’d sacrifice all them tears in my eyes

- Better Days [MV]

Poverty is like love
Makes you do some crazy things
Give it up without trying
Get with out trying
Either that or just dying

- Look Into My Eyes [MV]

You blinded by our differences
My life makes no sense to you
I’m the persecuted one
You’re the red, white and blue

Each day you wake in tranquility
No fears to cross your eyes
Each day I wake in gratitude
Thanking God He let me rise

You worry about your education
And the bills you have to pay
I worry about my vulnerable life
And if I’ll survive another day

- Walou [MV]

From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing
We got spirals of advice 
Thousands seas of wise words
But every human being
Have their own reality
Every soul follows their route
With a different velocity
That’s why, my dear ones, when I die
Don’t miss my presence
The pleasures we lived
The problems we went trough
Learn from my mistakes
Cuz not always is the water clear
From the nothing comes everything
And everything becomes nothing

- Warrior//Worrier [MV]

God never promised you days without pain
Laughter without sorrow, sun without rain
But He did promised strength for you everyday
Still in tears, Oh, how can I not be sad
For my guidance was, was upon your hands
Wrapped around I pray I’m praying you understand