lenny kravitz

Lisa Bonet at age 19 on relationships. “The boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and everything that goes with that [is unsatisfying to me] and marriage and sex [I just don’t care for it] for me — they’re not enough. The ultimate relationship, I think as corny as it may sound is with God and yourself. I’m happiest when I mediate because you can be anywhere in the world and be anyone and anything and it’s totally unconditional [love from God] ….my life’s plan at this moment is to buy a castle in Spain, have two kids and roam around the world.” - Interview Magazine, April 1987


Ok so I was cough researching I mean reading up on some stuff beecause I wanted to know details on some press concert David played on the 20th December 2003 on the Bahamas


I found something that is serious gold. You all know the pic above but do you know the commentary?

“A triumphant DB and Iman shortly after winning a traditional piggy-back race backstage at MSG just last week. The couple beat two teams from Interpol, as well as David Byrne on Meg White and Jude Law on Lenny Kravitz.”

And like this is not some troll alternative image description as one might think at first???? All of these people were actually there?

So there you go, the tl;dr of this is that this is scientific proof, David Bowie and Iman are adorable as fuck, doing piggy-back races and stuff they’re so cute I’m gonna scream

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