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sounde  asked:

Okay I know you may got this kind of question before but why have you stopped doing your reviews on your YouTube Channel?

omg I don’t know how long this was in my inbox but I’m so sorry! I only just noticed this question now!

Anyways, yeah I do get this question fairly often (About once every few months or so) but I don’t mind answering it again.

Simply put: Real life got in the way along with technical limitations. Shinko’s VA and artist at the time got really busy with school and I was struggling with an old computer and a REALLY outdated version if iMovie to edit all of the episodes. I kind of hit a wall with the Negaverse Arc because what I wanted to do just couldn’t be done with iMovie. 

There’s actually three ‘lost’ reviews that never made it out of production: Prince and the Pauper, Disney Scene-It, and Nightmare Ned. All three were bogged down by tech problems, and the more and more time went past the less motivated I was to keep going until the show just quietly came to a halt.

I have thought about making a comeback, but it’s a matter of ‘how would I do it?’ and more importantly ‘Would anyone care?’. 

The fact is, back when Hikari and I first did Lenny and Shinko it was like the wild west, Internet Reviews were a new thing, and we were lucky enough to get in on the ground floor and get a following. Now there’s a new reviewer every time you turn your head! I fear we’d just be another voice at the shouting contest…

More importantly, Youtube’s copyright system has gotten so advanced since the late 2000′s, reviewers are always in danger nowadays of getting stricken down; ESPECIALLY with a subject matter like the almighty Disney!

If we ever did go back to Lenny and Shinko, I had two ideas: An ‘Adventures Of’ series that’d be more story-focused instead of reviews and actually show how the two met each other.

If we did reviews again, I’d like it to be a continuation and be like the 2011 Muppet Movie: a ‘getting the band back together’ story. Complete with a rendition of ‘Pictures in my Head

But for now…I don’t know. I AM working on a big professional-style project though, which I’m keeping under wraps for now. I also fear that said project would get in the way of I went back to Lenny and Shinko

So the future is uncertain for that series right now, but you can always look at Shinko’s tumblr page Ask Shinko!

anonymous asked:

now that you stopped doing Lenny and Shinko can you tell us some stuff about it? like how you came up with everything and what was going to happen?

Well I suppose we owe you guys something so sure!

Coming up with the show

It all started during an AIM conversation with my good friend Hikari. We talked about what we liked and didn’t like about the Disney Sequels and it slowly spawned into ‘Why don’t we make videos about this?’

The idea for a Toon and Human duo spawned from Roger Rabbit of course, and the fact that no one had really done it before as far as internet reviewing goes. Nothing really went into the name for Shinko, it just sort of happened *shurg*

Coming up with the characters


The story behind Sinko is actually kinda funny. I think it was sometime after our Pinocchio review, we already had some fans and one of them actually made a small fanfic about us! It was cute enough, but what stuck out to us was the fact that at one point, Shinko was mispelled to ‘Sinko’

We started joking that Sinko was like Shinko’s idiot cousin or something, and we kind of compared her to Homsar a bit. From there the joke grew until the character stuck, she was originally just going to be an annoying character with the intention of “If they like her then awesome! If they find her annoying, we did our job” But people seemed to really like Sinko and she grew on us too :)

The Nega Trio

Nega Lenny

I’m a huge sucker for evil doubles and this was no exception. I based Nega-Lenny off three characters.

His overall appearance and smug attitude came from Scourge The Hedgehog/NegaSonic

His angry, hostile, and homicidal tendancies came from Negaduck

And I took a bit of his personality from Linkara’s 90’s Kid. Not so much the ‘DUUUUUUUUDE’ but more on a very sterotypical 90’s point of view on what’s cool

Nega Shinko

Nega Shinko was meant just to be absolutely insane to the point where she horrified even Nega-Lenny.

art credit to anotherpointlesspersonalblog’s brother 

She actually had a MUCH bigger role but….me and the artist/voice actor behind Nega Shinko had a falling out and at the time, it just didn’t feel right to get someone else to voice her and still use their art. I’m only using it now as an example. In the end her role was squashed down

Nega Sinko

Art credit to AskShinko

Since Sinko was a dolt, it’d only make sense that Nega Sinko was a genius. Nega Sinko was going to betray the Negas and join Lenny, Shinko, and Sinko in the main cast. She was going to provide Lenny with a lot of gadgets and weapons for future arcs, and was mostly going to be an impartial third party to whatever wackiness the duo got into

What was going to happen

We had a lot of ideas, including

Sequel Shredder: A special review where we were to look at Disney Sequels, and judged the good from the bad. If the bad outweighed the good, we’d run the DVD through a disk shredder!

Umbra: She was the reason behind the infamous Halloween Special that never happened. She was going to be the next arc villain.

What was going to happen was that Lenny was going to review Nightmare Ned, and a shadow creature named Umbra would come from the game and start tormenting Lenny with his negative thoughts and fears over the course of the next few months.

Art Credit to Dolphensia

The reason the special never happened was because…Umbra was going to be fully animated. 

As you can imagine full animation takes a lot of time, and I kind of sprang it on our animator at the last second…and just a bunch of stuff got in the way and it was ultimately an aborted arc.

Queen Beryl: Another villainess was going to be Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon, as she ruled the Negaverse and followed up on Nega-Lenny and Nega-Shinko’s failure.

Lenny was going to pull a Keyblade out of the Cast Member SOTMK spell card to defeat her.

Blue Fairy: More of a funny idea I had, but I had the idea that Lenny and the Blue Fairy were going to have a DBZ-ish battle after he bashes her again in a Princess and the Frog review.

Only concept I had was that the final attacks were going to be




That’s basically it.

It’s a shame that we had to stop, but real life just got in the way. We never went into this expecting to get fans, we did it for fun! We’re so glad all of you enjoyed it and wanted to see more of it!



Lenny and Shinko may be done for now…but I’m working on a little something you guys might like…but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out what it is