littlepeople-biglove-deactivate  asked:

Hi ya Lazy Dad. I was wondering if you could share the Lazy Rules for the boy on electronic games while eating out. I noticed in your mont recent pic that he's playing a game at lunch. This is something Luke an I cannot come to an agreement on. He is dead against entertaining Len with an iPad while out n about, and as a result we havnt had a lunch date as a family in forever!

Hi B! Oh gosh, I’m going to give you two seemingly contradictory rules of electronics use by the boy at restaurants:

  • The Busy Daddy Rule to Eating Out is “No electronics at the table, ever.”
  • The Lazy Dad Rule to Eating Out is “Eh, whatevs.”

I suspect busy daddy would prefer that we spend our meals out talking to each other instead of staring at electronic screens, but I subscribe to the Total Chaos School of Parenting, so pretty much anything goes (within reason, of course).

Obvs, my rule is easier to apply at crummy restaurants and harder at fancy-schmancy joints. In fact, the restaurant where we had lunch yesterday had a notice on the menu that said “mobile phone use is not permitted while seated.” It was pretty hardcore. Still, I don’t recall the last time that I went out to a restaurant where I didn’t see virtually all of the patrons checking their phones at least once during their meals. It seems unfair to tell kids that they can’t do the same thing when they see adults fiddling with their electronics during meals.

Our compromise is: electronics for the boy are OK at restaurants while we’re waiting for the food to arrive, the sound needs to be turned off, and as soon as the meal comes, everything gets put away. Otherwise, we’d probably never eat out!