lennox the dog


Two years ago today, I lost my best friend. Volker taught me so much about life and happiness. Without him and the avenues he opened for me, I don’t know where I’d be. 

Instead I’m finishing college and applying to vet school. I’m living on my own and have a core group of wonderful friends. I’m confident and happy with myself. Who knew a dog could help that happen? 

When Volker died, my trainer (who is like family to me) promised me that, when the time came, he’d find me another dog. I’ve fostered several of his dogs over the past two years and didn’t find myself ready to take one in. I think I was still sad. But a few weeks ago, my trainer texted me about a dog I’d known since the day he was born. This dog was one of the first puppies I worked with as a trainer, the first dog I called for in a conformation show, and a dog I had a history with. 

I was surprised when he offered to let me have him. I always thought he might sell him or keep him for demonstrations. My trainer sat me down and told me seriously that he knew I’d give him a good home and that if he was the dog for me, I could take him without cost. I am beyond grateful for that kindness.

Where I am today, specifically, is welcoming this dog into my life with open arms. Meet Lennox, my new best friend. Here’s to the adventures ahead, buddy!

I actually feel so sick reading the comments on the Belfast Facebook page. I am a huge animal lover, I volunteer at 2 shelters, I campaigned for Lennox the dog as much as the next person. But the shit people are writing is just disgusting. 

“Belfast offends me remove it from the map" 

"Crossing Belfast permanently off the list of places I will ever visit." 

"No one in the USA is a fan of Belfast today" 

"They will get support from no one" 

"the entire city should be ashamed" 

"Were you born in Belfast? I would be ashamed." 

"Belfast one of the worst places to be." 

"I am ashamed to say they are a part of the UK" 

"Nazi Belfast" 

"Some natural disaster will befall Belfast, and the world will turn its back on the city, it deserves what ever it gets. I hope its wiped off the face of the earth." 

" Shithole country" 

Well. I am from Belfast and as upset as I am about the poor dog, and I do agree it wasn’t fair to not even let the family say goodbye, the fact is that these comments are revolting. It is the council's decisions, and overall they must abide to the laws laid out in front of them. I mean, the whole case has been going on for 2 years, If they could’ve found a way to save the dog they would have already done it. These comments, by people who don’t even live in our country are idiotic. Belfast is a lovely place, one of the friendliest places you could ever go to and the fact that people are saying they will never go here, its stupid and disrespectful. We as a whole have done nothing wrong, our laws do need attention, that is clear.  

The comment about "ashamed Belfast is a part of the UK” actually turned me. How dare you say something like that. How dare you. Also “Nazi Belfast” Fuck up you idiot. do not compare us to people who slaughtered thousands because one dog was humanely put to sleep. If I do recall MILLIONS of dogs are put to sleep in America and I don’t see you doing anything about that.  People are bringing up that Belfast isn’t a safe place to be. DO YOU LIVE HERE? NO. so shut the fuck up. 

The comments are rude, offensive and downright idiotic and stupid. If you have a problem about the way the dog was put down, okay CAMPAIGN FOR CHANGE TO OUR LAWS. Don’t insult us with your pathetic mouths. I am personally offended at these remarks and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to go to a country that insulted me like that. 

Okay. Rant over.