lennox point

askblackcomb  asked:

💪:->> Blackcomb's holoavatar was leaning against his car, minding his own business on his phone before giving a whistle at Lennox. "Sup?" >>

Pointing at himself to make sure Blackcomb’s holoavatar was talking to him, he cocked a brow before smiling a bit and walking over to him and the car. Will shrugged with one shoulder, putting one hand on the hood of the car. “Not much. How about you?”

     “I know what it looks like, but it’s not possession.” Lennox said, casually pointing up at his blackened scleras. Nope. Not a demon. Just a cyborg. “It’s a chemical compound. Blows out the iris, darkens the scleras, induces temporary nightvision. It’s dark and I wanted t'get a good look ‘round, that’s all.”


ball park music rocking out at Lennox Point.