The picture you see above is 17 yr old Lennon Lacy. On Aug. 29 he was found hanging from a swing set near a trailer park a couple hours before he was about to play in his High-School Football game that night. The autopsy showed he died of asphyxiation from hanging and his death was ruled a suicide. yeah that’s right a fucking SUICIDE. wait it gets worse.

here are the things you need to know:

  • Lump on his head - Lacy’s mother, Claudia, noticed scratches and abrasions on the teen’s face when authorities led her to the black body bag holding her son
  • He was wearing someone elses shoes - The gray and neon green Jordans Lacy bought just a few days before he died were gone. Instead, the teenager was wearing a pair of size 10.5 white sneakers with the laces removed. Lacy wore a size 12. His family members did not recognize the sneakers as his own. His shoes were never found.
  • The shoes were missing when they were sent to the medical examiner - he said that he found that odd since it isn’t protocal to remove the victims clothing (aka didnt want them to pick up dna)
  • It was impossible for him to hang himself -  “there was no item present at the scene that Lennon could have stood on, applied the noose and then kicked away,” and there were no swings hanging from the swing set that Lacy— who was 5 feet, nine inches tall and weighed more than 200 pounds— could have used to elevate himself the seven-foot crossbeam of the swing set.
  • He had recently entered a relationship with a 31 yr old White girlfriend months before his death - His girlfriend mentioned alot of people would bother her about having a black bf to the point where they had to lie about being together.
  • He was hung with a dog leash and belt - both items were not his..
  • The FBI wouldn’t allow medical examiner to take pictures - They even threatened to confiscate the camera even though it’s their job to do that as soon as they are on the scene.
  • Officers didn’t want an autopsy done- the medical examiner had to order one from the District Attorney 
  • It’s a very racially charged town -The age of consent in North Carolina is 16, but in a town where 86 black people were lynched between 1882 and 1968, and neighbors still have Confederate flags in their yard, the interracial relationship may have caused some tension. In fact, Lacy’s neighbors, a white couple living in a trailer home right behind the Lacy family home, were instructed by police to remove a Confederate flag and a sign that read “Niggers keep out” from their front yard.
  • His grave was desecrated - Just a few days after Lacy was buried, his family found that someone desecrated his burial site, dumping the flowers 40 feet away beside the road and carving a hole into the plot.
  • It was ruled that there was no foul play - EVEN THOUGH OF COURSE THERE FUCKING WAS

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Ci hanno fatto credere che l’amore, quello vero, si trova una volta sola, e in generale prima dei trent’anni. Non ci hanno detto che l’amore non è azionato in qualche maniera e nemmeno arriva ad un’ora precisa.

Ci hanno fatto credere che ognuno di noi è la metà di un’arancia, che la vita ha senso solo quando riusciamo a trovare l’altra metà.
Non ci hanno detto che nasciamo interi, che mai nessuno nella nostra vita merita di portarsi sulle spalle la responsabilità di completare quello che ci manca: si cresce con noi stessi. Se siamo in buona compagnia, è semplicemente più gradevole.

Ci hanno fatto credere in una formula chiamata “due in uno”: due persone che pensano uguale, agiscono uguale, che solamente questo poteva funzionare. Non ci hanno detto che questo ha un nome: annullamento. Che solamente essere individui con propria personalità ci permette di avere un rapporto sano.

Ci hanno fatto credere che il matrimonio è d’obbligo e che i desideri fuori tempo devono essere repressi.
Ci hanno fatto credere che i belli e magri sono quelli più amati, che quelli che fanno poco sesso sono all’antica, e quelli che invece ne fanno troppo non sono affidabili, e che ci sarà sempre un scarpa vecchia per un piede storto! Solo non ci hanno detto che esistono molte più menti “storte” che piedi.

Ci hanno fatto credere che esiste un’unica formula per la felicità, la stessa per tutti, e quelli che cercano di svincolarsene sono condannati all’emarginazione. Non ci hanno detto che queste formule non funzionano, frustrano le persone, sono alienanti, e che ci sono altre alternative.

Ah, non ci hanno nemmeno detto che nessuno mai ci dirà tutto ciò.
Ognuno di noi lo scoprirà da sè. E così, quando sarai molto innamorato di te stesso, potrai essere altrettanto felice, e potrai amare qualcuno.

—  John Lennon

You can’t resist them.