Owen: [deep sigh] “Ok, i’ll go with you..” 

Lennon: “Really??!”

Owen: “Yes, but if you leave me alone with your annoying friends all night I will murder you in your sleep” 

Lennon: “Fine by me. Now move so I can show you how this game works, you clearly need help..” 

Owen: “pfft, whatever” 


Lennon: “Hey Owen..  you know that party at Mia’s house on friday .. do you wanna go with me?”

Owen: “Why on earth do you suddenly want me to go with you?”

Lennon: “Because you’re my favorite and i love you and so we can create memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives you know”

Owen: “.. Dad says you can’t go if I don’t go, huh?” 

Lennon: “ughh yees, pretty please please go with me!!”