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blackpool bully

Characters: Will Lenney X Reader

Summary: When Will goes to Blackpool to met his mate Danny (Afghan Dan) in Blackpool, he meets a girl whose younger sibling just so happens to be a famous rapper on BGMedia

//Will’s POV//

Today, me and Stephen were going to visit Danny in Blackpool. He told us to met him at Pleasure Beach so we could have a fun day on the rides with a few of his mates.

“You excited, square head?” Stephen joked as he began to drive off the driveway of my apartment.

“Fuck off, you ginger,” I laughed and shook me head.

We drove to Blackpool, which took us about 4 hours from London. Stephen parked the car and we walked for about 15 minutes until we reached Pleasure Beach.

I spotted Danny wearing his green tracksuit and black snap-back, “Danny mate!” I shouted as we approached him and his 2 friends.

“Will, Stephen, hi lads,” He replied as we shared a ‘bro-hug’, then the same with him and Stephen.

He introduce us to his friends who were actually less intimidating as they looked.

“Are we about ready then?” Stephen asked Danny as he clapped his hands together - excited to ride the many rides. Dan looked around and shook his head.

“Nah mate, not yet, we’re just waiting on Y/N, she’s always lat- SON OF A BITCH” Danny screamed when a girl with (Y/C/H) hair and bright (Y/E/C) eyes jumped up from behind him and yelled in his ear, scaring him. The girl laughed and clutched her sides. 

“Oh Danny, I thought you were a big boy,” The girl teased, making me laugh at my friend - to which I received a glare.

“Oh fuck you Y/n, anyways, lads this is Y/N, Y/N this is Stephen,” He pointed at Stephen, “and this is Will.” Danny smirked when he introduced me and Y/N. 

“Ohh, you’re WillNE, the man whose been bullying my sister and the mates on YouTube,” she looked at my seriously but with a hint of joy in the eyes and she approached me, with Stephen, Danny and his friends sniggering in the back.

“Uhm- Uh who?” I slightly stuttered as Y/N smirked at my vulnerability. I found this girl more intimidating than anyone I’ve ever met before.

“Sophie Aspin, I’m her big sister, and honestly,” she paused as she took as step toward me, me and her were face to face as her eyes danced along my facial features - trying to be intimidating. “I couldn’t agree more with you, she’s so embarrassing!” She exclaimed with a massive grin.

I sighed in relief, knowing I hadn’t angered the sister of someone I ‘bully’ online.

“Jesus, you scared me for a second,” I laughed with Y/N.

“Well, someones got to look out for their siblings,” she giggled. I took this moment to fully appreciate her appearance. 

She was wearing black jeans and a pastel pink hoodie with a rose badge sown onto the left breast, clad with white and pink adidas trainers. Her (Y/C/H) hair was laying loosely around her shoulders and back, and when her shoulders shook from her eruptions of laughter and giggles, her hair fell into her face. Her nose crinkled up as silent snorts flew out of her mouth. Subtle and delicate freckles danced around her face. 

I’ve been staring for a while now, but I can’t tear my eyes from her perfection.

She glanced up at me, then back at our friends who had started to walk away to buy tickets and wristbands to ride the roller coasters.

“Come on Will, they’re leaving without us, those dicks,” She laughed as she grabbed my hand and started to drag me behind her. 

I laughed at her actions, “You’re too cute” I mumbled, hoping she wouldn’t hear.

Her head snapped around as a light pink dust flushed across her cheeks, and a smile plastered onto her face.

“You’re not too bad yourself, bully,”