Deerperfalls, Chapter 10: Bloody tears

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Chapter 10: Bloody tears

Of course Dipper couldn´t know how wrong he was when he wandered through the dark shadows of the woods. He forced his sleepy body to take step after step, when a rustling sound in the bushes made him jump. His skittish, clumsy feet lead him backwards before he tripped over a root, landing on his white butt, his eyes never left the shivering leaves before him.  Dipper swallowed before he scraped the last of his courage together, questioning into the dark forest in front of him.
“Hello, is someone there?”  He bit his lips, taking a few breaths so that his chest puffed up a bit when he finally took a step towards the bush.
“If there is, you better know that I´m armed!” But Dipper’s warning was returned by amused laughter, when a red pointed hat emerged from the leaves.  
“Oh don’t you worry fluff ball, it´s just me, and I´m not up for deer today especially not such a young and scrawny one.” The gnome eyed him, Dipper´s pulse calmed down again.
“Jeff?”  He asked, but the little man gave him a questioning look.
“Uh- Should I know you? Are you one of Uncle Lennert´s flock?”  The gnome suggested, making Dipper shake his head before he explained himself.
“What? No it´s me, Dipper. Mabel´s brother.”  
“Oh-OH!” The gnome’s eyes grew.”
“That´s you! Last time I checked you we’re just half a deer. Not making halfhearted compromises huh?”  Jeff joked, examining Dipper as he rubbed his beard.
“Ha ha-” But the deer boy’s sarcasm died when Jeff´s face suddenly got pale, and looked like he had seen a ghost. Dipper’s deer body became itchy all over.
“What?” But Jeff only gulped, biting his lips while he carefully stepped backwards.
“Seems like someone is up for deer today, I´d better be going, bye.” He hurried, turning back to run as fast as he could with his short legs, calling out to Dipper again, before he vanished into the woods.
“And don´t worry, I´ll care for Mabel when you´re gone.”  Dipper could feel his stomach drop.
“Why would you-” But a cold breath touched his neck before he was able to finish his question, the cruel voice echoed deep into his bones.

“Hello Dipper.”

Dipper´s eyes went wide, he turned around as best as he could to face the golden white hair. His image reflected itself in the sharp fangs.


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