A fucgn shitty fanfiction inspired by Beatles-Cartoon. [pretend I have the post linked. Im too fugn lazy to get on the computer to write this garbage.]

It was a nice day outside, the birds were chirping, flowers blooming, and the sun was a giant yellow ball in the sky, not actually giving off light. The animators of the beatles cartoon had actually been nice to the Cartoon Beatles and had drawn a half-way decent background for them that episode.
The Cartoon Beatles were all sitting down, leaned up against a tree that was drawn to fit all four of them. Plus, Ringo’s nose only looked half mutated too, compared to it looking like a giant fucgn slice of cheese the previous episode.
“Uwah, what a nice day outshride, estn e it jj ak feel als?” Paul said to the group, his eyes going in both directions.
“It’s nice indeed, the bees are buzzing, the flowers blooming, birds singing, girls screaming..” John said, in a cocky way for no reason.
“Wait, what about that last one?” Ringo said, turning his head to face the others, but his nose shrinking in size so it doesnt overlap the drawing of the other 3.
“Girls screaming… GIRLS SCREAMING! OH NO!” John yelled in a apathetic manner.
Suddenly, there was a loud screaming coming from somewhere.
All four of them then get up and start running away, their bodies pushing into each other so it was easier for the animators to, well, animate.
An army sized group of girls stampeded after them, trampling the food that was there merely for them to trample.
The chase seen lasts for a total of about 36.452 seconds before they all stop at a cave, skidding sound affects and all, and they all hide in the cave. The girls run past it in a unfunny cliché way, screaming still.
The Cartoon Beatles all run into the cave, but they split up due to both the animators not caring about this cartoon, and for probably a 2 cent budget, the cave is completely dark. Eventually John stops running, and starts walking around, trying to find a way out. His cartoon eyes are all thats visible.
“Oh now look what Ringo got us into! Im going to whack him upside the head when I get out!” John says, looking around.
“Whats this thing?” John presumably steps inside of something, and pushes a button.
Suddenly, the lights go on, and John is on a conveyor belt.
“Whats this all about?” John asks, but no one hears it because hes all alone and hes talking to himself for jebus’s sake.
Turns out, Johns glued to the conveyor belt.
The conveyor whirrs to life, carrying John through a series of pointless things, such as a X-ray machine, a carwash machine but for humans, a giant hairdryer blowing all the water off of him, a machine that shoves a q-tip into his mouth and pulls it back out in like 0.46 seconds, and finally he gets dropped down on a slide leading him straight into a chair. Theres another chair next to him, but its completely empty.
“Whats the meaning of all this?! Someone help me!” John yelled out, but still sounds like he really doesn’t care.
Soon, a mad-scientist looking character pulls a switch, and everything flashes faster than that one pokemon episode that was banned from airing because it gave like 200 kids seizures because the colors flashed at like 0.1111112 per second.
Then, all of a sudden, a clone of John is strapped down in the chair next to him. The scientist dude is nowhere to be spotted. The seats suddenly jerk up, practically propelling the Johns out of their seats and into a nearby textureless pale green wall.
Both get up, and stare at each other confused.
Well, they WOULD look confused if the animators knew how to draw human emotions other than “cocky” and “murder”.
“Who are you?” John says to John.
“Why, Im John!” John says.
“Im John too!” John smiles.
“You really are handsome!” John complemented.
At this point, for some reason, one of the animators that were working on this episode had died from being murdered to death with a pencil, so the other animators said “fuck it” and they magically made The Legendary Illegal Homosexual Quiet Cute Actual Cinnamon Roll Sexy Brian Epstein animate the rest of the episode.
“Woah, you’re handsome too!” John flirted to John.
“Are…you coming on to me?” John asked, flattered.
“Why of course! I’d never seen such beauty!” John said dashingly, doing his signature pose.
“Lets make out, hot dude!” John begged.
“My pleasure!” John smirked.
Then both Johns made The Face™ and made out. Actually, Brian just copy and pasted The Face™’s and then made them about 2 or 3 centimeters away from each other, with just their tounge’s slapping around at each other. This goes on for the rest of the episode. Literally. Even past the singalong. Some say that to this day they are tounge-slapping.

Also George ate Ringo thinking he was a chicken sandwich and Paul went on to be a male porn star.

The eeeend.

Or is it?