The New Stomach

Now the republic has been established, we must solve the first problem left to us by the decadence of the human bourgeoisie - the problem of food.

We must subsist in a manner which ensures the fullest development of every animal. Carnivorous activity within the movement must be curtailed. Critterades caught committing carnivorous activity must be exposed as reactionary.

The most important factor within this equation, is the dialectical principle between the progressive carnivor’s stomach and their ideology. If one were to look simply at the stomach - that which is real - then the contradiction would seems irresoluable. One might simply state “that is animal nature; it is instinct”, then move on.

As Communists we know that this is false; all contradictions can be resolved. There is no animal nature. This is the teaching left to us by critterade Chihuahua Guevara.

To construct the Communist Society, the Communist economy, we must simultaneously construct the Communist stomach. We must create the new stomach, free of its bourgeois, food-chain prejudice. This is no small task and will require a great deal of sacrifice on the part of the carnivors.

Our Great Revolution has been founded upon a beautiful principle - the alligiance between carnivors, herbivors and omnivors against our bourgeois human oppressors. We must carry this lesson forward. The task now is greater than any we have faced before, greater even than The Long Migration.

We must learn to graze critterades. All of us must learn from the hares, the rabbits, the gazelle - the cadre in our movement. Only then will we be free from the tyranny of the canrinvor’s stomach.

- Critterade B R Lenin.

injuredarcher asked:

It's typically referred to as Marxism-Leninism. Think of it as a corruption of communism, masquerading as such to appease the people who fought for equality. You ever read Animal Farm? That'll help explain a lot. And you didn't answer anything, you just kind of ignored the fact that you're basing your argument on a fallacy. If faulty logic is the root of your argument, the argument is wrong.

Obviously i should go into deeper detail because i usually mean to write something but it comes out wrong. Doesn’t animal farm have a bad ending where all the animals find out that they can’t live in their current lifestyle? Also Marxist-leninsim is still a form of communism, there are different terms for capitalism too but people still just call it capitalism