Robin Hood

Summary: Everyone calls Y/N Ro and Bucky wants to know why…

A/N: This was kind of a hard request but I put the name Ro in there but used it as a nickname, I did this as a short drabble thing so sorry its not very lengthy

Y/N was sitting on the breakfast bar stool and crunching toast in between her teeth. Bucky sat and the oak table reading a book on the kindle Y/N had brought him last month, sipping tea. The silence was a comfortable one until Clint bounded into the kitchen, leaning towards the tired eyed girl “hey Ro, fancy coming done to the training room and shooting a few?” Bucky’s eye fumbled to Y/N who’s body and vocals responded to the name, with creased eyebrows Bucky watched Y/N nod and throw her toast waving a quick exit to Bucky.

He sat contemplating the name ‘Ro’ and what the hell it could stand for, eventually driving him to distraction he heads down to the training room to ask her. He pushed open the sliding door and heard arrows being sprung off of multiple objects in the room. He stood in amazement at the sight in front of him. Y/N hung from a pull up bar by her now bare legs, bow and arrow delicately situated on her arm, one eye closed. She let go of the arrow tight on the string, it shot through the air and planted itself straight into the red bullseye. Clint and Bucky clapped but Bucky’s loud and thunderous clap frightened Y/N and sent her collapsing into a heap on the foamed mats bellow. He cursed under his breath and made a B-line for her, pulling her up as she rolls her shoulder.

“Sorry, that was amazing though Y/N!” Bucky spluttered,

“Aww Thanks Buck,” she said with a slight tint of pink admiring her cheeks. Bucky’s pure amazement and accidental collapsing of Y/N  threw him of his game and therefore left without another word. Later all gathered in the common room Y/N had squashed herself in the middle of Steve and Sam, cuddling a square pillow between her thighs.

“Oi Robin move over!” Sam nudges Y/N arm and Bucky is brought back to his earlier thought.

“Sorry but Ro? Robin! What is this name?” Everyone shares a laugh and Y/N smiles and explains,

“My abilities range from fighting skills to weaponry but I pride myself on how well I shot a bow and arrow. When I came here I saved Nat’s life with a bow and she called me Robin Hood. Its been kind of a running joke I guess…”

She looked shy about it but the next morning Bucky bumped her hip and said “Moring Mrs Hood.”

This was random and I didn’t know how to incorporate the name so I might delete sorry whoever requested it xx