A Wizard’s Misgivings Masterlist

Summary:  Dan Howell’s entire family has been in Slytherin, and there’s no doubt he’d supposed to end up there too. Phil Lester does’t exactly know what to do when he finds himself liking boys, so he’s usually just horrendously mean to them. Oh, and they happen to get cursed and can’t touch!

TW: at the beginning of each chapter

Genre: there’ll be fluff, angst, and smut (later when they’re older) so it’ll be awesome

Word Count: 69k

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Nothing Burns Like the Cold Masterpost

Summary: Phil Lester is different, having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn’t get close to anyone.
Warnings: arson, violence, vomit, murder, character death (dw its a happy ending), cussing
Word Count: 46,006

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Chapters: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten 
Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen 
Epilogue Extra

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Kissing Booth by cinnamon_skull

Summary: Eren’s soccer team hosts a kissing booth at the Spring Carnival to raise money for charity. What will he do when he’s unexpectedly forced to work a shift with Levi, team captain and his secret crush?

Steamy kisses up ahead.

Rated T

Word Count: 4,643 (2 chapters)

Status: Complete

Note: Eren fanboying over Levi is so cute. 

Author’s Tumblr: @cinnamonskull

The Blind Boy: Masterlist

Summary: Dan Howell liked to think of his entire life as a series of tragic accidents. Because really, how many people can say that they managed to become blind and obtain a supposedly Cute Boy’s hate all in the span of one year? And Phil Lester has not had the best school life, so in order to avoid bullying or a bad reputation, he refuses to take shit from anyone at this new school. Even if that someone just so happens to be blind.

TW: at the beginning of each chapter

Word Count: 42.5k

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chapter one

chapter two

chapter three

chapter four

chapter five

chapter six

chapter seven

chapter eight

chapter nine

chapter ten


Title: I’m Ready for the Fall (Ready for the Colors to Burn to Gold and Crumble Away)

Author: aprilclash

Length: Chaptered

Status: Complete

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Vampire!AU, Supernatural, Romance, Action

Summary: Baekhyun is a vampire who hates humans for good reasons and Chanyeol is a human who hates vampires for bad reasons. While vampires get killed and beheaded and the culprit is nowhere to be found, Chanyeol meets Baekhyun again and suddenly everything he’s always believed about monsters doesn’t matter anymore.

Notes: let me just tell you… PERFECTION ;A; reading this 60k masterpiece is extremely satisfying for my vampire thirst. vampirehunter!chanyeol and vampire!baek and yeol’s a bit, no actually, a huge ass in this lol also i find it really interesting how this fic is set in modern times and that vampires and humans co exist. and also the storyline is seamlessly written, each chapter is exciting. loved the sexual tension and the action going on, and i personally loved baek’s characterization. YA’LL HAFTA READ - Admin Rose


anonymous asked:

Hiiii! Do you have any chaptered Taekook and Yoonmin that's long and has a happy ending? I've read all the popular ones, though, so if you have any that aren't as well known that would be great! I honestly don't mind oneshots, either!

Hello Anon~


fast in my car 6 chapters, 20k

maybe we found love (right where we are) 29k (You may have already read this though…)

We’ll find a way to make it right 11 chapters, 45k (I LOVE this one)


yellow, not bad (it suits the feeling between us) 15k, oneshot

Hiraeth 16 chapters, 27k

Out of My System 15 chapters, 97k 

You may have read these already though…What’s considered popular? I have like no conception of this ahaha, I just read. :P

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are you from france?

SUMMARY: January 11, 2016 \ Tuesday

From: Unknown Number
To: Phil
(10:19 pm) Are u from france?

To: Unknown Number
From: Phil
(10: 28 pm) what? no, I’m from Manchester

From: Unknown Number
To: Phil
(10:29 pm) ure supposed to say ‘why’ not tell me where ure rlly from


Dan likes pick-up lines. Phil don’t get them.

TW: Just mild cursing :)

EXTRA TAGS: text!fic

leafygweens  asked:

hi, I've been looking everywhere for a fic where dan & phil haven't met but they are at a wedding. Dan hadn't spoken to his family in a while bc his mom kicked him out for being gay, then phil dares dan to go talk to his mom who's also there?

Come On, Daredevil“We’re both the gay cousin at someone else’s wedding and I’m only here to piss off my homophobic family members (that disowned me when I came out) but you’re actually really cute and now you keep hitting on me AU”.

~ Tori

First Impressions (Perhaps I Was Wrong)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Eventual Smut, AU

Words: 6903 (ongoing, chaptered, currently two chapters are out)


Phil Lester goes back to university for his third year, expecting to live in the dorms with his childhood best friend PJ. That’s how it’s been for the past years, after all. However, due to a mistake of some sort, he finds himself with a new roommate to spend the semester with.

Daniel Howell, three years his junior, has rich brown eyes, a laptop to hide them behind, and not more than two words to spare in Phil’s direction. Phil is no fortune teller, but he foresees the upcoming months will be filled with a whole lot of awkward silence.

Unless, of course, Dan proves him wrong…
Could one little mistake be the start of something entirely life changing?

Extra tags: university, slow build, friends to lovers

Act Natural

author: pornographicpenguin

length: chaptered

word count: 32,787

rating: PG-17

author’s summary:

So far, Jimin knows exactly five things about Min Yoongi:
1. He speaks Korean
2. He’s a super senior, twenty-three years old and majoring in Sound Production.
3. He sells his music for money on the Internet under the name “Suga”.
4. He only shows up to class on Mondays.
5. He has the most bombass leather jacket Jimin’s ever seen.

And Jimin isn’t honestly sure where to go with any of that.

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Harry is the photographer for the school news paper, Louis is the  Captain of the Soccer team. Harry has never been able to understand why the schools star jock hates him. He is constantly at the mercy of Louis’ ridicule, desperate to avoid the humiliation. So why is it that sparks begin to fly when Harry is assigned to photograph the Soccer team for their big upcoming tournament…

Author: rockitrocket


the best honestly -D


Kiss me on the mouth and set me free


Następnie przenosi się na Twittera, gdzie wszystko jest jeszcze troszkę dziwniejsze. Jego powiadomienia są pełne tweetów o jakimś Larrym i z tego, co może wyczytać, wszyscy próbują go gdzieś wysłać*. Ale i dość duża ilość ludzi, w tym większość jego zagorzałych, gamerskich fanów, jak i tych, mających w nim małego crusha, krzyczy o tym, jak obrzydliwy jest ten koleś, Larry.

Piętnaście minut przewijania uświadamia Louisa, że Larry Stylinson nie jest osobą, a zamiast tego kombinacją imion jego i Harry’ego. Ludzie, którzy twierdzą, że „shippują go” najwidoczniej pragną, by się ze sobą zeszli, co jest. Okej.

Lub; Louis jest graczem, Harry guru urody, a VidCon okazuje się być całkiem dobrym miejscem na zakochanie się w sobie.

*ship – gra słów, ship może oznaczać zarówno dostarczać, wysyłać, jak i łączyć dwójkę ludzi.

Autorka: suspendrs

Link do oryginału: kiss me on the mouth and set me free

Zgoda: Jest!

Pairing: Larry

Beta: Sherriane

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Orion Part 2

Pairing: Taekwoon x OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: there are a few tbh…AU, mentions of war, severe injury, body horror (of sorts), amputations, PTSD, abortion, pregnancy, sex, alcohol, mature themes and language

Wordcount: 13500 split in two parts: PART 1

Synopsis: She finds herself in the Saharan desert trying to heal wounds from her life, and he’s there, fixing himself too along the way.

Notes: Here is part two, I hope you guys enjoyed this *hugs* xoxo

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