lengen wait for it dary!

I admire all writers! I do! But...

…I really think a writer who has an inicial idea and writes clues and foreshadows that idea should stick to that idea till the end. Why?

Because when you change your mind in the middle of your story, and you ignore all the foresadowing you, yourself, created then your writing becomes poor and honestly makes no sense. 

This is what I think is happening in the 100. I like the show, I do. I’m just 100% sure the writes had the intention of having Raven and Bellamy end up together eventually in the future. If you watch season 1 you can see all the clues and the foreshadowing. I really think they let themselves be influenced by what fans wanted and that’s terrible writing. Maybe I’m no one to judge but season 3 supports my idea. This season has so many plot holes and characters are acting so ooc that it proves their writing is not so good anymore.

If the writers of the 100 ever see this post, please, stick to your original idea ‘cause it was good. The chemistry between Raven and Bellamy was excellent, and the love story between them had so much potential… Bellamy and C.lark can be best friends, equals, comrades, whatever you want but don’t have them end up together because they make no sense. It’d feel forced and cliché and, most of all, boring (main girl falls for main boy? Wow, I have never seen that before!)

Rellamy/braven/ravenbell fans, please spread this messege: A love story between Raven and Bellamy could be lengen, wait for it, dary. Legendary! Let’s not give up ‘cause, to me al least, Raven and Bellamy are the only two characters that make the show worth watching (there are a few other, but you get my point). Let’s make it happen!!