The Pans were a Vietnamese immigrant family who took up residence in Scarborough, Canada.  After arriving as refugees in the late 1970’s, Bich Ha and Huei Hann married in Toronto, and later had 2 children, Jennifer and Felix.  Tragedy struck in November of 2010, when 3 intruders entered the house, making demands for the Pans to hand over their money.  When Huei Hann could not produce more than $60 from his wallet, both he and his wife were shot multiple times in the head, killing Bich Ha instantly.  Jennifer, meanwhile, had been tied to the bannister, and made a frantic call to the emergency services reporting the incident.  Felix was away at college at the time.

Miraculously, Huei Hann survived his injuries, however after waking from an induced coma he began to cast doubt on his daughter’s version of events.  Once confronted by authorities, Jennifer admitted that she had hired the ‘intruders’ to kill not only her parents, but also herself.  The Pans had exerted extreme pressure on their children academically, and when Jennifer’s grades began to slip she resorted to doctoring her report cards to meet their high expectations.  She even went so far as to pretend she had gained a place at the local college, studying at the library and filling a pad with notes to avoid any suspicion.  When the time came, she even purchased a college certificate online, and fobbed off her parents when they wanted to attend her graduation.  Under the ruse of staying with a girlfriend a few days a week, Jennifer had really been living with her boyfriend, Daniel Wong, who her parents had forbidden her from seeing.

Under further investigation, it transpired that Jennifer and Daniel had arranged the hit together, paying Lenford Crawford $10,000 to carry out their bidding.  Despite insisting that she had called the whole thing off, Jennifer had texted Lenford and his associates David Mylvaganam and Eric Carty on the evening of the crime, signalling for them to come into the house.  Jennifer, Daniel, and 2 of the hit men were found guilty of first-degree murder, and each is serving life in prison.


Here is Len’s part. Like I said, it ended up kind of depressing, mostly because even though I didn’t intend it, I couldn’t shake out of my head how gloomy Len was because we couldn’t celebrate our anniversary together.

Fun fact, I had intended to print this out into a little book(let?), the last two images were supposed to be together, in the center, as a pull out poster (think centerfold). I wanted to have the book read both ways, form beginning to middle would be my side of the story, and the end to the middle would be Len’s side, meeting in the middle.

I inadvertently accomplished one thing today.

So for the past two days, I’ve had my fiance Len watch Oddities with me, because he’s slowly becoming interested in the things I collect (mostly my skulls and other bones, but even some taxidermy here and there).

There’s only about 3 seasons of it on Netflix, and I already informed him on most of VC’s opinion on Ryan’s. Halfway through season 1 Len expressed that he thought maybe I was just being mean. 

Then the date episode came up.

And it wasn’t even how much of a douche nozzle Ryan was on that episode (even though Len kept saying how much he was a douche nozzle on that episode), it was the fact that Len had a problem that Ryan was getting on that girl’s case for boiling the chicken skeleton, when a few episodes before (the one with the monkey skull I believe), Ryan had said you could boil skulls!

I had inadvertently convinced someone else of the douche canoe that Ryan is. Whoops :d