I’m also watching “The Fosters.” I tried to like Talya and ship Brandon x Talya, but she’s just such a bitch, I can’t. I tried not to ship Brallie ‘cause I knew there had to be some rule against it, but they’re just so perfect that I have to. I’ve been trying to fight it, but I can’t anymore after the last episode. From the start, Brallie’s had my heart and Talya’s had my hate.

I sort of shipped Wyatt x Callie at first, but now I see that he can definitely bring her down a bad road, so…how about no.

My Ships For This Show:

  • Brallie
  • Lenef
  • Jesus x Lexi

What is the the Fosters ?

The Fosters is a compelling, one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms. Stef Foster (Teri Polo), a dedicated police officer, and her partner Lena Adams (Sherri Saum), a school vice principal, have built a close-knit, loving family with Stef’s biological son from a previous marriage, Brandon (David Lambert), and their adopted twins, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Jesus (Jake T. Austin). Their lives are disrupted in unexpected ways when Lena meets Callie (Maia Mitchell), a hardened teen with an abusive past who has spent her life in and out of foster homes. Lena and Stef warily welcome Callie into their home thinking it’s just for a few weeks, until a more permanent placement can be found.

Why should I watch it?

The Fosters is well written and the cast is very talented. It is addicting in every way. ABC Family is finally showing a true reflection of American families today. It teaches you to be yourself and that love is more important than a bloodline connection. The Fosters features a multi-ethnic family raised by a bi-racial lesbian couple. It address many problems that are usually avoided in today’s media.A bonus; the actors and actress are very attractive. You will not regret watching it. 

"Fostering Strength" - Stef & Lena Fanfiction

Name: Fostering Strength

Author: Lezg33k

Language: English

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Rating: M

Chapters: 1

Description: I don’t know about you, but that bathroom scene in the Season One finale seemed like it was missing something. A tender moment between Stef and Lena.”

Read it here: [X]