“Brocoly tried to make a rap,he tried,Alice belongs to @alice-angel-ask,Daddy Bendy belongs to @askdaddybendy,Lendy belongs to @ask-littlebendy,Mischief belongs to @ask-mischievousbendy,Shy belongs to @ask-sensitive-bendy and Big Bendy belongs to @bigbendy


@askpinkyinky made a sign template of @ask-littlebendy ‘s character so I decided to make these to show how much I love you all..! You mean so much to me, stay you, and remember how proud I am of you.. <3

feel free to send these to anyone as much as you want..!

@cupheadanswers  @askdaddybendy @thecrocodilefather @demonsdontdance  @sendythedemon @ask-mugman @ask-shotglass (i wanted to tag everyone but there are so many of you and i can never remember URLS ahhh..! Forgive me you precious friends.. vwv  ))

How about you #SaveYourself because Bendy doesn’t need any saving.

Reblog and add your Bendy/Boris/Alice/Henry/Joey/Sammy/Susie/OC.

{Feel free to expand the picture if needed}

Stop sending hate. Stop trying to police what people can and can’t post, okay? Thanks~.  

Rant under the cut….

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Thank you for 2,000+ followers!

Can I just say, I really never expected to get this popular??

It makes me so happy that people actually enjoy seeing my art?? Like bless your souls??

Special shout out to my friends who keep me going, collaborate with me, and in general put up with me… You guys are the best and I adore you all so much. Thank you all for being in my life and supporting me. @askdaddybendy , @ask-showstopper-bendy , @radbendy , @bendythe-demon , @askpinkyinky @askdollbendy

And a final but definitely not undeserved thank you to my good friend who wrote Little Bendy’s song~: @pgthemeerkat

Thank you all so much.
I hope you’ll hang around~.