lend my ear

I am not the girl that will ask you to stay up all night and ruin your sleep schedule with me,
but if you can’t rest I will move over and offer you my blanket while you sit with me,
I am not the girl that will walk blindly into every argument with you, because I will not fight you without reason and I will admit openly when I am wrong,
I will never be the girl that picks you up and leaves you stranded, I will always drop you off at home if it is safe to do so,
I am not the girl that will ignore your cries for help and leave you freezing outside, I will lend you my ears alongside my jacket if it means keeping the frost off of your heart,
I am not the girl that will intentionally hurt you, so I will get upset with myself when I slip up and do something wrong,
I am not the girl that will turn away my arms or my head, I will always keep my eyes on you in some form and my hands will stay firm with you when you need them to be or want them to be,
I am not the girl that will come in with cruel intentions swirling like tentacles,
I am the girl that will try my best to look after you and treasure you as not only a friend or somebody I care for, but also as a human being,
I am the girl that will run my thumbs over the backs of your hands,
I am the girl that will share my food with you even if you’ve said you aren’t hungry,
I am the girl that will lose sleep trying to make you smile and remember to breathe,
I am the girl that will attempt at all costs to be more than simply decent for and to you,
I am the girl that will be nothing but myself and try my best to live adventurously with you,
I am the girl that will be here when you need anything
I am the girl that will send you random thoughts and showcase when I think about you,
I am the girl that will spend hours in a car with you, or outside anywhere, exploring and sharing music,
I am the girl that will be me, while you will be you.
—  ARH // I am not that girl, I am me

anonymous asked:

Are there any birds that eat humans? Where can they be found, and by hat are some things I should know?

Well, not to rain on your parade, but the the first and most important thing you need to know on this subject is that there are no birds that primarily predate on humans. 

We’re very big, very heavy, are very relatively good at defending ourselves, and have a tendency to hang out in groups. Not only that, but we have the audacity to cover most of our vulnerable points with stuff, and we’ve built these extremely non-bird-friendly zones in which we like to live. How unconscionably rude of us, amirite? 

Golden eagles have been recorded taking down sika deer and other medium-sized ungulates, and African crowned eagles have been known to attack children, so there is no question that large birds of prey could kill a human. Carrion birds and scavengers would undoubtedly eat bits off of an already-dead human (sky burials are a good example), but, again, we are not the chosen prey of any extant bird species.

As for extinct birds, even early modern humans were likely preyed upon by strictly non-avian predators. There are Maori oral traditions of the Haast’s Eagle - the females of which could reach up to 15kg (compared to the largest wild birds of prey now at ~9kg) - that state that they “seized and carried off men, women, and children”. However, while they were large enough to hunt their chosen prey, the (also extinct) moa, carrying off adult humans was likely outside of their capabilities

So, tl;dr: humans are really annoying to eat. 0/10, would not recommend.

Emergency: Abuse/donations/Support

For those who don’t want to read skip to the tl;dr for the gist of it.

Hey guys, I’m sorry to make a post about this and I can’t ass a pretty picture, if anyone cares to lend an ear please. My families abuse on me has increased and gotten worse, I’m not being fed and I can’t even get a job (the Refuse to take me to interviews, or to the actual place I need to work) and when I get money form whatever job I get they take it, but food and I get none of it. I tried to bring this to attention to this before. This a sue started sophomore year in high school and just gradually got worse, yes CPS was called but of course they didn’t do anything, I’ve told therapist, my friends and everything and nothing. My boyfriend is unwilling to let me move into his apartment with him at the end of the month because he says I don’t have a job. (Yes i told him that’s awful thing to say) I’ve put effort it o getting and finding a job and effort into trying to get out of this house. I to inform everyone that there is a possibility that all the power in my room will be shut off because my older cousin believes I don’t deserve power in my room if I can’t get a job (yet he’s the one who hit me and kicked me a few times as well). They value our dog over me. I’ve asked for help about my severe depression and other mental health problems including my bi-polar disorder. Instead of taking me to a doctor, my grandma got my brother therapy even though he doesn’t want it (he’s also depressed but doesn’t want the help). My brother, has no job, also depressed and doesn’t do anything all day hasn’t given my grandma money, he doesn’t pay rent, and or do chores. I am depressed, I do chores, I pay with whatever cash the can mange to milk off of me. He’s fed everyday I’m left literally nothing, I’ve lost weight, I’m constantly sick and I’m lying to my one or two irl friends that I’m healthy and well. I can’t sleep, I don’t have proper medicine to deal with my asthma, anemia, or my insomnia. I’ve tried sleeping remedies melatonin and all that. I’ve asked for help multiple times and got nothing. If you can donate or support I have buttons on my page for that. (PayPal and Kofi) I’ll even do a bunch of 5 dollar sketch commissions so I can at least get some good or save money so I can at least move in with my boyfriend even if it’s temporarily. Im in desperate need of help. I’m not sure I can’t keep up being “strong” anymore. I’m close to giving up.

Tl;Dr: My family is abusing me, I want to get away, I’m starving. Please help me.

In a dream world, everyone is treated with the exact same level of respect. But, until we reach that goal, I will lend my ear. I will lend my voice to any boy, girl, man, or woman who does not feel like they can protect themselves. I want you to know we’re here for you. We’re all here for each other. Together, now, we will stop this kind of behavior from happening. We will stop normalizing these horrific situations. We will change this narrative and make a difference for all of those individuals pursuing their dreams.
—  Jennifer Lawrence

Dad, mom, lend an ear to my troubles again. I don’t want to think about becoming a burden to them. There’s no prison. There’s no Orochi. My role in this is over… only this stiff, troublesome body remains


SF9 Jaeyoon - Thank you, My Love (My Only Love Song OST)

Coffee Thoughts

The streets are dark. No one is awake.

My ears lend themselves to the coffeepot dripping, the sound of the keys and my mind pondering.

I wonder is Los Angeles still asleep?

Are London’s cobblestone streets a bustle with daily life?

What’s going on at the White House right now?

Is all power still out in Florida? I bet no one that works in that department is asleep!

How many people have had restless nights?

I am sure at least 100 people cried themselves to sleep.

I wish no one went to bed hungry.

I want more dreams, hope and positivity!

I bet the at least 5,000 people are content with their lives.

The same amount have a passion that demands to be heard.

The same amount (probably more) are depressed, not sad, depressed.

Where does that leave the rest of like 6.95 billion people?

Are we thinking the same thing?

Is there more I can do?

If so, what?

Donate, volunteer, shed light on the issues at hand?

How do I reach a bigger platform?

If I do what do I say?

Wake up, drink coffee, think outside the box, talk to others, develop a plan, hold someone, make someone smile, spread positivity, love one another,  have faith in humanity even when hope is gone, sing, dance, do what makes you happy, say no, say yes ect…

Just don’t lay idle and watch the world pass you by and wish there was something you could do.

There is!

You have the power to make someone smile at the very least, and that is something!

Don’t hate the world because it has hurt you.

Love is always the right choice no matter how many times it has wronged you.

You could say me and my coffee have been busy this morning.

Just because we don’t talk anymore doesn’t mean that I’ve forgoten about you. It doesn’t mean that I no longer care. Truth is, I still do. I do my best to check up on you, to see how you’re doing. To see if you’re okay, but every time I get the urge to talk to you, it suddenly hits me that, we’re strangers, you don’t want me in your life, that’s the reason I’m no longer a part of your life. But, even though everything changed, I just want you to know that, I’m still here. I’ll still be here for you, I’ll still lend you my shoulders and ears. I don’t care what time it is, what I’m doing. Don’t hesitate to talk to me, because half the time, I wish you were talking to me. I just really miss your presence, I miss, you being my best friend, I just miss you in general…
—  mine
The Ramblings of an Introvert (Part Seven) // Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 8(Epilogue)

A/N: The “technical” end to Ramblings. I will be adding an epilogue to finish off this series. Thank you so much for loving this series as much as I have. I am sad to see it end, and yet happy to know it’ll be complete soon.

December 27th

Dear Friend,

The letter to Y/N sat at my desk for weeks. I couldn’t bring myself to mail it, much less give it to her in person. It sat underneath a pile of files gathering dust with each passing day. Yet somehow it managed to fall into her hands just days before Christmas.

I had asked JJ to grab a file from my desk and she saw the letter addressed to Y/N. She didn’t even think twice as she picked it up and dropped it into her hands. I had stared frozen in my spot as Y/N looked at it curiously, recognizing my handwriting and tearing it open. It was like watching my life flash before my eyes the instant I recognized the envelope and I rushed out of there before anyone could even comprehend what was happening. I left everything behind except for my phone, keys and wallet that sat comfortably in my pockets. My jacket and satchel remained abandoned at my desk as the team looked around questioningly to each other. They didn’t understand the gravity of my situation. Confessing your undying love was something I had little experience in, and rejection was something I didn’t want to feel.

I managed to hide out for a few hours. I spent the rest of the day in between book shops and cafes. After a few calls from Hotch I simply texted him that I had had an emergency and then shut my phone off. After hours of mindless wandering I finally decided it was time to go. I hoped to come home to an empty hallway. That didn’t turn out how I expected either.

I found Y/N asleep against my door when I finally arrived home around eleven. My heart softened as I saw her head rested against the door, my jacket and satchel thrown across her lap and held even in her sleep as if she was afraid someone would come along and steal them. So I summoned up all the courage I could and decided to accept that the time had finally come as I gently shook her awake. I was ready to face whatever was coming.

She yawned and stood, handing me my belongings in the process. I opened the door and she merely walked in as if she owned the place. She walked through the apartment as if she owned it and I watched with curiosity as she walked into my bedroom. She was quiet the entire time. She didn’t mention the letter. She merely smiled as I followed behind her unsure of what exactly was going on.

“Are you going to get in bed or not?”

Her voice was soft and playful as I realized that she had already kicked her shoes off and was underneath the soft covers. Her eyebrow was raised, daring me to come closer. And I did. I kicked off my shoes and climbed in next to her, my body’s temperature rising at the simple fact she was in my bed. She had the most gorgeous smile on her face as she leaned in closer, inches away from my face and whispered the words that would make me the happiest I’ve ever been.

“I’m in love with you too.”

What came afterwards was a blur of feelings. It was soft and tender kisses that led to a passionate embrace that led to clothes being thrown and scattered. It led to laughter and “are we moving too fast?“ and the quick dismissal of such questions. It led to soft caresses and glorious new wonders as we touched in a way I had never experienced before. It led to stars glowing on skin as the night passed by. It led to notes leaving her soft lips as her moans sounded like music to my ears.

I never knew what it was like to feel so wanted until it was her hands that were on my skin. I never knew what God felt like until I felt her body unravel at my touch like a flower blooming in the rays of a devoted sun. I had never seen such stunning eyes until I saw hers mixed with an alluring mixture of love and lust, something I had only ever pictured in my wildest dreams. And suddenly I was a child on their birthday receiving the one gift their parents had said they couldn’t afford, and I had never been so grateful as I was the moment her lips touched mine and continued to whisper those three words over and over until my heart felt ready to burst.

I wish I could describe what it felt like to finally let all of the love I had finally pour out of me. It was such a relief to be able to look at her and say, I love you. I have loved you for so long and I will love you forever more.

I wish I could tell you how it felt to have her repeat those words back to me. To have her confess her own love that had grown since before the night in the field. A love that had begun the moment she walked in and caught sight of my smile. Hearing such lovely words trickle from her soft lips with ease and sincerity was enough to keep my smile permanently on my face for the rest of the night, and quite possibly the rest of my life.

We spent Christmas together. She flew out with me to see my mother again and I can’t even explain how much that meant to me. She could have flown out to see her family. But she didn’t. She chose to be with mine. My mother’s eyes lit up when she saw us walk through the door and she let out a happy laugh when she saw my arm wrap around Y/N. It was a small and intimate night, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. My heart was happy and my head was clear of the fog that usually threatened to invade, and I can’t help but think that it’s Y/N who’s the one driving the demons away. This is what love is, right? When you can’t stop thinking about the other and everything they do is adorable and charming and you really just want to spend every waking moment together. I’m so in love with her and this is only the beginning.

Best Regards,

May 2nd

Dear Friend,

It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I have to admit it’s all due to having a significant other. It’s a happy thing, and I suppose I’m simply writing to catch you up now.

Having someone to kiss underneath the fireworks as everyone rings in the new year is something that I never really pictured happening to me. I never really imagined having soft lips and warm arms to hold while the night sky lit up with all sorts of colors. Yet that’s exactly what happened as the team celebrated the coming of a new year and Y/N stood in my arms. It was as if I was in a dream.

I didn’t mind the teasing that came from my friends. I didn’t mind the jokes about the genius finally getting the girl, or the way everyone cheered the first time they saw us kiss. It was all good natured and light hearted. Y/N found it amusing and took it in stride as did I.

That’s how we spent New Year’s Eve. Together, our bodies gravitating towards each other until our hands met and became a catalyst for affection. I never really knew just how amazing someone’s physical body could feel until I met Y/N.

It wasn’t about sex. Sure, that was probably the most wonderful thing I had ever felt in my life and to have someone so beautiful writhing in pleasure underneath me was something I’d only ever dreamt of. But it was how we made love. How I could feel that adoration in every single touch and in every kiss we shared. Sex is always described as this animalistic thing where hormones are raging and all the other cares about is getting their pleasure at the end of the night. And sure, that did happen with Y/N, but there was always something different. I could see it in her eyes that she was excited and happy that it was me, and I’m sure my eyes reflected the same as they looked down at her. Making love is such a different feel than simply having sex.

It was always about our connection. She’s exciting and fun. She brings me out of my comfort zone without ever once forcing me to do things I don’t want to. I pick up on her moods and adjust my behavior to it. We genuinely care for each other- always there to be a shoulder to cry on or someone to share a smile with. She makes me happier than I’ve ever been.

“I’m glad it’s you,” Hotch had said quietly as he stood next to me that night. His eyes lingered on Y/N and I remembered the fact he had developed feelings for her just as I had. But his eyes were sincere as he looked at me. They were not filled with jealousy or hate. They were honest.

“I couldn’t imagine two people who deserve more happiness,” he added as he took a drink. I nodded and thanked him, smiling as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder in a hug. Things had finally seemed to fall into place and I was more than grateful.

That was nearly half a year ago and yet I remember it as if it was yesterday. It’s a curious thing how time seems to fly by when you’re happy. The days all blur in a mixture of smiles and laughs, as if one bleeds onto the other like a painting that’s never finished. My days are painted in bright colors now. Vivid hues of yellows and reds that resemble the amount of joy and passion that now consume my every day life. I wake every morning with a bright grin on my face, eager to see where life takes me.

I have to admit that my mind is still occupied with thoughts of her at every moment at the day, but it’s different now. Now I get to curl up with her at the end of the night instead of only dreaming about it. I don’t have to wonder what her lips feel like because I get to kiss her as often as I want, or really as often as she’ll allow it. She still invades my dreams but I can’t even begin to explain how heartwarming it is to wake up from dreams of her to find her serene face nestled into a pillow beside me.

I guess I’m writing to let you know that I’m finally at peace. My head no longer aches and my heart is full. My relationships with everyone have grown stronger. I no longer feel alone. I have my team, I have my mother, I have Y/N. It’s as if the puzzle pieces have come together to create this wonderful picture and for once in my life there is no missing piece.

I want to thank you for lending your ear to my ramblings. Everything is just as it should be now so I guess this is my goodbye. Perhaps we’ll talk someday again, or maybe this will be my last letter for the rest of my life. I just want you to know that I am well, complete, and more joyous than I ever imagined to be.

I have finally found my place.

Best Regards,

Why Being Boring is Awesome

In his advice book for creatives (Steal like an Artist), Austin Kleon has a chapter titled, “Be Boring.”

“Be boring,” Kleon says. “It’s the only way anything gets done.”

“I’m a boring guy,” he goes on, “with a nine-to-five job in a quiet neighborhood with his wife and his dog.”

Like Kleon, I’m a boring person. I do the exact same thing every day or every week. I haven’t been on a trip that wasn’t writing related in years. I almost never miss a day of work. Saturday mornings I work on my blog and every Sunday I go to church. It’s a good thing I’m a Hufflepuff, because I have the tenacity of a rock.

But things get done. (And money gets saved.)

Once in a while, I get messages from people online that go something like this:

Wow! I’ve read all the things you’ve done and what you are doing now, and all I can say is that I wish I were you and doing what you are doing!

I’m always flattered of course and appreciate each and every one of them.

But all the “cool” stuff other people see lasts about a second. They’re cool, so I share them. But most days I’m hunched over a computer for 7-8 hours. On weekdays I literally talk to 2-3 different people (I don’t have coworkers). To many people who look at me and my lifestyle, I appear utterly boring. In fact, to many outsiders, I give off the false appearance of utter stagnation. (And trust me, some of them let me know.)

I have a friend who is always out on adventures. It’s great. If he had any idea how boring I am, he might have different thoughts about our friendship …

But being boring can be awesome. Just as canyons are slowly carved out day after day, year after year, so is any “boring” productive thing you do strengthened and refined day after day, year after year.

I remember when I started blogging years ago, I looked at my friends’ blogs that were about 5 years old at the time and was a bit envious of their followers, commenters, and big backlogs. Many of those friends have moved onto other things, and that’s great. Strangely, soon my blog will be as old as theirs were at that time. Now I have my own followers, commenters, and a big backlog. Week by week this place has grown. When I began, I could hardly imagine writing so many posts. It felt so far away. But by being boring (read: consistent), week after week, it got there.

The same is true of any small, productive thing we do consistently. I’ve been doing yoga almost every day this year. I only do it for 20-30 minutes, and I don’t even leave home. I just follow yoga instructors on Youtube. Watching some of them, I feel a little envious of their flexibility and mobility. But no one got to that point overnight. Day after day, year after year, they were consistent.

I’m sure people come up to them, and say, “Wow! I wish I could do what you could do!” And the truth is, most of them can–if they are willing to put in the few minutes regularly, week after week, year after year. But often when people make such comments, they don’t fully fathom the patience, work, and tenacity it took to get there, which are all “boring” traits.

In a strange way, it seems you can accomplish almost anything, if you are boring.

Boring isn’t necessarily the same as being lazy. Though if you are boring by being lazy day after day, you will reap those “benefits” also.

People who are boring in the context I’m referring to understand this scripture:

Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass

To some of the world, I may seem foolish, doing the same things day after day. In fact, 6-7 years ago, I had a friend who honestly had the attitude that working hard at something you want is stupid and unnecessary. That person would even point out others who were working hard in derogatory ways. Last year, when that friend saw some of the “cool” things I was doing, they came to me and asked point-blank, “How do I get to do what you are doing?”

True story.

The reality is, I’ve learned a lot of significant things being boring. I’ve learned a lot about myself, human nature, society, and ideas. There is something about long-term (but productive) stability that clears your vision in ways other things can’t. I don’t know if I would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand.

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A little something I’ve written to preemptively celebrate my 21st birthday.


Trigger warning: smut, wall sex, pet names, edging, implied cock-warming, implied aftercare


You came to the club just to gain a sense of escape. You weren’t looking for a one night stand; you had experienced your fair share of heartbreak and you were world weary, especially when it came to love.

The week had be so tediously long that it seemed like it would never end. You were just grateful when Friday night rolled on in, giving you a chance to blow off some steam.

You expected your night to entail some serious drinking, letting the alcohol provide a warm buzz, a gentle haze and a numbness from any resentment you held within your heart.

What you never expected was to spend your night with a dashingly handsome drinking partner. His chocolate eyes, whilst full of mirth, a cheeky playness, they were grounded with a sense of understanding and empathy.

You decided to called this handsome stranger Dean, there was something about his effortless cool demeanour and unique style that reminded you of that famous rebel without a cause.

To him, you were someone he really wanted to know. Behind your ambiguous smile, he knew lay a damaged heart and a soul he was very curious about.

Dean wasn’t necessarily listening to everything you ranted about, getting lost in the sound of your voice, the innate musicality to its tone. The beauty of it entrancing.

But of what he did listen to, he realised was of you talking about others, a bit of complaining here and there. He hoped that you saw him different to all those others. Whilst he was just a stranger, he hoped you would give him a chance.

Dean was brought out of his reverie by you suddenly shaking your head and chuckling. “Look at me, I’m ranting and raving to someone I’ve only just met. What’s wrong with me? I must be making a horrible first impression.”

Dean smiled at you and shake his head. “No. Trust me if you had made a bad first impression, you would know. I hope that my lending my ear has helped, but I want to get to know you, little lady~”

The conversation flowed so easily, much to your surprise when you consider the mood you were in at the start of the night. Whilst you were usually closed off, something about Dean managed to get you to open up. You pondered on whether it was his disarming smile, dreamy voice or the glint in his eyes that totally beguiled you. Whatever it was, Dean was fun. He helped you to realise that you shouldn’t be so cynical. Whilst a bit of caution is okay, at 21 you were still so young and you should be making the most of your youth and you intended on doing so. That being your motive to spend the night at Dean’s place.

Between fleeting kisses, a breadcrumb trail of clothes was laid strewn across from the front door to the livingroom. Having no patience to get to your bedroom, you asked Dean to fuck you against the wall between kisses. Dean groaned, grabbing the backs of both your thighs and lifting you up. He smirked as you instinctively wrapped your legs around him. He lent in and whispered by your ear in that soothing voice of his, “You better hold on tight then, Baby Girl.”

His entrance was smooth, your slit already glistening with your own arousal. Dean took his time to savour the feeling of your velvet walls, the warm wetness feeling like heaven around his cock. It was so pleasurable he wished he could never leave but his urge to make you scream out in pleasure trumped that.

Dean pulled out at a snail’s pace, letting you feel every vein and ridge, until only the head remained, before slamming back in. His thrusts were deep, the angle of your body against his and the wall already allowing him to hit your g-spot. In responses, your nails were scratching down Dean’s back, the slight sting only adding to his pleasure and making him fuck you even harder than before.

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle anymore, Dean snuck a finger down to tease your clit, rubbing little circles on your cute little nub, causing you to scream out from how good it felt. You were now clawing at Dean’s back, a sign that you were close. Just before you could go past that precipice and reach your orgasmic high, Dean stopped.

Dean chuckled at your pouting face and then responded between kisses to your neck, “Baby Girl, I know you want to cum, I do too, but if we edge, that eventual orgasm will be much more intense. Doesn’t that sound good, Baby Girl?” Once you nodded, he smirked, pleased with your response.

Once your nerves had calmed down and need to cum had lessened, Dean started thrusting again. If the first build-up was fast, the second was even faster. Your body was already highly strung from all the stimulation to your g-spot and clit that the pleasure you were gaining now was tenfold.

Your hands went to Dean’s hair, tugging on the raven locks, a warning of an impending orgasm. Whilst Dean would usually string edging out a couple more times, his endless curiosity, especially about how you’d look in such bliss, led him to be merciful. You saw white as that tension finally released, your body succumbing to waves of intense pleasure. Dean followed soon after.

When you both had calmed down from your highs, Dean carried you bridal style to the bathroom. “That was amazing Baby Girl but what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn’t look after my lady afterwards. I’m going to run you a nice, warm bath and I want you to relax.”

You both ended up in his bed, laying in the silky sheets as Dean insisted on singing his Baby Girl to sleep. So whilst it wasn’t the most debauched of nights, you couldn’t be happier that Dean had shook you out of cynical streak. Although you weren’t sure whether you were ready for something serious and to completely open up, you were basking in the fruits of letting your guard down for once. The only thing you were certain of was that you wanted spend the rest of your weekend in bed with Dean.


Sorry if it’s a bit tame it’s just that I couldn’t see Dean as someone who’s super kinky. I’m also trying to write this based on the song 21, so it didn’t make sense to go too far out there if the female character is closed off in the beginning. I was kinda struggling to get into the smut on this one, so I can see why it may not be as good as Nicotine Sweetness, but I do hope you like it.

Navarre/Lon'qu C-A Support

Written by @bobosmith01


Lon’qu: *sigh* …Thank you for our duel. It has taught me much.

Navarre: Hm. To you as well.

Navarre: Is that all, then?

Lon’qu: Leave if you want. But I do have one question for you.

Navarre: …What is it?

Lon’qu: Who taught you the sword?


Lon’qu: I’ll be blunt. Your style is almost identical to mine. If I am to master the sword, then I must be able to master myself, so-

Navarre: Give up. You’ll never be able to.

Lon’qu: …What?!

Navarre: Don’t compare me to you… You know nothing about me.

Lon’qu: …So be it.

Navarre: If you’re going to bother me with a duel again, actually try next time. I’ve seen you fight before. Today, you were distracted.

[Navarre exits.]


Lon’qu: Idiot! I thought a duel would clear my head, but I went and embarrassed myself. I thought I was stronger then this…

[Navarre and Lon’qu have reached support rank C.]


Navarre: Lon’qu. I need a word with you.

Lon’qu: I’m busy.

Navarre: Are you also a terrible liar? You are sitting down.


Navarre: Tell me. What was that *stunt* you pulled last battle? I saw the enemy coming. My blade was ready. Yet you dived in like a child, taking a blow yourself. You stopped my concentration.

[Lon’qu starts leaving.]

Navarre: Wait. If you won’t give me an answer, then stop doing those…things. Not just in battle. Those odd glances you’ve been giving me.

Lon’qu: You noticed? Ugh.

Lon’qu: *Sigh*

Lon’qu: Someone told me of how alike we are.

Navarre: Who? …Sharena?

Lon’qu: … I’ll confess. I see the resemblance. When I look at you, I see myself. How distant you are to the others.

Navarre: So what? I didn’t confront you for a foolish lecture, especially from one who does the same. And I already told you not to compare–

Lon’qu: Listen. When I look at my blade, I realize my purpose.

Lon’qu: When I was younger, when an-accident occurred, I felt as though strength was my only purpose, the only thing keeping me alive.

Lon’qu: But I learned how I could use this strength and fight for a cause. I won’t let some incident happen to someone who isn’t a fool. Not if I can help it.

Navarre: …Hah.

Lon’qu: I know you’re a mercenary. I was one myself. But never forget your own self-purpose.

Lon’qu: I’ve…probably spoken out of line. Goodbye.

Navarre: …A purpose to fighting. No matter how you dice it, this is a battlefield. So…why do his words ring true?

Navarre: I am not him. I need no…


[Navarre and Lon’qu have reached support rank B.]


Lon’qu: Hah! Hngah!

Navarre: (The training room? Still? At this hour?)

Navarre: (He’s been in here almost the entire day. Have either of us even eaten?)

Lon'qu: I thought it was you. I fought you to test myself, you know.


Lon’qu: I… don’t expect us to talk anymore.  But if I’m ever going to say it, I’ll say it now.

Lon’qu: I’m sorry.  All I’ve been focused on was…what to do with myself. I was… inappropriate.

Lon’qu: I just wanted you to know. About how I respect you as a swordsman, and a person. …No matter what either of our paths are, similar or not.

Navarre: Is that so.


Navarre: …You asked me a question, days ago. Where I learned the blade from.

Lon’qu: What…?

Lon’qu: Forget it. You don’t have to tell me.


Navarre: This is my only offer. I don’t take these things lightly.

Lon’qu: …Tell me, then. I want us to be as men should be: equal footing, whether in words or life.

Navarre: …There used to be a blacksmith, where I grew up. He designed the cruelest weapons for a nearby gladiator pit. That is where I picked up my first edge. My lesson was, at first, watching.

Navarre: …I thought he lent me a purpose.

Navarre: I soon learned how I was skilled with a blade. It’s how I lived after someone else very important to me died.

Navarre: I soon wanted strength-strength to prevent the ones I loved from falling away. That’s what I told myself.

Navarre: Instead, I made myself incapable of love by driving others away. I didn’t want to protect anyone, not even the one who started it all. Just lived by an empty creed…

Lon'qu: Navarre…

Navarre: We aren’t so different, after all, are we?

Navarre: …Thank you, Lon'qu. I’ve had to ponder some things I should have long ago.

Navarre: I wish that we find our own selves completely.

Navarre: And no talking about this. Not with anyone else.

Lon’qu: Of course. I will ask you the same when I tell you my story, if you would lend an ear. My past life is something I wish to keep quiet about, but when the time comes, I will be here.

Navarre: Naturally.

Navarre: …Let me ask one thing.

Lon’qu: You? Ask me something?

Navarre: …Do you want a rematch to our duel?

[Navarre and Lon’qu have reached support rank A.]

nunchiwrites  asked:

Hey fren ;~; if requests are still open can i get #49 with Kyungsoo from EXO? If so you'd really be helpin' a sister out, omigoodess~ thank you so much, hun! <3

Hey girl! Kyungsoo and royal!aus are something I LIVE for, no matter what role he plays in them. 

49.)  You have recently been crowned as the new ruler of your country, and you’re throwing a masquerade ball to celebrate. With all of the guests in fancy outfits and masks, you are able to slip away from the crowds of people and take a stroll through the empty gardens, which is where you meet an assassin that’s been hired to kill you. Arriving at the ball in formal attire, they follow you out to the garden, saying that they want to make sure that you are feeling okay. They had planned on this being an easy beginner’s assignment – with the mask covering their face, they’re practically anonymous – but as you begin to open up about your apprehensions about taking the throne, they aren’t sure that they can go through with killing you.

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Characters: Kyungsoo

Warnings: None

Word Count: 990 whoops

“This is a wonderful ball you have thrown, your highness! Congratulations on your coronation!” You thanked the Archduke and his wife for attending, then quietly excused yourself out to the gardens. The entire evening you had been approached by those of nobility, most congratulating you on your coronation or simply noting how breathtaking you looked. Despite wearing a masquerade mask, all the attendees knew you were the newly crowned queen of the country. Coming from a long line of royalty, you had a very regal vibe.

You took a seat on the edge of the stone fountain nestled in a sea of Stargazer Lillies. You laid your mask beside you, removed one of your gloves, and dipped your hand into the water, watching the ripples on the surface that your movements made. You were glad to finally have a moment of peace amongst the hustle and bustle of the ball. It seemed like you hadn’t had even one second to yourself in days—months even.

At the sound of footsteps approaching, you quickly rose to your feet to see who they were. A young man stepped out around one of the bushes. When he noticed you, he instantly began to bow, “So sorry to disturb you, your highness!” Once he finished bowing, he strolled over to the fountain and continued speaking, “I did not mean to scare you, your highness. I noticed you looked unwell and I took it upon myself to see if you were alright. I am Kyungsoo, it’s an honor to be in your presence.”

“It’s lovely to meet you, Kyungsoo. Are you of nobility?”

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Let’s talk!

Hello guys. What’s up?

tell me your problems, I’ll lend you my ears and offer you my shoulder. I’ll reply whatever is it that you want me to anon or not, publicly or personally!

Also, i recently created a twitter account and I’m absolutely clueless what to do with it or how to run it. Any suggestions you guys can give are much needed and heartily welcomed! ❤

Coffee Thoughts

The streets are dark. No one is awake.

My ears lend themselves to the coffeepot dripping, the sound of the keys and my mind pondering.

I wonder is Los Angeles still asleep?

Are London’s cobblestone streets a bustle with daily life?

What’s going on at the White House right now?

Is all power still out in Florida? I bet no one that works in that department is asleep!

How many people have had restless nights?

I am sure at least 100 people cried themselves to sleep.

I wish no one went to bed hungry.

I want more dreams, hope and positivity!

I bet the at least 5,000 people are content with their lives.

The same amount have a passion that demands to be heard.

The same amount (probably more) are depressed, not sad, depressed.

Where does that leave the rest of like 6.95 billion people?

Are we thinking the same thing?

Is there more I can do?

If so, what?

Donate, volunteer, shed light on the issues at hand?

How do I reach a bigger platform?

If I do what do I say?

Wake up, drink coffee, think outside the box, talk to others, develop a plan, hold someone, make someone smile, spread positivity, love one another,  have faith in humanity even when hope is gone, sing, dance, do what makes you happy, say no, say yes ect…

Just don’t lay idle and watch the world pass you by and wish there was something you could do.

There is!

You have the power to make someone smile at the very least, and that is something!

Don’t hate the world because it has hurt you.

Love is always the right choice no matter how many times it has wronged you.

You could say me and my coffee have been busy this morning.

I think I’ve commented it a few times in private discussions, but I’m going to make a general psa and have it official: this blog is a safe zone. Drama-free, hate-free, bullshit-free.
I’m always the last one to catch the wind of it and the last one to hear things, I don’t like taking sides if I don’t know the whole story and I would never condone harassing someone. Besides, I’m too tired of it from previous experiences, and I know that this upsets many people who already got a lot going on in their own ends. I don’t mind giving people some advice but I won’t be bringing this to my blog, people get on tumblr to get away from shit, not get tangled in more.

This blog is positivity-only. If you feel upset or sad, or insecure and is having those pesky intrusive thoughts I’ll gladly lend you my ears (or eyes, I’ll be reading). I know how hard it is when your chest is tight and you have no-one to talk to.

That’s all.