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HQ pic: here

Okay, so, as I said, I was on set these past few days and when we were in Burnaby Central Park (where they filmed Camelot) I actually had a decent view of the set when they were filming and since Larry left and the other people there were standing/sitting where they couldn’t see anything I’m fairly sure I’m the only one that got certain pictures (especially on Thursday night).

So, as I already said, it was Lana, Jennifer, Jared, Liam, Andrew Jenkins and Elliott Knight filming.
They basically filmed two nights in a row because the night scene was too long I think, but it’s supposed to be the same one (but of course I’m not sure if the one they filmed on Thursday is gonna be before or after the one they shot on friday – you know how these thing work).
They also filmed two day scenes (one on friday and one on friday) but on thursday the were in a narrow path and we couldn’t see a thing, just the actors when they got back to the trailers (I think it was just Lana, Josh, Ginnifer, Jennifer but I was getting autographs from Lana and Josh when they came out, so I really couldn’t focus on anything else), while yesterday I got to set late and didn’t see anything, they made us move because we were in the shot, but I know it was Lana, Jennifer and Jared.
So, judging by the costumes this is all in Camelot (Lana wearing that beautiful red gown that tbh reminds me a bit of Santa Claus and Jennifer in a white dress, I think slightly different from the one she was wearing for the scene with Colin in ep 5x04 last week).


Thursday night scene:
So, from what I could see, Regina and Emma were standing next to each other (let’s be clear, like 4-5 feet apart) and I think Henry was behind them (I think Jared had wrapped already but they could’ve used his double), I mostly had a good view of Lana (not complaining) but the wind machine was in front of Jennifer so I don’t really have that many pics of her. They were facing Merlin, who was wearing a dark cape with a hood, and someone else I think, but there were props, PAs/security guys and the director’s tent in the way so I really couldn’t tell who (BUT Liam was filming and Andrew –Percival– was too, so my guess is they might have been next to Merlin).
Anyway, there’s a fight, a magical fight. Regina conjured up a fireball and then started fighting with someone in front of them (and I’m guessing Merlin is the only one with magical powers, which means it must’ve been him). It looked like she was trying to shield herself from a spell he had cast (they turned on the wind machine and also used a warmer light so Idk if there’s gonna be fire or what) BUT in the end Merlin apparently prevailed, because Regina fell to the ground, and I think she actually remained there while Emma was standing and facing Merlin and whoever was with him.
Now, since I couldn’t see JMo properly until they turned and filmed the following part, I don’t know if Emma was even trying to help Regina, but I don’t think so, because I didn’t see much movement on her part.
I also couldn’t see Lana after Regina fell to the ground, so I don’t know if she’s conscious or not, we’ll have to wait to find out.
Then they moved onto the next bit, which was quieter, so I don’t know precisely what was going on, BUT we did hear something.
A man yelled “You ruined my life!” and I’m 99% sure it was Merlin. Now, the problem is I have no idea who he was telling that to. At first I thought Regina, since it was the two of them fighting, but when he said he was facing Emma, so he might as well have been talking to her.


Okay, so, this is the first part, I will post the second one with the recap from last night (friday) when I have time, tomorrow morning if I can.
Again, I had tons of people in the way, so when I say I couldn’t see something very clearly I really mean it, so don’t take those parts as things that are 100% certain :)

Sorry for the big watermark, you can thank the asshole that actually removed it from one of my pics last week for that.