So… this happened. 

And so during that final scene, as Adam valiantly (and shirtless-ly, as if there’s any other way) runs to Hannah to rescue her from herself, it’s only Adam that’s capable of doing so — and also because Jessa ran away. The scene reads like a modernization of the antiquated rom-com trope of a couple running through a crowded street to each other because they’re ready to overcome whatever trite flaws they’ve struggled with, but this is different and so much better. Women don’t need rescuing, but sometimes people need to be rescued from themselves. Hannah has finally opened herself up to Adam in such a beautiful, vulnerable way

-SCREENCRUSH: GIRLS Review “Together”

I track the ‘hbo girls’ tag because I’m such a fan girl for the show but I’m honestly contemplating un-tracking it because half of it is serious hate. If you don’t understand 'One Mans Trash’ or are sick of Lena showing her body GET OVER IT AND GET OUT. Lena is making brave and honest television and sometimes people have sex with people you wouldn’t expect them to because everyone can feel vulnerable and lonely and everyone is naked sometimes.