lena's face on the third one

“Supergirl and Lena coming out to the public with a photoshoot with James that they publish in a CatCo edition for pride month.” from @draconicdivinity

Snapper is utterly unfazed by Kara’s pitch.

A Pride Month edition of CatCo – something Cat Grant herself started years ago – this time featuring National City’s hottest new couple.

A Super and a Luthor.

Finally ready to acknowledge that they’re a couple. That they’re wildly in love.

Lena, secure enough to know that Kara – that Supergirl – hell, that her girlfriend, her girlfriend, will not let her down. Will not love her then leave her, in the public spotlight, no less.

Kara, trusting Lena’s ability to care for herself enough to know that she can handle herself if any threats come down on her for this.

Lena, ready to face her mother’s wrath. Again.

Kara, ready to respond at any and all moments to the call watch Winn had made for Lena – modeled on the one Clark had given James – so that Supergirl will never be the reason Lena is hurt.

“Better spruce up on your ability to write about yourself in the third person, Danvers,” he grumbles, but his almost invisible, wry grin weaves entire tales of the way he lost the bet he had with Cat Grant about when Supergirl and Lena Luthor would be ready to go public with their relationship.

With themselves.

Her hands are shaking the morning James meets them in the studio for their photoshoot, and Lena stills them with her own, with soft kisses to each knuckle.

“We don’t have to do this, Kara,” she tells her for perhaps the hundredth time. “It’s alright if you’re not ready, if – “

“No, no, that’s not it, Lena. I just… Sara isn’t a superhero on this Earth, so… so on this Earth, there really aren’t out queer superheroes. What if everyone starts thinking that I – I don’t know – that I’m the only way to be bi? All that representation, all on me…”

She sighs and she relishes the way Lena listens.

Listens with her full body, her full attention.

This woman who practically lives in her office; this woman who is constantly working, and loves it; this woman whose mind is constantly everywhere at once, who is always so busy that focus is a relative thing.

This woman is focusing, entirely, on her girlfriend, and it sends pleasant tingles down Kara’s spine. It almost makes her stop breathing.

The intensity of what it means to have Lena Luthor pay full attention to her. Her girlfriend, yes, but god, what a powerhouse of a woman.

Kara giggles suddenly, and Lena arches an eyebrow.

“You’re like a superhero, too, you know,” she tells Lena, who laughs open and loud because her girlfriend is utterly ridiculous.

Neither of them notice James clicking away, snapping impromptu photographs of them, incomplete makeup jobs be damned.

These will be better, anyway.

Kara with her hands in Lena’s, smiling earnestly, softly, watching her girlfriend laugh.

“No, I mean it! I was just thinking about… about how brilliant you are, and how many times you’ve saved us all, and how…  how proud I am that you even… noticed me, let alone date me.”

“Kara Danvers, I’ve told you before, and I will tell you every day until you understand why,” Lena bites her lip, the laughter gone from her face now. “You are my hero. Not this cape – although I do love your cape – “

They share a private laugh, and Kara blushes almost as red as the cape currently swept to her side for the photoshoot. “ – because I didn’t know you were bulletproof the first time I laid eyes on you. I didn’t have to. You’re special without all…”

She runs her fingers up and down Kara’s arms, up and down her superhero blue. “… without all this.”

The tears stinging Kara’s eyes blink away as she notices – finally – James snapping away.

“We’re not even through with makeup, James!” Kara pouts, and James just laughs.

“I won’t use any shots you both don’t approve of, you know that. But um, Kara, can I talk to you for a second?”

If James were any other ex of Kara’s, Lena might have bristled. But he is so much more than her ex; he’s her family. So when Kara squeezes Lena’s hands and gets up to follow James, Lena watches with a vague smile, because her heart is hammering with the thrill of finally being out together, the thrill of what Kara just told her, the anticipation of the reception of the piece, the relaxing evening Kara mentioned having planned for tonight.

“Listen, I wanted to – “

“Are you sure you’re okay doing this – “

They both stop and they both laugh and look in opposite directions.

James recovers first.

“I am so happy that you’re happy, Kara. And I’m glad Snapper assigned me to this. It’s a big deal, and it’s… honestly, Kara, it’s an honor. Look.” He shows her the feed from his camera, what he’s taken so far, and Kara gasps.

Lena, running her fingers tenderly down Kara’s suited-up arms.

Lena, hands mixed up with Kara’s, staring at her intently, so intently, that the picture alone makes Kara squirm with delight, with heat, with joyful humility.

Lena, tossing her head back and laughing, with Kara looking at her like she’s the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. And she would know.

“James, they’re beautiful,” she whispers, and he smiles.

“You’re beautiful together, Kara,” he tells her, and Lena’s the one who snaps a picture with her phone when she hugs him.

The rest of the afternoon is full of laughter, full of Kara trying to be intimidating and finally admitting that Alex pulls off the hands-on-hips thing much more confidently than Kara can.

Full of Lena stepping into classic Supergirl poses – eyes serious, arms crossed across her chest; chin tilted upwards, hands on her hips – with Kara, jaw dropped, eyes wide, next to her, a heady combination of amused and turned on.

“Told you you’re a superhero, you do the poses better than me!” Kara stammers when she finds words again, and Lena just laughs, just kisses her cheek, just whispers into her ear about Kara doing the important poses just fine, and the next series of photos is of a blushing, spluttering Supergirl and the human woman who can reduce the unflappable hero into a pile of mush.

When Kara tries to imitate the crisp, efficient, brilliant stance that Lena has at the studio desk, simulating her role as CEO of L Corp, James grins and sighs behind the camera, already anticipating the teasing about that desk that’s going to come from Alex and Maggie and Winn.

And probably some of the social media feeds, as well.

But all of that is inevitable. They’ve discussed it all, they’ve processed it all.

And they’re ready for it all. Together.

So when James still hasn’t quite found a cover photo yet, the one he takes when Kara pulls Lena close and gathers her into her arms – when they’re lost in each other’s eyes so deeply that it seems like they’ve forgotten they’re in a studio, that Kara’s feet might lift off the ground at any moment, and they do, slightly, they do – is what he knows will be the winner, what he knows will reach young queer kids and older queer adults, on the cover of a Pride Edition that is bound to need extra printing.

Because National City’s savior and her superhero girlfriend are redefining heroism as looking lovingly, openly, into someone else’s eyes, and that?

That’s something they’re all very ready for.

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can you write something about kara/supergirl finding out about lena's favourite little things?

i combined two other prompts with this because i’m terrible and haven’t worked on prompts in months. anyway. sorry if it sucks

It’s during their second interview that Kara learns Lena has a terrible snacking habit.

Her massive desk has a well hidden drawer—one that Kara missed the first time she x-ray visioned the office, much to her chagrin—filled to the brim with energy bars, trail mixes, crackers, and expensive chocolates Kara’s never even heard of, maintained and supplied by the very perceptive Jess who is well aware of her boss’s unfortunate tendency to forget several meals in a row and insists on at least ensuring that the CEO subsists on snacks at the very minimum.

Kara spends the hour Jess has painstakingly fit into Lena’s schedule smiling as she watches Lena pull out a bag of trail mix, snacking through every question, chewing thoughtfully as she ponders how to respond to the inquiries into her family.

“Oh no,” she murmurs, after asking Kara to try the dried cranberries, informing her that they’re her favorite and that she wants Kara to try them too, “I don’t think my mother was working with Lex before. I think his going mad was what broke her. She was never quite shy about being obvious for her preference for Lex.” Lena stops, digs through the mix for a moment, searching for any chocolate—something Kara’s noticed is the first to go—and shakes her head. “Can we leave that off the record, Kara? I just…let’s talk about something else.”

And Kara nods, promises to leave out any mention of Lex and Lillian (focusing only on Lionel), and accepts the cranberries, trying hard not to blush at the smile Lena sends her way when she agrees it’s likely her favorite part of the trail mix as well.  

(From that day forward, Kara always checks the secret drawer, letting Jess know on the sly if Lena’s stores were running low—much to the assistant’s pleasant surprise.)

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Forgive me, but I'm really confused, how did Kara think the pod flashes were about mon el? It kinda didn't make sense with the rest of flashes for me. Like I get that Kara's fear is that she may cause harm to someone but the third one felt forced like they were trying to shove him in. Lena asking about him makes sense, Kara assuming the pod vision was about him dying didn't. Thoughts?

The editing placed Kara’s vision of Mon-El’s ship being destroyed after she said “it’s him in the pod, not me” for more narrative impact, but there were flashes of him in the pod as it’s destroyed, eventually. 

So either she was seeing something we weren’t when we were watching her face, Psi’s power of fear works on multiple levels that aren’t necessarily visual, or Kara had a self-revelation before seeing it through Psi’s powers.

But either way, I don’t think the third one was forced at all, because it makes sense to me that Kara would fear putting someone else through the worst and most terrifying experience of her life.

Of course, I might have written it to be the other way around—Kara starts off with her fear being about losing Mon-El and then the climax is that it’s actually her fear about losing Krypton.

But if I think about it? I also might actually have been wrong to do so.

One of Kara’s Core Beliefs is of Responsibility, and the other is Abandonment. Which means that Kara both fears that she will always be abandoned and thinks things like “I’m responsible for everyone and everything,” “When I see that others need help, I have to help them,” and “I’m only worthwhile if I’m helping other people.”

Kara’s abandonment issues and feelings of responsibility both stem from that initial traumatic event—when Alura sent Kara away to be all alone and told her “You will do extraordinary things.” and “You’ll journey to Earth to look after your baby cousin, Kal-El.”

So the question is, which is her worst fear? That she’ll be abandoned or that she’ll fail in her responsibilities? That she’ll never stop losing Krypton or that she’ll never stop failing Kal-El? Failing her mother? Failing Krypton?

Well, the answer is pretty clear within the show. We’ve seen Kara choose it time and time and again.

We saw it when she refused to break a man out of prison to save her sisters life.

We saw it when she agreed that Alex should be benched because she feared Alex would prioritize her father—Kara’s foster father—over the lives of strangers.

We saw it when the only thing that would bring Kara out of the heaven of the Black Mercy was not her friends or her life as Kara Danvers or even Alex, but Supergirl

And we saw it when Kara chose to send Mon-El away. 

“I will always make that sacrifice.” 

Kara is terrified of being abandoned. It’s a close second.

But her worst fear is failing so thoroughly in her attempts to save everyone that she ends up hurting people. Killing people. Making the world worse. 

She fears that more than anything. 

And I believe that were it not for the fact that Supergirl being alive and on Earth helps so many people, Kara would choose to switch places with the person in that pod in a heartbeat.

And so when she is not only abandoned again—no, makes someone abandon her—and she fails in her responsibility to protect him so that he’s experiencing the worst thing she can possibly imagine, experiencing “torture”? Experiencing the same abandonment she so fears? She’s devastated.

It’s the worst case scenario. She made the choice to be abandoned again, but she still ended up hurting someone in exactly the worst way she can imagine.

And so Psi plays upon this fear—that she killed him that way—and I simply believe that it’s more painful for her to know that someone else suffered than for the suffering to fall upon herself directly.

Because—though I’m sure there are other, more succinct ways to say this—Kara is the living embodiment of this quote:

“And when I close my eyes I hear more screams than anyone could ever be able to count. And do you know what you do with all that pain? Shall I tell you where you put it? You hold it tight till it burns your hand, and you say this: No one else will ever have to live like this. No one else will have to feel this pain. Not on my watch!”

After everything, how must it feel to have failed to prevent it from happening to someone else? To have tried to turn your pain around and say “I experienced this so that no one else will,” and for that to be utterly disproven? 

It’s rare for me to believe that the show may have made the right move for Kara despite what I would have done differently, but this feels right. 

This feels like Kara.

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Supercorp picks up a stray animal



“No!  Kara, we’ve been through this before.  This is the third stray we’ve found.  You’re just lucky Winn wanted a dog and Maggie wanted a kitten.”  

“And you can’t admit you were a little bit sad at letting that little ball of fur go?  Well here’s your chance to keep one!  Look at her!”  Kara all but shoves the small mewing ball of fur into Lena’s face.  Lena does her best to look unamused but it doesn’t last long.  

“Fine.  Let’s get her home.”  

“Great!  What shall we name her?”  

Whiskey and Rum

Okay day 4! More nb!Alex and also drunk Shenanigans!

Kara usually loves the nights Alex sets aside from just the two of them. It’s been weeks since their last Danvers sister’s night, understandable when Maggie and Alex have been planning their wedding, and Kara has been busy convincing Snapper she is a “top notch reporter.”

Tonight started like any other Danvers sister night, Kara called Alex asking if they were free for a impromptu Danvers Sister Night, Alex had finally convinced her they were fine with calling it that, despite them not always being her sister. Then Kara headed to the hole in the wall liquor store that she knows sells the whiskey Alex likes and the alien rum she likes, grabbing a bottle of each and putting in a pizza order she headed home to set up.

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Anchor, Chapter 3 (Widowtracer)

You must kill me.

Those words buzzed inside Lena’s head for a long, long time. For a short time, she had stopped being the happy, energetic Tracer the world has known her for. She still did her work and did it superbly, but something within her had changed. She didn’t do it for the people as she once would have. No, she did it for revenge.

Of course, those feelings slowly began to dissipate. Lena always thirsted for revenge, but she realized that wasn’t the path she wanted to choose. She was a hero, she had to act like one. Slowly, but surely, the old Lena Oxton began to return.

Then the Overwatch headquarters blew up.

It was all a blur, something that had happened much too fast for even herself to keep track of, but in such a short time everything she had worked for and everything she knew had vanished. Commander Morrison was dead, Overwatch was dismantled and its members scattered to the vast regions of the planet.

What could Lena do when such a terrible thing had happened? The answer was simple: Keep fighting.

And she did, she fought year after year against anyone she had to. Thugs on the street, the occasional villain with powers they had somehow acquired, even Talon every now and then. It had turned into something normal for her, her new life. Yet this wasn’t meant to be because once more everything was turned upside down, but for the better. Winston made the recall and Lena finally, after years and years of searching, found Amelie.

“Looks like the party is over,” Widowmaker had said, smirking, her skin purple. No longer the person Lena had once loved. No, now she was a monster. Murdering such a good soul in public, and countless others too.

That’s why Lena was here, at Winston’s little home, ready to head out again.

“Lena, you’re not ready to-”

“Do you have her located?” The Brit cut in, putting on her recently repaired chronal accelerator. Winston sighed.

“Yes, but you’re in no condition to go after her.”

“You didn’t see her like I did, big guy,” Lena murmured, her eyes filling with anguish. “They turned her into a monster. She killed Mondatta and was proud of it.” She took a deep breath, turning to face her hairy companion before he could complain. “Before Amelie left, the real Amelie, she asked me one thing.”

“To…kill her?” He questioned hesitantly.

“Yes, and now I know why. Winston, I…I can’t let Widowmaker get away. For Amelie, and for others.”

“I understand,” He huffed. “But you don’t need to do it alone.”

“I have to!” Lena yelled, balling her fists and clenching her teeth. “I’m not waiting for Helix Security, or the FBI or some rubbish to put her in jail! Or- Or experiment on her! I’m going to fulfill Amelie’s final wish.”

She took a deep breath then turned towards the exit.

“I’m going to kill her.”

A few hours later she had arrived. Talon must have been planning Mondatta’s murder for awhile because the base Tracer had found was relatively small and the people here seemed in a hurry to leave. Lena was observing them from a hill, hidden in the darkness of the night. The base itself was a bunker of sorts built straight into the hill across from her. They must not have expected spies because the front entrance was wide open.

Now was her chance.

Lena had never gone so fast in her entire life, and that was saying a lot. The normal neon blue streak that normally followed her wasn’t there, she was just too fast for anyone to even see that. Her pistols lit up and enemies began to fall. One, two, three, five, eight, ten. All dead. Lena paused a moment, reloaded, and then blinked out of incoming fire. The enemy looked around with panic and confusion, falling one by one to their seemingly invisible attacker.

Lena had never been faster and she had never felt duller. The only things that ravaged her mind were anger and sadness. Yes, she was here to kill Widowmaker once and for all. But these people, Talon, were responsible for all this. If only they would all die.

The Brit clenched her teeth, appearing in front of one man and mowing him down, blinking into another and knocking him to the ground, then above a third and kicking him in the face. She turned to see more had assembled by a truck. Her face must have been more severe than even she realized because they all faltered, one nearly dropping his gun.

“What are you idiots doing?” The squad leader yelled, raising his rifle. “Fire!”

In a split second Tracer noticed the red barrel by the truck. She blinked forward, dodging the bullets, fired once into the barrel and then recalled back away. The entire truck exploded and engulfed the enemy soldiers in a fiery inferno. Lena was breathing hard, quite tired. She looked around and, with a shock, realized they were all dead. Nobody else outside here was alive.


Lena moved her head an inch to the left, letting a bullet pass so close to her head she felt the wind it created. She’d recognize the sound of that rifle anywhere. It was her, Widowmaker. Lena turned around to see the woman perched on a catwalk right at the entrance of the bunker, her face as calm as ever. The trigger was pulled again but Lena easily side-stepped the bullet. Even Widowmaker couldn’t match her reaction time, her pure speed.

“Time to end this,” Lena murmured, holstering her pistols.

She clenched her fists, grit her teeth and then dashed straight towards the sniper. A split second later the two women were a rolling mess. One over the other, the two of them fighting for control of the rifle. Finally, they stopped. Widowmaker on top of Lena, her beautiful face looking frustrated and perhaps even confused.

“You are a foolish girl,” The widow hissed, her arms shaking in an attempt to overpower Lena.

“Yeah, you’re right,” She agreed. “I should’ve killed you years ago. Just like you wanted, Amelie.”

“That was is dead!” Widowmaker snarled.

“And soon you’ll join her!” Lena replied, just as angry.

She used both her feet and firmly kicked Widowmaker off of her. The woman rolled back and onto her feet, eyes narrowing at Tracer who simply tossed the rifle away, off the catwalk. Their eyes met and, much to Widowmaker’s surprise, Lena was tearing up.

“Quoi…?” She murmured, letting her guard down for one second.

Lena sprung into action, she blinked forward and tackled Widowmaker to the ground. One punch, two punches, three punches. White hot pain traveled through the widow’s face before she grabbed Lena’s fist, then the other, both their arms shaking as they tried to overpower the other.

“Why did you come?” Widowmaker questioned, clenching her teeth.

“To keep my promise, Amelie, don’t you remember?” She whispered back.

All of a sudden, yes, she did remember. It was like a short flashback but Widowmaker could remember her first task. It was as clear as the sky on a summer day. She was on the roof, ready to escape when Lena had caught up to her. She was worried, oh so worried, and Amelie had made one final plea.

If you love me, then next time we meet you must do me a favor. You must kill me.

Goodbye, mon Cherie.

Widowmaker was whipped back to the present. She hadn’t realized how, or when, but her arms had gone limp and Lena was pointing a single pistol at the assassin’s head. Widowmaker stared into the other’s eyes, and she saw nothing but sad determination.

“I remember…that night,” Widowmaker murmured. “I did tell you to kill me.”
“I finally understood why last night, when you killed Mondatta,” Lena whispered, tears falling down her cheeks. “Amelie would never do that. She’s gone.”

“Do it,” Widowmaker whispered, leaning up and pressing her forehead against the weapon.




Lena’s arm fell down, so did her face, she began sobbing.

“I loved you, Amelie,” She said between sobs. “God I loved you.”

“I know, cherie, I know.”

Slowly, the widow wrapped her arms around Lena. The Brit didn’t hesitate, she embraced Widowmaker and began crying on her shoulder. It was all too much, she couldn’t do this, she couldn’t possibly do this. It was just too much, she loved this woman.

“I’m sorry, Lena Oxton,” Widowmaker whispered into her ear.

Suddenly, a river of pain filled Lena’s side as Widowmaker drove a sharp piece of scrap metal into it. Lena’s mouth opened in silent agony, unable to pull out of the widow’s deadly embrace. She could feel one hand softly stroke her hair.

“It’ll all be over soon, Lena,” Widowmaker said.

“I love you, Amelie,” Lena choked out.

Those were her final words.

Widowmaker had imagined killing this nuisance a thousand times, she had been waiting years for this moment, she had expected to relish in it. Her finest kill. Yet, when she finally pulled the improvised weapon out of the Brit’s body, when she finally felt her heart stop beating, when she finally knew the deed was done…she finally felt something. An emotion in her emotionless heart.


“Oh no…no no no no no,” She kept repeating, over and over again. Her head now had a splitting headache. She groaned in pain. “Lena, Lena I’m sorry, i-it wasn’t me. Sil vous plait, Lena, they made me." 

Now it was Amelie’s turn to cry, clinging to the body of her dead lover.

The woman she had killed.

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Could you pretty please do a TracerXFemale/Gender Neutral Reader? Maybe where Tracer gets the reader out of harm's way in the nick of time? <3 Your McCree one was great!

Sorry this took so long and is short :< 

Damn shame too, I really like Tracer.

Words: 468 sfw, femslash

It was a series of unfortunate events, really. Not like the novels by Lemony Snicket, but, what did Winston call it? Butterfly effect? Yeah, the butterfly effect!


Through the butterfly effect, Tracer met her. First Reaper showed up yelling his usual “Die! Die! Die!” which caused S76 to leap (roll) into action, starting a traffic jam as Reinhardt did crowd control, which caused a semi a few blocks back to stop suddenly, making the heavy load it was carrying to break free on its restraints and barreling towards the girl Tracer was currently on top of.

But not in a dirty way. More like a ‘I have to tackle you to save you’ kind of way.

Lena peered down at the girl she just saved, a little dumbstruck by how pretty her eyes were. She was always a sucker for eyes. Windows to the soul, as Winston said. A moment too long passed before she spoke. “…You’re on my hair.”

“Oh!” Lena gasped, scrambling to get off of her. “Sorry about that love!” Butt on her heels, Lena watched in mild wonder as the girl pushed herself off of the ground. The girl looked at the would-be cause of her death and… looked annoyed?

“Freaking third time this month,” she muttered before standing. She dusted herself off and extended a hand towards Lena. Eyes meeting once more, Lena blushed. Her rescuee really did have pretty eyes. “Thanks for saving my life,” she said as she helped Lena to her feet. “You’re one of those Overwatch people, ya?”

“Hm? Oh! Yeah!” Lena chirped, a small proud grin on her face. “Bringing back the ol’ gang!” Ol’ gang? What the heck Lena!?
Pretty-Eyes smiled. “Well, keep up the good work. Later.” With a small wave, she turned and just like that, walked out of Lena’s life.

Or so she thought.

Whether is was the butterfly effect or fate, Lena kept running into (and rescusing) Pretty-Eyes. By the fourth time, Lena was making a joke out of it. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say someone wants us to keep meeting,” she laughed as she literally swept Pretty-Eyes off her feet. The girl clutched onto her jacket as Lena skipped back and away from the attacking Talon members.
Pretty-Eyes giggled, releasing her grip on Lena’s lapels. “Or someone’s telling me to stick close to you.” Grinning, Lena set her down.

“Well if that’s the case,” Lena started, her heart beating a mile-a-minute, “then we should go out sometime, and get to know each other. Rather than be rescuer and rescuee all the time.”

There was something about a smile that always made eyes prettier, and, as they exchanged numbers and names, Lena came up with a new nickname for her damsel in constant distress.

Mrs. ‘Pretty-Eyes’ Oxton.

batman civilian AU: baseball

The older kids in elementary (like Helena is 9) are playing baseball with their friends
when suddenly
The kids from the OTHER ridiculously rich private school in town show up and taunts are thrown and one kid says that none of them could win against a real team–especially not Lena (the star pitcher) because she’s a GIRL
and Lena is all “…what did you say.”
And he gets all smug and bets that her brothers always let her win. she’s probably not even good at it.
and the kids are like OOOOOH.
and Lena gets this steel look in her eye like Bruce and says softly “you wanna bet?”
and the boy (who actually is a lil shit who has a crush on the wild Wayne daughter) laughs in her face and is all “what could you possibly have that I want?”
“My entire beanie baby collection.”
Kids go silent.
Lena smiles slowly.
“With the collector’s items.”
Kids gasp.
and the boy looks at her face and no, Lena is not joking. So he swallows and promises: “for our beanie babies. you’re on.”
And Lena strides to the dugout and Dick puts his hand on her shoulder and is like “Lena, are you sure?”
And she looks up at her sweet older brother and replies seriously, “this is the most sure as I’ve ever been in my entire life.”
And Dick nods like this is some really important event in his sister’s life. And so he turns to their team (who consists of some short legged tykes) and gives an inspirational speech and Jason says a prayer and then all solemnly head out to the field while their asthmatic friend struggles to play the trombone. (it’s a really pathetic send off but they know it comes from a good place)
And it’s a tight game. One because both sides are evenly matched with people who can actually play and people who can’t really (only Lena’s team is full of five, six, seven year olds and the other team full of kids who have been too rich to actually play an entire game and are wiped).
Steph hits the ball and it plops to an outfielder but the outfielder trips over it and bonks his head and so Steph runs on her little legs to first base.
And the team screams at her to keep going, KEEP GOING!
(Because it looks like that guy is passed out and he won’t be getting up anytime soon)
So Steph keeps running and running and running and her purple Mary Jane shoe falls off so she’s running in the red dirt with one shoe and one eyelet sock that’s slipping off and the kids are SCREAMING and she’s getting red in the face but pushes through and keeps running
And running
And running
And she hits home but keeps going past the bleachers to the water fountain where Timmy runs after her and starts fanning the poor girl as she sits panting and he flicks water on her face.
Jason is the umpire and mocks the batters while Lena pitches. But then Dick is batting and jerk boy’s friend pitches his ball to hit Jason right in the abdomen, knocking the breath outta him. And Dick throws down his bat and attacks the kid, dust flying up in the air. So then Dick and jerk friend are disqualified, so jerk boy and Lena take their places (with asthmatic trumpet friend taking Jason’s place as the umpire with a large built up pillow from the picnic tablecloth.
It’s a face off.
Lena isn’t a batter; she’s a pitcher.
She looks over at her team, shadowed by the harsh sun.
For them.
For them she will be a batter.
It’s tie.
One home run and victory.  
She lifts up the bat.
The pitcher brings the ball to his chest.
Their eyes meet.
She’s the Queen of Baseball.
A split second of silence.
The ball keeps rushing past the outfield.
Past the swing set.
Past the oak trees.
…And straight into Ms. Isley’s backyard.
The children collectively wince and hope nothing happens to the petunias or they will have hell to pay.
Lena takes off, swinging past first, second, third, home!
They’ve won!
They’ve won fair and square!
The team comes rushing out (well, as well as they can because Dick has a scraped knee and Jason’s abdomen is bruised and Steph STILL doesn’t have her shoe–)
After celebrating, jerk boy comes walking up. His head is lowered. “Good game,” he congratulates her, voice husky. “When do you want the beanie babies?”
Lena tilts her head and smiles. “Oh, you can keep them,” she says carelessly. Their team begins walking home for victory milk and cookies. She calls over her shoulder, “Besides, I own all the current beanie babies anyway.”

September - Throttle x Earth, Wind, & Fire

Synopsis: Angela feels self-conscious about her age. Fareeha helps.

Pairings: Rocket Angel/Pharmercy (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

Fareeha watches Angela. Her fingers curl tight around the neck of her beer, her eyes, brighter than usual, track the way Lena traverses the floor, circling and cheering as Lúcio jerks and gyrates like he was born to it.

And maybe he was, Fareeha muses, watching his dreadlocks, out of their usual tail, undulate around him. He moves so fluidly, like it’s bass and melody in his veins instead of blood, and he seems to know the lyrics to every song, even the ones that were recorded well before her mother’s time. Seeing him and Lena circle Hana, who is out on the dance floor but only allows herself to tap her feet — Fareeha’s reminded of herself, younger, self-conscious, a little more than a little proud — They’re trying to coax her into letting loose; Fareeha feels the grin rise to her face. She marvels, not for the first time, at the talent that surrounds her, at the heroism these young people have already achieved — one a nomad out of time; the other a celebrity and a pilot of extraordinary caliber; the third an inspiration and a voice for the people.

Then, she looks to her right and finds Angela Ziegler, watching her.

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A Little Advice

This was inspired by @cyaoxo ‘s post Here

“Hey, Lena.” Kara brushed past Lena’s assistant and all but tumbled into Lena’s office. Kara didn’t sit and Lena raised an eyebrow at her. Usually Kara was all manners and smiles and fidgeting like she was now, but not with the concern haunting her eyes.

Lena closed her laptop and smiled at Jess, “Thank you, Jess.” She stood and walked around her desk to where Kara stood wringing her hands.

Jess nodded and left. Lena was grateful for her, Jess didn’t ask questions much.

Lena motioned for Kara to sit, Kara shook her head and turned to pace across Lena’s office instead. Lena frowned, she’d never seen Kara this worked up. Even when her friend was caught up in Sinclair’s fighting ring. Lena moved to sit herself, most people were more comfortable around her when she was sitting.

The move did nothing to calm Kara’s pacing, but at least Lena could get a good look at her now. Her hair was swept back as always, but fly-aways lined her face. It was a good look for her. Lena clenched her teeth, now was not the time, obviously.

“Kara, you don’t have to say anything, but I’m here if you want to talk.” Lena spoke lowly. Loud noises probably wouldn’t help Kara right now. Kara’s hands wound around themselves and Lena couldn’t help the desire to hold those hands. She pushed it back though, another time, maybe. Hopefully.

“Okay,” Kara took a breath and brushed her hands down her jeans. Lena did not look at Kara’s hands. She just wanted to help, really, and Kara’d been so nice to her. Now she could help Kara, not just one of Kara’s friends.

“Okay,” Kara started again. “So, I have this friend.” Lena tilted her head and listened, Kara wasn’t looking at her, not directly. “And, well, she, well, she likes one of her new friends.” Kara looked at Lena, but Lena couldn’t figure out what that gaze was for.

Lena shook her head and let a light frown lay on her forehead. She sat forward, she wanted Kara to know she was trying.

Kara sighed and dropped her hands. She looked so defeated. Lena almost opened her mouth but then Kara was talking again, babbling really. Lena felt her heart flutter, she didn’t let it show, but she could listen to Kara talk for days.

“Okay, by like I mean, like, like. Y’know?” Kara stared imploringly at her and Lena blinked and nodded slowly. “Okay, good. So, she, my friend, likes her new friend who happens to be… also a she.” Kara pushed at her glasses and the pieces started to fall into place for Lena.

Lena nodded and Kara seemed to lose a bit of the tension in her shoulders. Did Kara think Lena would have a problem with lesbians? Lena didn’t smile at the irony, but she tucked the information away.

“So, she likes her new friend and doesn’t know what to do about it.” Kara huffed. “And maybe? Maybe her new friend likes her back?” Lena felt her heart stutter. “But she doesn’t know and she won’t make a decision because she could ruin her new friendship.”

Lena struggled to breathe. Was Kara talking about herself? Was she talking about Lena? Did Kara know? Was Kara interested?

“And now,” Kara threw her hands up. “She’s so confused and I don’t know what to do!”

Lena stood. Kara was so worked up. She just wanted to take all that weight from Kara. Kara really didn’t need to worry about this. Not about Lena. She took a step toward Kara and the pull was there. Like it always was around the reporter.

The second step was easier and Kara turned to see her take the third step. Lena stared right at Kara, saw the confusion flit through her eyes, the swallow that outlined her neck so beautifully. Kara was like a portrait, one in all the warm colors and Lena just wanted to kiss her.

She just wanted to kiss all the concern from Kara Danvers.

Step four and Lena reached out for Kara’s cheeks. Kara’s eyes were gorgeous, how had Lena ever pulled away from this woman? Even now, with confusion and conflict sitting on her face, Lena could see the kindness pooling in her eyes.

God, Lena loved her. Kara had only been in her life for such a short while but she was so warm and Lena was so cold.

She closed her eyes and listened to Kara breathe in. Lena took the final step forward and Kara’s lips were just as she imagined. Soft, warm, and the slightest bit pliant. Lena’s own breath stuttered, but here, in front of this woman, she wouldn’t push down these feelings anymore.

Kara’s hands laid on Lena’s hips and Lena pressed forward. That was certainly an invitation and the way Kara fit against her was intoxicating. She liked how tall Kara was, how wide her shoulders were, how safe she felt with Kara.

With all her bumbling and blushing, Kara was her fortress. No one else was honest with Lena, not so completely. Kara didn’t fear her. Kara was her friend. Lena had very few friends.

Maybe Kara wanted to be something else. Not something more, because friendship was all the ‘more’ Lena could ever want. But something else indeed.

Kara’s hand trailed up her back and Lena shivered. She pulled back, only a fraction of an inch, Kara’s lips were far too inviting to pull far away from. “I, I don’t think you should worry about what to say to your friend Kara.”

The laugh tumbled from Kara’s lips and Lena felt it travel through Kara’s body and it was delightful. She pressed her lips back to Kara’s and couldn’t, wouldn’t, keep the smile off her lips.

This time Kara pulled back and her eyes were so alight, so alive Lena lost her breath. “You thought I was talking about us.”

What? Lena stiffened, she’d been wrong? She’d been wrong, but Kara, Kara’s arms were still around her? She’d watched Kara, she looked happy, was Lena wrong?

“No, no.” Kara’s smile widened and she pressed a kiss against Lena’s lips. Lena swallowed and felt the air rush back into her lungs. “I wasn’t talking about us, I was actually talking about my sister. But, uh, this is good too.”

The hopeful smile on Kara’s lips pulled the last shred of worry from Lena and Lena grinned back, “Then, quite the fortunate assumption on my part.” She felt breathless and she honestly didn’t mind Kara hearing the effect she had on her.

“Mhh,” Kara nodded and dipped her head for another soft kiss. “I still don’t know what to say to my sister though.”

Lena laughed, an actual laugh, she almost surprised herself. When was the last time she’d laughed? Lena shook her head, it’d been with Kara of course. “I don’t think I have any advice for that. Perhaps,” Lena still couldn’t believe the warmth surrounding her. Kara was like the sun, “Perhaps, tell her to take a chance?”

The grin that lanced over Kara’s cheeks almost looked like it should hurt. Lena actually was breathless now. That smile did far too much to her. Kara kissed her again and pulled away much too quickly.

“Thank you, Lena, I have to go talk to her,” Kara winked, winked! At Lena! Lena nearly toppled over, her chest felt far too light and tight all at the same time. “But I’ll be back for you.”

Then Kara was skipping out of her office and Lena couldn’t find her voice quickly enough to call out to Kara. Not to pull her back. No, Kara had to do this, Lena understood.

But skipping out of Lena’s office with lipstick kisses around her mouth was perhaps too incriminating. Not that Lena could deny the satisfaction coiling through her stomach at the thought of Jess most certainly coming to the right conclusion. Or everyone else for that matter.

Lena smiled, a laugh ghosting over her lips. They tingled and Lena couldn’t help but press her fingers to her lips, she could still feel Kara’s warmth against her. She turned back to her desk, but she’d get no work done tonight.