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‪Lena Dunham is that girl in HS who thinks no one likes her because she’s “different” and “people just don’t get her humor”, but really she is just a narcissistic, pretentious piece of shit‬ who smells like damp clothes and gentrification


SuperCorp + Livewire Ships Them Too (and is Lena’s wingwoman)

Bonus (Earlier that Day):

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“Once your “I would go gay for” list exceeds five people, you’re at least bi. I don’t make the rules.” 


Iconic loooks : Women in suits
[EDIT: I know Janelle Monae is not in it it’s because I didn’t know her at the time I made this post cause I don’t listen to her kind of music and she’s not famous in my country ! But I do love her acting in Moonlight and Hidden Figures] REBLOG THIS WITH BLACK&WHITE PICS OF JANELLE IN A TUX SPREAD THE LOVE

I think it’s so funny how society is quick to brand those problematic lily white women (Taylor swift, Lena Dunham, Amy schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, etc) as feminist examples, but Beyoncé who has been singing feminist songs since destiny child and has always stood up for women had to write Feminist in bold on a mainstream scene but still people questioned whether or not she was a feminist

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