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-I’m learning to keep digging even when all the evidence points one way. There’s always another side.

-Even when it’s hard to find.

-Especially when it’s hard to find.

as much as i love the way brenda strong plays Evil™ lillian luthor, i can’t help but think about what it might’ve been like if the writers had decided to make her more complex than the cliche Evil Mother Cannot Love Adopted Daughter thing

i think that their dynamic would’ve been a lot more interesting if lillian did love lena. if lena had memories of growing up with her mother’s love and being accepted and being cared for. if it was only after lex’s madness and the things he did that lillian became withdrawn and cold, and started working for cadmus. 

if lillian joined cadmus because she was genuinely scared of aliens, and the things they could do, and she genuinely did think that she was doing the right thing by joining cadmus and finding a way to fight them. if her talk about protecting and loving lena and saving the world was just more than talk.

and it would’ve been a really strong way of paralleling someone lena cares for, for someone that kara loved. imagine lena telling kara about how lillian used to be, before lex’s reign of terror, before cadmus, and kara thinking of her aunt. kara ending up in cadmus and looking up at this woman with cold, cold eyes, remembering how her aunt didn’t listen to her, and telling lillian that her daughter misses her. 

kara becoming determined to save lillian from herself, for lena, because she couldn’t save her aunt

give me a redemption arc for a middle aged woman who loves her child and has done all these terrible things for what she thought were the right reasons, rather than one for a man child whose done nothing to work for it

am i talking about lillian or astra in the last part who even knows 

lmao my classmate just messaged me about supergirl and here’s how that disaster went
  • her: hey did you watch the supergirl/flash crossover?
  • me: not yet but i saw gifs of kara and barry, they looked cute
  • her: i actually used to ship them last season HAHAHA
  • me: oh no i don't ship them. i just think they're cute
  • her: k*ramel though!!! <3
  • me: nah im supercorp as hell
  • her: oh
  • me: yeaaaaaa
  • her: well i like lena too, i just like monel more
  • me: i would die for lena
  • her: it's just that the anti k*ramels though are so rude!!! >:(
  • me: i follow a lot of them
  • her: and what do you think?
  • me: you wouldn't like what i think because you just said it yourself. it's "rude"
  • her: ...
  • me: but ok to put it simply your prince salmonella is a misogynistic asshole who doesn't respect his "girlfriend", objectifies women (his words not mine), and thinks he deserves to be forgiven for all his fuckups because he's new to earth and is "learning". and that's not even all of it
  • her: ...
  • me: while we're at this topic, k*ramel is an unhealthy and toxic relationship because it promotes the ugly idea that it is a woman's job to fix a man, not only giving salmonella a huge amount of screentime he does not deserve that could have been given to other characters like james, alex, jonzz, maggie, winn, lena etc, but has taken the screentime away from kara herself
  • her: ...
  • me: so yes. surprise! i'm an anti k*ramel #K*RAMELISOVERPARTY #supercorpwillrise #karadeservesbetter

Iconic loooks : Women in suits
[EDIT: I know Janelle Monae is not in it it’s because I didn’t know her at the time I made this post cause I don’t listen to her kind of music and she’s not famous in my country ! But I do love her acting in Moonlight and Hidden Figures] REBLOG THIS WITH BLACK&WHITE PICS OF JANELLE IN A TUX SPREAD THE LOVE

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I love my child winn but I'm still not over the fact that he was caught on camera just like Lena but instead he had time to prove himself not guilty but Lena just got thrown into jail without even getting her side of the story.

mon el: a slave owner - deserves to tell his side of the story n get another chance despite already wasting 50 chances he had

winn: literally caught on camera - innocent until proven otherwise

lena: saved the entire alien population n put her evil mother in jail - should be arrested immediately n not to be trusted simply bc her last name is luthor

  • CW: I think the lesbians have settled down now we gave them a queer couple on Supergirl to root for.
  • Lena Luthor: Yep, just one queer pairing. Singular.
  • Lena Luthor: ;)
  • Supergirl: ;)
  • Alex Danvers: ;)
  • Maggie Sawyer: ;)
  • Cat Grant: ;)
  • Lucy Lane: ;)
  • Sara Lance: ;) ;) ;)
  • Lena Luthor: ^ShE doeESN'T EvEn GO heRE!!!!!!