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My brother is an editor and was recently named editor of a girl who looks promising. She recently handed his first novel, called “SOUNDS LIKE OCTOBER” (If you got that sound of the song “The Futurist” of RDJ, not blame) that speaks of an actor. He said that the novel is incredibly good and the main character, who told Cupper or BJC, is a lot like Robert Downey Jr.

Today my brother told me that the girl comment to he, that she reliance on the public life of Robert Downey Jr. for his character and many situations in the novel are based on things they know about him. You also among his acknowledgments, the last is for. She does not say soopenly, but says:

“A RDJ, who is my muse, my inspiration and my hero.”

My brother did not want to give me the document to read it, but he said that in one part have a tumblr mention, a two URL. Obviously the two do not exist, but maybe the girls names that are mentioned as if there Cupper fans: Katherine and Kayla. If your name is this and you’re a fan of RDJ, you are in a novel dedicated to him.

I Know it’s hard to believe, but according to my brother, this novel could be published in 2012, for the really believe it is promising and so is the girl.

PD: The novel is in spanish, sorry. But, I can’t belive it. I WANT TO READ THAT SHIT!

EDIT: The author is called (at least so is her stage name) Lena Salvatore. Does anyone know her? Maybe she is on tumblr.