lena quotes

  • Winston: So, Lena, when the Slipstream crashed, where and when did it end up?
  • Lena: I think it ended up somewhere in Scotland during WWII.
  • Winston: Uh-oh…
  • Lena: It should be fine, so long as no Scottish Nationalists reverse-engineer it to try to take over the world or something…
  • Mercy: [enters room] Ahh, dinnae git yerself up ta high doe, It dunnae mat'er whear i’ lands s'long’s it don’ do nuffin ‘a th’ future.
  • Lena: Och! It’s 'appenin’, Winston, It’s 'appenin!
  • Winston: Wot 'a bloody 'ell, 'oo cares wot 'a future’s daen, let’s go slitter some tatties in the’ mess.
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