lena looks so adorable in these

I’m not sure If anyone pointed it out but...

Lena: “Well, when i was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed me his true colours, I was crushed. Tried everything to reach him, to bring him back to the side of good but there was no use. I’d lost him.”

Kara’s reaction: 

Kara: “I spent most of my life wishing I could talk to people that are no longer here.” 

Lena’s reaction: 

They both look so sad when they’re exposed to any glimpse of each other’s sad/tragic past. The look in their eyes, that slight jaw drop, that slow eye blink. Their facial expression is so clear about their feelings for each other, how much they care about the other. It’s mutual. That “wow i would take care of you so hard” is very much real.

(none of these gifs are mine.)

a beautiful headcanon I have that I daydream about on the regular is lena luthor having yet another terrible day because of something family related and inviting kara out so she can try to forget about it with the help of her kind, adorable, beautiful friend but she’s so focused on trying to play it off as her being totally fine that she has way too many drinks and kara ends up having to take her home (funnily enough kara roughly kept up with her on drinks but still looks and acts as perfectly as always…)

anyway, lena’s stumbling around her own house with kara basically shielding her from herself by waddling along behind her until lena abruptly stops, turns around, and inexplicably starts crying into kara’s arms, babbling about whatever awful thing her mother or lex has done, and kara is almost instantly whispering consolations into her hair, all the soft promises she usually makes while she holds her friend tight. and once lena is done crying but still pretty drunk, she pulls apart from kara and finally notices, now that she’s holding onto her, how fucking ripped her friend is. like buff af. and she absentmindedly squeezes at kara’s biceps a couple of times in awe while kara is blushing ridiculously hard.

Widowtracily, the new ot3!

So, I hardly ever make my own posts on tumblr, and I never done this kind of post before, But I want to show the new headcanons I came up with after we were introduced to Emily, Lena’s adorable and really cool looking girlfriend.

Also, just to make things clear, while fanon can’t undo canon, anyone is allowed their headcanons, we can ship who ever we want, it doesn’t matter if one of the characters is in a relationship, as long as we respect canon.

Now, back to the main point here. Emily is adorable, I don’t want to see her separated from Tracer, but I’m also a hardcore Widowtracer shipper, and that’s not going to stop just like that, so what’s the only logical step, ship all 3 of them together! So here are my first headcanons of widowtracily:

  • Lena Emily are already together for a while now, and Emily starts noticing how Lena acting weird after some missions.
  • Tracer has found out about Widowmaker’s reconditioning during a raid on a Talon base. She knows now what happened to Amelie.
  • The file she found didn’t have a lot of information, but it did say that the experiment wasn’t perfected.
  • Now Tracer has been trying to revert what was done to Widowmaker. But has been keeping it a secret.
  • Emily finds out pretty fast.
  • Lena panics when Emily confronts her about it.
  • They talk it out, Lena explains everything the best she can. Emily understands it, but isn’t very happy that Lena is on this by herself.
  • With a few connections and help from a unsuspected Winston Emily helps Tracer find somethings on Widowmaker.
  • Tracer keeps trying to reach Amelie for the next few months, and it seems to be helping.
  • After months of trying, Tracer is saved from talon agents by Widowmaker during their fight. 
  • Tracer doesn’t understand what just happened.
  • Widow leaves, literally taking Tracer with her.
  • They’re on the run from Talon (and Overwatch, but that’s just Widow) for a while.
  • The two get really close, but Lena still misses Emily a lot. But something in her is also pulling her to Amelie.
  • After a while, Widow confirms that Amelie Lacroix isn’t her true self, that Amelie died together with her husband, and the one here will give them closure. No matter what.
  • A whole bunch of stuff happens. Overwatch decides to give Widowmaker the benefit of the doubt.
  • During their time together they form a bond, there’s n attraction there, that at some point they start getting intimate with each other. Lena tells herself that’s Widowmaker’s reconditioning wearing off and she’s just resetting her emotions, there’s noting deeper there. Until they share a kiss after the big battle to prove Widow is on their side to Overwatch.
  • Lena’s realizes what’s happening and she’s freaking out. She definitely has feelings for Amelie, but she still loves Emily, she’s sure of that.
  • Widow is surprised with how upset she feels after Lena leaves in a rush.
  • Lena actually talks with Emily after the kiss, and she’s terrified of her reaction.
  • Emily listens to it all and asks to talk with Widowmaker.
  • Tracer’s heart stops for a few seconds.
  • After the shock passes, she accepts. Lena brings Amelie with her the next day.
  • They talk, they don’t really have a lot in common, except for the focus of their affections. Lena is sweating bullets the whole afternoon.
  • Lena and Amelie are taken by surprise when Emily makes the proposal. 
  • Lena’s heart stops again, but to her surprise, Amelie accepts. With both women starring at her she has no choice.
  • The 3 are now in a relationship together. 
  • Tracer has no idea what just happened.
  • Things are kinda weird in the beginning, Emily learning to adapt to Amelie, and Amelie not really paying her a lot of attention.
  • It takes a while for Emily to gain Amelie’s interest. After a serious problem with Talon when they found Widow, that was solved by a great idea from Emily Amelie truly starts respecting her.
  • After a while they’re comfortable enough that it can be seen, they’re not just each in a relationship with Lena, they’re all in this together.
  • Between Emily and Amelie, Lena doesn’t stand a chance. If they’re both on the same side in an argument against Lena she will most certainly lose.
  • Amelie and Emily take turns cooking. Lena isn’t allowed to cook anything other than fish and chips.
  • Widow is much more physical than both Emily and Lena, always a small touch here. a quick peck there, stuff like that. Lena is very okay with that, but Emily gets really embarrassed, she never expected that from Widow.
  • They’re truly in love with each other. They share something special. Tracer feels that both of her girlfriends are just as much of an anchor to the present as her Chronal ccelerator. Amelie has finally put her past behind, the other Amelie can finally rest together with Gerard, she has a new family now and she loves them just as much. Emily is so happy to see this two women, that suffered so much being truly happy, and she’s part of the reason why, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.
My Problem With SuperGirl

The show is incredible for having so many STRONG female leads but they’re all WHITE female leads.

As a black girl who watches and adores the show, I can’t help but wonder why no one looks like me.

This show is suppose to inspire little girls right?

If I am being honest, shows like this don’t inspire little black girls like me in fact I spend my time wondering why black women aren’t good enough to be amazing shows like this with a strong lead.

Please don’t hate me. I am just stating my opinion and it’s valid.

If you’re a white girl, watching this show, it’s amazing because you have so many people that look like you, doing amazing things, and I can’t share that same experience that I wish I could.

I will still watch because the show is great and I support ALL women but fuck, for once can POC be part of this too!??

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Tracer and Junkrat

[Submissions by @batnerd123 and various Anons] 

This was a really popular one! And DAAAANG LENA. Also daaaaaaang Junkrat cause look at his legs. Most of the time I have to really skew the characters’ proportions with the poses, but Junkrat and Tracer are both pretty leggy and thin. I’ve been having a lot more fun drawing Tracer because I like making her pull different expressions you don’t see in-game. 

I also love that they have this voice line together, and even in this context it totally makes sense. 

Thank you for all the submissions! 


It just ocurred to me….. picture this guys!! 

……after a passionate night of love making (let’s say Kara did something really heroic and cool as Supergirl and Lena just jumped her when she came back home)….there are clothes everywhere, including Kara’s supersuit….

They’re thirsty so Kara, being the one who can still move, offers to go get some water. So she goes and in the mean time wolfs down a few potstickers that leftover from dinner or something… The point is….that when she comes back to the bedroom…..

Picture this guys!! Lena put on Supergirl’s suit…. Like obviously it’s big on her but she was so curious she couldn’t help it. And obviously she wanted to see Kara’s reaction.  And when Kara sees her she freezes and her jaw drops, stunned…. And sure, Lena looks adorable in the big suit but she also looks hot as fuck! Kara very much appreciates the view.

So she shows her just how much she appreciates it,,.

“While you’re at it, get me a strawberries & crème frappuccino with a drizzle of chocolate on top please!”

“…Do I look like I have the menu of Starbucks memorized?”

And yet he still reaches around the cabinet, wondering if there’s any of that strawberry milkshake left over from Lena’s stash in the fridge.

I love the head cannon where soldier’s the dad of Overwatch and especially sweet on Hana. Military dad and daughter bond is so adorable.

I must get around to drawing D.Va in her new Hanbok skin soon.

anonymous asked:

I take an emotional day after the dentist. I refuse to go back to school afterwards (majority of the time I numb anyways, they have to give me like 4 numbing shots). Kara and Lena having a movie night at Lena's place. Not only does Kara meet her dog, but Lena opens the door to show herself in sweatpants, an oversized worn out band shirt, and glasses. Kara melts at the sight because she's so beautiful. -🌲😎

Oh my god can you imagine. Kara’s kinda already a little nervous because it’s her first time visiting lena’s apartment and she doesn’t want to invade lena’s personal space too much and when Lena opens the door Kara is just floored. Like here is this adorable puppy coming up and whacking Kara as to get her attention, his whole body wiggling at the sight of a new friend and then when she looks up here is one of her best friends who she’s gay for and oh my god she thought Lena was attractive at work but there’s a lax feeling, like Lena is just being herself. The baggy t-shirt and the sweatpants are somehow so flattering that Kara thinks it should be illegal but then there’s mORE. Lena has a pair of glasses sitting on her face and Kara suddenly understands what people mean when they say that glasses make people more attractive because she’s staring at nothing but beauty and the only thing that brings Kara back is the 50 pounds of sunshine that’s trying to wiggle himself through her legs to get back and butt scratches.

I wanted to draw some of my favorite headcanons regarding these three’s looks (salty boy to come later, i haven’t chosen any hc’s on him yet).

Burnscars!Lena is amazing and I keep wanting to draw her with dimples but I don’t know how to draw dimples. 

Burnscarred Lavi (with freckles) is also great, and I read on the artbook that Hoshino misses his weird curl, so I added that in since I tend to draw everyone’s hair a bit wavy. 

And then there’s been talk of Allen having freckles since he too was a redhead originally, which is honestly too adorable. I keep drawing him with these side tufts and sorta curly hair.