lena looks so adorable in these

I’m not sure If anyone pointed it out but...

Lena: “Well, when i was first adopted by the Luthors, I adored Lex. When he showed me his true colours, I was crushed. Tried everything to reach him, to bring him back to the side of good but there was no use. I’d lost him.”

Kara’s reaction: 

Kara: “I spent most of my life wishing I could talk to people that are no longer here.” 

Lena’s reaction: 

They both look so sad when they’re exposed to any glimpse of each other’s sad/tragic past. The look in their eyes, that slight jaw drop, that slow eye blink. Their facial expression is so clear about their feelings for each other, how much they care about the other. It’s mutual. That “wow i would take care of you so hard” is very much real.

(none of these gifs are mine.)

Hana symbolizes how Meihem fans would react

Quinn-Ling isn’t actually mine, but is the adorable Meihem brain child of @aly-the-alligator. He is SO God damn cute! (Go look at her stuff!)

*Cough* he might also be in my fanfiction *cough*

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Hard Question Time brought to you by yours truly: If you could date ANY iteration of a character Katie McGrath has ever played, who would you select? The character will come with her canon flaws, (Vampirism?, Family issues? Uh, Magic?) benefits ( Heck yeah, Magic?! Genius level smarts?), interests (Art?, Espionage?) etc. which may impact your decision. Happy ruminating. ;-)

…!!! @missmisanthropic WHY?! Why would you do this to me? Hmmm. I’ve got some drinks in me so that means rambling. Let’s consider all of this calmly and rationally. I would list each character but I fear my poor followers may run away screaming. Instead I will list my absolute favorites and carefully consider my options. Note that I will be leaving out minor characters such as Bess and others.

First up - Lucy Westenra.
Canon Flaws - Vampirism. In love with another woman.
Canon Benefits - GAAAAAY. Is the vampirism really a flaw though? I mean, come on.

With Katie’s portrayal of Lucy, it is hard to say as we, sadly, never got a good look at what Baby Gay Vampire!Lucy would grow to be. Unfortunately, prior to her change, Lucy was suffering quite a bit (Of course she was, Katie played her). She was confused, heartbroken, and really questioning her own humanity and life choices. It is quite possible that she felt she had no choice in who she was at all. She didn’t choose to be gay in Victorian England. She didn’t choose to love her best friend. She certainly didn’t choose to be a socialite and “proper wife” to an English gentleman. And she absolutely didn’t choose to be a vampire, a monster, as Dracula so aptly put it. MY BABY IS NO MONSTER!

It is possible that Lucy could have eventually grown to be the sweet and innocent looking, yet completely relentless killer vamp. I am not quite sure if I can deal with that. However! If she were to change me, ditch her feelings for Mina, and we could be super awesome killer vampires together? Yeah I could definitely deal with that. Throw that in with being charming, witty, and sweet, with the perfect amount of bite to her (See what I did there?), I would be a happy lesbian.

Verdict - Jury is out. Would I let her kill me? Yes, I would. Would I kill along with her? Yes, I would. Let us check out more options.

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NEXT! - Morgana Pendragon
Canon Flaws - Major daddy issues. Slight anger issues. Bent on revenge. Manipulative.
Canon Benefits - Um… MAGIC. High Priestess. Dresses fabulously even when living in a shack in the woods. Savvy af, That Smirk™ tho. Driven to fight for what she believes in.

Who doesn’t love Morgana? Good, “evil,” it really doesn’t matter. The unfortunate matter is, and this makes my deliberation quite short, Morgana was on one hell of a mission. She was single-minded in this mission and nobody, nobody, was going to keep her from it. This means, she definitely wouldn’t have had time for poor, little, non-magical me. I mean if I had an army of immortal warriors or dark magical abilities of my own, I would try to win her affections in a heartbeat. But the only thing I would be able to offer her is my heart… Which she probably would have used, along with some crazy incantation, to kill all of her enemies. I don’t wish to be sacrificed. I like my heart where it is thank you, my lady.

Verdict - Morgana, you do you, booboo. Imma keep my options open, love. You TOTALLY have my vote for Queen of Camelot. Please don’t kill me. Oh my poor heart. I love her so much.

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Third - Jodi Rutherford 
Canon Flaws - Hmmm… attraction to men that tend to mistreat her? Even Kobus was a bit of a dick at first but we aren’t talking about him are we? No love, we aren’t. This is about Jodi. She also seems to feel the need to ‘fix’ those she is with.
Canon Benefits - Complete sweetheart, excellent teacher, awkward and goofy despite her shy and sometimes anxious demeanor. Film/theater geek. Animal lover. She doesn’t care what she is, or what she is doing, as long as she can wake up next to the person she loves.

This… little bean. This absolute cupcake. I just… look at her. Jodi is another Katie character that just needs to be loved. She is described as someone that strives to be liked because she doesn’t like herself. Which is ridiculous. What’s not to like? She is kindhearted, generous and is really just looking for a place to belong. Total ball of fluff and I love her.

Verdict - Jury is out…but looking good for her.

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NEXT UP - The lovely, yet deadly, Gloria Miller, everyone!
Canon Flaws - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.
Canon Benefits - She’s like some crazy CIA, Secret Agent, Jane Bond, Assassin.

This one is tough for me because this means she would always be off on some insane mission and I am totally one of those people that would be constantly worried that she wouldn’t come back to me. I’m soft. And let’s be honest, would I ever truly get a chance to know who she really is?

*gay gasp!* WHAT IF I am her mission?? What if she is actually working undercover to, I don’t know… I’m not special. I’m probably not her mission. But she would never be home and I need love and attention. Soft, remember? Sorry, Gloria :(

Verdict - I cannot date you. BUT PLEASE PROTECT ME I AM VERY VULNERABLE! Oh and teach me how to shoot things. Like, fruit and cans. I don’t want to kill anyone.

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Hellooooo Kate Foster!
Canon Flaws - Biphobic af!!!! I’m not bisexual but, come on Kate! Not cool, love. Stop that shit. Angry af! Family issues aka homophobic parents.
Canon Benefits - Smooth af. Seductive af. Queen of eye-sex Consent kink, perhaps? Kate, …I like being told what to do… Ahem. I digress.

Lezbehonest. How many of you have been completely destroyed by the 20 minute episode of Dates? Hm? Thought so. Kate is very enigmatic. Which I like to a point. She seems to be making attempts at being cool and open-minded. But you can tell she has been burned before. Le baggage? Maybe. But we all have it, don’t we? My biggest worry would be that because of this, she is quick to pick a fight and run. We saw it. When things get serious and even a little difficult, she is out the door. That is… problematic.

She still strikes me as being kind, genuine and loving with the right woman in the right situation. But that fear of mine would always remain. Fear would lead to insecurities. Insecurities would lead to fighting. Fighting would lead to no more Kate. I could delve deeper into this gem, however I will leave it here.

Verdict - Kate, buy me a Bellini (or five) and we can certainly have a great time. (That totally wasn’t meant to be sexual). I meant we can hang out some time. But you know, not like a date? Flirty BFFs maybe? Do you like my bracelet? I got it in Tuscany!

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Sigh …LenaLuthor! I have so many feelings about this woman it’s crazy.
Canon Flaws - A little shady. Family issues like you would not believe. Has a bit of a target on her back.
Canon Benefits - Highly intelligent. NERD! Working hard to make a life and name for herself outside of her family. RICH AF (take care of me please). Just wants a damn hug and thank you! Girlfriend of Supergirl. Looks better in prison blues than I do on my best day and with Photoshop. The Lip Bite™ tho.

Considering the fact that most of those that have endured my rambling are huge Katie fans and/or SuperCorp shippers, I will not get into the crazy long description for Lena. She has proven time and again that she only wants to do what is right, despite her upbringing. A most admirable quality is that she fights with her wits but also looks like she can defend herself when the time comes. A distressed damsel, she is not. I think here, I would have to go back to my argument regarding Morgana and Gloria. Lena simply would not have the time. She is running a billion dollar corporation, designing gadgets, and apparently she is constantly thinking up schemes to ensure justice is done. Oh, and um… hi… SHE LOVES KARA DANVERS! I can’t compete with that!!! I mean, I can be pretty awesome, but I am not Kara. So… problematic.

Verdict - Lena, I adore you. And I hope we can be friends. Do you need anything? Should I deliver flowers to Kara for you? Do you need me to proofread your love letters and poetry? I can run and get you more wine. Do you need company for the holidays? Do you need a bridesmaid for your wedding? Have you and Kara set a date? Keep me updated. My calendar is open.

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So here we are! There are more characters to consider, but we would be here all night/day. And I am pretty sure most of you already hate me. So I will keep this short. FINAL ANSWER: JODI RUTHERFORD. JUST LET ME LOVE YOU!

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Sorry for the long post and Katie spam!

Honorable Mention - Jules Daly
(Part 2)

this is the golden age (of something good and right and real)

♡♡♡ for the lovely @jackiemoreno, the brightest star in my sky ♡♡♡

also on ao3

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, darling.“ Lena answers right away, accent thicker than usual despite the fact she’s been back in Ireland for so little time. “Just two more days until I’m back home.”

Kara presses the phone closer to her ear, closing her eyes and concentrating until she can hear the steady rhythm of Lena’s heartbeat. She sighs for what feels like the thousandth time since her girlfriend has been gone, never mind the fact it’s only the fifth day of their week long separation - her heart aches as if they’ve been apart for months.

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“You know I can just buy you one online?” Lena asked. “There have to be hundreds of them on eBay by now.”

Kara squinted at the shelves and shelves of cereal boxes. “It’s more fun this way.” She looked over the boxes and picked up a box of Lucky Charms. She looked at Lena and gestured to the boxes. “Your turn.”

When Lena bent over to pick up a slightly more adult Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Kara quickly lowered her glasses and scanned all the boxes in the aisle. She spotted one of the highly coveted prizes in the front box of Wheaties. She didn’t even wait for Lena to step away from the shelves before jumping up and grabbing it.

Lena looked her over, amused. Kara fixed her glasses, hugging her cereal to her chest. “I have a good feeling about these.”

“Mhmm,” Lena nodded. She looked at the box, the smiling faces of the members of NSYNC announcing a reunion tour and a chance to win special NYSNC branded sunglasses. “One out of ten wins.” She looked up at Kara. “Should we get ten?” She shook her head at herself. “Except, statistically that wouldn’t mean anything. That just means that for every ten boxes, they produced one with the sunglasses. We may have to go to another store.” When her eyes finally turned to Kara, she realized she’d been rambling. But the adoring grin on Kara’s face made her blush. She cleared her throat. “So are we buying cereal until we find them?”

“Luckily, everyone agreed to eat cereal at game night,” Kara gestured down the cereal aisle toward Alex and Maggie who were looking at the healthier options.

“Maybe we should go pick out something with some nutritional value,” Lena started walking toward Alex and Maggie, but Kara grabbed her hand.

“Oh no,” Kara held onto Lena loosely. “You promised that you’d junk food out with us. And Alex has already booby trapped all of Maggie’s granola so you’re going to eat a lot of sugar and pass out like everyone else.”

They both grew quiet, their hands still attached. When a small girl ran down the aisle, it jarred Kara into letting go of Lena.

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Imagine how spoiled baby Supercorp would be :D Lena would want to give them all the affection she never got, Kara would be unable to resist a pleading look, and then there’s the extended family :D Grandpa J'onn loves playing with kids (and sometimes does shapeshifted impressions of Kara, not that he’ll ever be caught), auntie Alex is completely out of her depth when asked to babysit and just lets them watch TV, auntie Maggie hates kids but somehow literally every child seems to adore her and she gives a laughing Alex the most annoyed expression ever… And they’d probably get superpowers just by osmosis so that works too. (via @bijane)

This is my commission from @gsquare-art! She’s also the one who did my wife’s Mass Effect towel, which she loved, so I was really excited to get to work with her again. She’s easy to work with, turnaround time was super fast, and obviously the quality of work is amazing.

I asked for an emotional Winston blessing Lena and Emily’s wedding union, and BOY DID SHE DELIVER. I love all the details here, you have such a good sense of these characters, I am dying over their expressions here, and I love Lena’s wedding suit so much! This is absolutely perfect and what I was looking for, I cannot tell you how much I adore it.

Hi ! I absolutely adore your analyses on katie’s characters, they’re brilliant ! Aaand as you know, Lena is supposed to be 24 and I’ve just found an interview with 25 years old Katie AND she even has a dramatically different voice, it’s high and sweet ! idk if you’ve seen it - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-2I6ThwkP0 and i mean… she is just so smol here, like a baby, she’s so cute and adorable, i just want to wrap her in blankets and hug endlessly, just look at her in this interview! It’s so unrealistic that Lena is 24… I’m not buying it. Lena is not 24

First of all, THANK YOU! I’m really glad you enjoy reading them. There’s another silly one in the works so stay tuned for that.

But yes, I love this interview! Baby Katie always makes me so happy, and you do have a point. She does sound really smol and adorable here.

Now regarding her age vs. her voice… hmmmm, you intrigue me. Let’s talk about this at length shall we?

Part 1

Part 2

Sharing time: As a woman in her late 20′s that sounds like a little girl, I can personally relate to what it is like when most people don’t take you seriously because of the sound of your voice. Sounding young, soft, and meek usually doesn’t do you any favors in a professional setting where most people would be more than glad to see you struggle and fail if it means they can gain something.

Now to our girl. The first time we see Lena 😍

I guess if we were to compare Lena’s voice in regards to her age, the only thing I can think of to justify the way Lena talks is the fact that she has been a bit hardened, and look at the position she is in.

With everything she has gone through personally and professionally, she has steeled herself and has learned to present herself in a way that says “I am a strong woman. I am a capable woman. I am the CEO of a billion dollar tech company and you will show me some respect.” This will all come across in the way that she walks, talks, acts, dresses – the way she carries herself. Even young Morgana has a certain tone in her voice that she uses when she stands up to the likes of Arthur. She means to be taken seriously. She has that confidence and it shows in her voice.

So with that justification, I can buy the canon age, sure!

These were fun thinky thoughts! Thanks!

it's just you and i tonight (why don’t you figure my heart out)

part 2/? (part 1)

Lena is cold. She actually hasn’t stopped shivering since they set their feet outside.

Perhaps agreeing to take a walk with her alien girlfriend, incapable of feeling the cold, during a windy night in the middle of winter wasn’t such a good idea, but Lena is fairly sure there isn’t anyone capable of resisting the blonde’s pout and hopeful eyes.

She stuffs her hands deeper inside her coat’s pockets when she shivers again. She thinks about how warm Kara is and considers asking to share her coat with her, but soon gives up on that idea.

And it’s not that Lena is too proud to ask. It isn’t even the fact she would feel ashamed if she did, because she knows Kara would never judge her or make fun of her - even if it might be perceived as weakness, as vulnerability, and it goes against everything being a Luthor is.

So no, it isn’t the fact that she’s too proud to ask. It’s just that she isn’t used to being allowed to ask, doesn’t know how to ask.

Beside her, Kara continues to gesticulate wildly as she rambles about the inconvenience that is Snapper - not necessarily in those words.

She bits down on her lip to stop herself from smiling, not wanting Kara to think she’s amused with how annoyed she seems, but it’s hard when the blonde looks so adorable.

“… then he told me to go fetch a coffee and let the real reporters work! Can you believe that?” Kara says. She huffs in annoyance, pushing her glasses further up her nose.

“If you’d just let me buy CatCo so I could fire him,” Lena says, shivering again because of the cold night air. “you wouldn’t be having this problem.”

“Lena no. We’ve talked about this, you’re not buying CatCo.” Kara says as firmly as possible, trying in vain to hide how amused that makes her. Then she frowns and comes a bit closer to Lena, putting her hand on the brunette’s arm. “Are you okay? You’ve been shivering all night.”

“I’m fine.” Lena says, perhaps a bit too quickly, for she shivers again not long after.

Kara stares at her for a moment, head cocked to the side, before she nods to herself. She then starts shivering, perhaps a bit too exaggeratedly, and rubbing her hands along her own arms.


“It’s so cold out today, Lee.” She shivers again, her teeth starting to chatter soon after.

Lena grins despite herself, feeling like she’s going to burst from how much she loves her girlfriend.

“Let’s share my coat then, since you’re so cold.”

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Supercorp: Lena has to get glasses when she can't find her contacts.

^^This totally made me smile as I work at an opticans :)

The blaring alarm jarred Lena out the rather pleasant dream she had been having about Kara, and Kara’s tongue.

She groaned at the interruption and sat up to stretch her sleepy shoulder muscles, and winced slightly at the stiffness.

Lena padded slowly to the bathroom, not really needing to open her eyes; the route so ingrained in her memory. Upon reaching the sink she quickly washed her hands and patted around for her contact lens case, one eye half open.

She had been wearing contact lenses since she was a teenager; ever since her mother had told her it was unfitting of a Luthor to wear glasses. Lena had never quite worked out what she had meant by that… she quite liked her glasses, but… old habits die hard.

In a routine so practiced she could do it half asleep, quite literally, Lena unscrewed the lid to her contact lens case and scooped out her left lens, balancing it on the tip of her finger. She opened her half shut eye and leant in towards the mirror.

A jolt of pain shot through her as her knee hit the sink and she watched as the contact lens slid off her finger and down the plug hole.

Lena swore under her breath.

She opened the drawer where she kept her spare lenses and found that it was empty. 

Lena swore again. 

She decided this was too much to deal with before her first coffee fix, put on her glasses and headed out to the kitchen in search of caffeine.

Her day progressed as normal; meetings, paperwork, working lunch, more meetings. A quick call to the optometrists to order some more contact lenses had been a success, but they wouldn’t be in store for a few days. It wasn’t too much of a problem; she could get by wearing her glasses for a few days. 

Truth be told, Lena had forgotten she was even wearing them after a few hours; too engrossed in perfecting her presentation for the next investor’s meeting.

A knock on her door alerted her to someone else’s presence. She yelled a quick ‘come in!’ while she finished making a note on projected figures for the next month.

‘Hey’ she smiled softly, as Kara entered, ‘I thought I wasn’t seeing you until tonight?’

'Yes! Well… oh…’ Kara stuttered out upon seeing the slightly large black frames on Lena.

'Are you ok?’ Lena questioned, slightly concerned at her girlfriends behaviour.

'Mmmm… good… umm… glasses?’ Kara finally managed to say.

'Eloquent’ Lena chucked as she fiddled with the edge of the frame nervously.

Kara found it adorable; it was one of her own tells when she was nervous. The thought was quickly replaced with how sexy Lena looked in glasses. 

'I dropped my last lens down the sink, so I’m in glasses for a few days’ Lena explained, holding back a chuckle at the obvious physical reaction Kara was having to seeing her in glasses, her nervousness at Kara seeing her in them gone. 

'I take it you’re a fan?’ Lena questioned flirtatiously.

Kara nodded and walked the short distance to Lena’s desk to lean down for a quick kiss.

'I actually brought you lunch’ Kara said, waving the brown paper bag in her left hand, 'I know you said chances of leaving the office for lunch were slim today, but you have to eat! Seeing you in glasses made the trip over here worthwhile though’ she grinned shyly.

'Thanks darling’ Lena smiled, taking the food as she stood up to give Kara a proper kiss, her tongue swiping over Kara’s lower lip. Kara deepened the kiss, pushing Lena back towards her desk until she was sitting on the edge.

She hiked up Lena’s dress running her fingertips over Lena’s thighs and finally brought her hands up to cup Lena’s face.

They continued like this; lost in each other, lost in the gentle caresses, lost in nips on each other’s lips and breathy moans until finally they pulled apart, breathless.

'Glasses… good’ Kara murmured, her forehead resting against Lena’s and breathing deeply.

Lena chuckled.

'I’ll see you tonight?’ Lena questioned.

'Mmmm’ Kara replied, leaning in for a final kiss.

As Lena watched her girlfriend leave her office, taking her time to appreciate the curve of her arse through her jeans, Lena pondered that perhaps she should wear her glasses more often. 

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Supercorp + Lexi: who would be the one to wear matching outfits with the child. bonus if you add in the dogs lol

*squeals* SO!! I have this headcanon that once Lexi finds out that her mom is Supergirl they have this secret family photo shoot where Kara dresses up as Supergirl and carries Lena bridal style and Lexi dresses up in her mini Supergirl outfit and holds Daisy while Mac has his Bat Dog costume (complete with Mask) on! They also do one with Lena as Wonder Woman and Daisy as Robin!!

Anyways besides dressing up like her favorite super hero, Lexi loves dressing up like Kara! With soft sweaters and little mini button downs and sweater vests and little mini Sperrys! And she loves when Kara does their hair in matching braids!! But she and Lena have matching soccer jerseys that they wear when they watch games (Kara has a photo of this as the background on her phone)

I have this side headcanon that Lexi doesn’t really like dressing super girly and her style is more androgynous. So for this big fancy gala she confesses that she doesn’t really want wear a dress so they get her this adorable tux and she’s all set but on the day of, some asshole says something to her about girls shouldn’t wear suits and Lexi gets all sad. But Lena ‘no one forces my baby into a dress if she doesn’t want to wear a dress’ Luthor calls her stylist last minute and gets fitted for this bitching tux so she and Lexi can match. Of course they end up on the cover of all the magazines! Because hello! They look amazing!

New one-shot up in my Supergirl Identity Reveal series. 

This one is dedicated to my write or die, @stennnn06 - Happy birthday you awesome and precious soul!!!!!


“People think we’re dating.” Kara blurted out more harshly than she intended. She had stormed into Lena’s loft having spent her flight between their respective buildings ruminating over what had just happened.

Lena coughed, choking slightly on the bite she had just taken of her food. They were having what used to be their once-a-week dinner that had somehow turned into a nightly occurrence no matter what time they were both free. Whether it was seven o’clock or midnight, they both always waited for the other to eat. She should have known something was wrong, however, because Kara had set the food down on the dining room table and didn’t attack it as though she was starving like she usually did. Instead, Kara had thrown herself into her usual chair and watched Lena unpack the bag and set out their dinner. Lena chewed quickly and managed to swallow though it was difficult. “Excuse me?”

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- Alex centric
- Alex was even MORE badass than usual and really kicked some ass!
- Alex continuing to keep the faith in her father (and she was right to)
- Sanvers scenes, Maggie being there for and standing by her girl, especially the “ride or die” comment and generally just how soft and adorable they are but how they also manage to crack jokes about each other’s toughness
- Danvers sisters scenes, Alex believing in Kara “you can do it” and the hand on hand through the glass of the ship
- Space dad J'onn cares about Alex so much and the hug between them both at the end almost brought a tear to my eye!
- Winn and Lyra are adorable!
- Lyra helping the gang from inside the ship
- Bryan the alien is shifty af but look how adorable that little face is and the comment he makes to Alex and Maggie
- The whole gang working together to take down Cadmus’s plan
- The return of James Olsen and a bit of guardian action
- Finding out that Jeremiah is indeed not all bad and him coming fully back to the good side by turning against Lillian and helping Alex
- The return of Lena Luthor
- So apparently Lena and Kara go out for lunch now!!!!
- Fanfiction coming to life seeing Lena in Supergirl’s arms after being saved from falling off the top of L Corp (I legit squealed at this)
- Lena continuing to be completely in awe whenever she talks to Supergirl
- Kara and Lena’s general chemistry
- Lena still acting gay AF around Kara Danvers
- Finding out that Snapper Carr did genuinely care about Kara
- It looks like the end is near for the most annoying character in the history of Supergirl, Mon-El

I won’t say I’m in love: Ch 7

Chapter 7: Sleepovers are for sharing

Find it here Ao3 and ff.net

Summary:  Lena’s hesitant at first but how can she say no to Kara’s puppy face and it’s not like she’s ever really had a sleepover, she has no idea what she’s up against. 

Link to the next chapter 

                      Does this look like 2 updates I think it does!

Lena sat at the Slytherin table, newspaper in one hand and a goblet of orange juice in the other. Her usually neat hair was tied in a loose ponytail, with random strands of hair falling down around her face. Her eyes skimming over the meaningless drabble, she turned the page, sighing when all she saw was more pointless gossip.

“Hey, you.”

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15 with Lena thx

Originally posted by cwsupergirlgifs

“And then, after we do that, we can-” Lena cut herself off mid rant, when she saw the look of admiration on your face. “What?” she chuckled.

“Oh nothing.” You smiled. “It’s just you look super cute right now.”

“Y/N!” She laughed. “Come one, I’m being serious here!”

“So am I. You’re so adorable when you talk about stuff you’re passionate about, even if I don’t understand a word of it.”

“Well maybe you would, if you paid attention.” She lightly nudged you shoulder, before she continued. “Now, as I was saying…”

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Lena mentioned the DEO when she was talking to Winn. When did she find out about it?

So I’m going to be honest, I spent too much time fangirling over the 35 seconds of screentime my adorable genius brotp had to even notice at first but yeah… this was a thing!

To me, other than Lena just finding out on her own somehow there are two more obvious ideas of how she knows about the DEO.

First idea: Upon his arrival, Winn explains that he is with the DEO and had been sent to assist Lena in building the device. When Lena said that, he didn’t look surprised so either this or the next idea would make sense.

Second idea: Lillian told her. I think this is the more likely of the two because consider this: They had to get a hold of Superman and Supergirl. Lena did not contact them herself. When leaving Catco it was actually Clark that said: “You’re never gonna guess who wants to see us.” Clark knows Kara and Lena are friends so if it were clear Lena was asking, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to him and Kara wouldn’t have looked shock when looking at the phone.

And during their exchange on Lena’s balcony Kara says:

They were clearly addressing Lillian in both situations as neither of them have harsh or antagonistic views of Lena. Lillian would not have a way to get in direct contact with Superman, so chances are, she contacted the DEO, Superman was notified that Lillian Luthor wished to meet with him and Supergirl. We have to recall that she did just show up at the bar last week as if she knew everything that was going on.

Lillian knows Kara is Supergirl most likely because of either Hank or Jeremiah. It could be reasonably concluded that she knows about the DEO for the same exact reason. Know your enemy, right?

Back at the DEO, Alex asks what Lillian wanted, so everyone there knew that Lillian reached out before Supergirl and Superman explain the back up plan. Not just Lena.

Reasons behind them being contacted? It was probably Lena that insisted they get in contact with the Supers, because why would Lillian seek permission/approval as opposed to just proceeding? She needed Lena and that could have been one of Lena’s stipulations. She did not feel comfortable proceeding without letting them know what she could do.