lena dunham actually is the voice of a generation

Perception of nurses

Do you ever feel invalidated as a nurse by comments like “just a nurse” or tv commercials where nurses are portrayed as “sex mad bimbos”?

Do you find it strange that tv shows like Gray’s anatomy and House, depict doctors carrying out the rigorous duties of an RN?

Do you find it derogatory when icons like Dr. Phil make comments about cute nurses who seduce and mary doctors to get out of having to work as a nurse?

Do you feel disgusted when Lena Dunham, said to be the voice of her generation, writes a script which also invalidates the role of a nurse to nothing more than someone wants to be a doctors wife?!

I am!

How often do you actually see a doctor on the floor, in the ward at a patient’s bedside?!

We are constant.
Doctors are “treat and retreat.

I am not disregarding the importance of doctors, I am sick to death of the misrepresentation of nurses as professionals.

We provide diligent care!
We are the primary care givers who laugh and cry with people every day.

This image needs to change!