Sarah Palin Says Media Ignored 'Pedophile' Lena Dunham While Shaming Duggars
The former Alaska governor wrote a fiery Facebook post about double standards

I can’t believe I’m saying this…..But I agree with Sarah Palin.

EDIT: This goes out to all those that try to defend Lena.

The abuse continued for years beyond just the incident when she was 7, as she admitted going on for years emotionally manipulating her sister into depending on her, also bribing her for kisses, and also being 17 and masturbating right next to her.

Please stop trying to defend her actions.

  • John green:I'm gonna write a book about teenagers falling in love
  • Lena Dunham:I repeatably molested my sister for 10 years.
  • Tumblr:Lena Dunham is a perfect angle, yes, she has some quirks but she is really an amazing person

Another clip of Bad Blood.

anonymous asked:

You're a fucking misogynist. Lena's a hero and if you don't think so you can go set yourself on fire.

Right. I’m misogynist?


And Lena’s a hero? This is your hero?

You want to bow down and worship her, you go right ahead. I would never stick by a homophobia, racist, abusive person like her. 

Lena Dunham: Speaking of camp mother, I feel that Taylor (Swift) has really taken control and said, ‘I’m going to get us all together in the same place, I’m gonna make it very clear that friendship is powerful and women are magic and if anybody thinks this is a witches’ coven they might be right.’ She’s just made it her job in a very cool way.

Lorde: Yeah! I mean, she definitely brought me into this amazing world of supportive female friendship. For me, someone starts talking about boys and I’m like, ‘I just don’t know what to say.’ I’m useless in that capacity and that was why I thought, ‘Well, I can’t have girl friends (because) I don’t know how to talk about boys.’ But Taylor just glosses over the fact that I’m terrible at that and she’s just like, ‘It’s OK, I’ll love you for your other qualities.’