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okay, so i can’t believe i haven’t seen this, and if i have to do it all by myself, i will so expect posts and fics. i see your cat being protective over lena posts, and that being said:

lena luthor and carter grant being friends

carter tagging around with kara because he misses seeing her and of course they stop by l-corp

and supergirl? supergirl is one thing. (supergirl is kara doing what he knows she’s meant to. helping and caring for people)

but lena luthor?? the brightest mind heading l-corp, turning it into a force for good. she’s amazing

(and oh, her legs. kidding)

carter knows all about people assuming someone’s bad or mean or cold. his mom can make a grown man cry and in the same breath ask how his day was with a tenderness he knows few get to witness

he knows what it’s like to not want to be touched. when his skin crawls and he shies away from his mom’s hand, never missing that quick look of hurt on her face before she masks it

he knows what it’s like to be lonely. his mom tries so hard, but she can’t be everywhere at once. sometimes he doesn’t mention things at school, because he knows she’ll get frustrated with herself when she can’t make it but still- it’s lonely. coming home to a dark house and waiting till she comes home and she’ll try and make the most out of the night until she’s so tired she falls asleep on the couch and he drapes a blanket over her

kara will bring him along her visits and sometimes she has to fly out for a quick rescue. the first time they just stare at the ground until jess comes in and mentions something about lena’s latest project

and carter will ask a question. and another. until they’re both on the couch, shoulders brushing as they talk over papers of layouts and blueprints

kara comes back to see them in some deep discussion and just leans against the door, smiling

after that, as soon as kara leaves they’ll dive right into the latest mechanics. lena being so astounded by him, this young boy asking questions she’s never been asked. who’s hesitancy with her has never been because of her, because she’s a luthor and she’ll send him home with all these papers and journals to review

kara will always try to get him to side with her about what they get for lunch and when he sides with lena, she just- hands on her hips and head bowed i’ve never experienced a betrayal as deep as this

(she’s so dramatic but oh, lena always laughs a laugh he’s never heard for anyone else, loud and full and they stare at each other with little smiles afterwards)

kara will pop up behind them and smugly point out an error in their formulas and won’t give it up until lena’s fingers are wiggling into her sides, carter laughing at the pure happiness on kara’s face because sometimes she gets a little quiet, a little sad but never when lena’s there (or lena remedies it quickly)

all i’m saying is these three dorks hanging out

(l-corp visits become his favorite thing just like kara’s)

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“i’m the lawyer helping you get custody of your daughter and oops you’re all kinds of adorable with her and also i think she’s growing attached to me is this good or bad” Majorly Judging you w/Kara as the cute daughter :)

i love this prompt thank you so much

‘Should we go over it once more?’

Lucy sighs heavily, running her hand through her hair as she scans her notes again. She shakes her head. ‘It’s late, Alura. The best thing you can do at this point is sleep, probably’.

‘I’m just…’ the anxiety in Alura’s voice is clear, the fear behind her eyes burning, as it has been, more and more, as this day has approached, ‘I want to do everything I can’.

‘Hey’, Lucy reaches across the space between them to grip Alura’s hand, ‘we’ve got this, okay?’

‘And yet I can’t help but worry’. Alura grips her hand like its a lifeline, and Lucy’s heart aches. Alura has been so strong since this mess began, but she looks so exhausted. ‘It’s not that I don’t have faith in your abilities, Lucy, its just -’

‘You’re a judge’, she says softly, trying to soothe, and comfort, as best she can, ‘and you’ve seen cases backfire, I know’.

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What a week it’s been with @bridgetteirish - let’s see what the damage is when the storm rolls past, hmm?

This first piece of art tonight is an @xxtorchxx special. Love on it at Ao3 or hit the ask box!

Things settle down once Donovan is in custody. Lucy and Lena find more common ground and M'gann takes her new place amongst the aliens of National City. Two halves are made whole again and the distance between Cat and Kara is closed again.


Today We Honor Maggie Lena Walker

‘Maggie Lena Walker was the first African American female bank president and the first woman to charter a bank in the United States. The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank was founded in 1903 with money gathered from the members of the Independent Order of St. Luke, an African-American benevolent society, Walker opened the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. She found that white-owned banks did not readily accept deposits from black organizations such as the benevolent society. This reluctance on the part of white-owned banks gave her the idea to start her own bank.’

(photo: Maggie Lena Walker)

- CARTER Magazine

i’m sorry did yall think i was done about carter and lena being best buds

it’s afternoon when kara guides carter through the doors of l-corp, her hand curled lightly over his shoulder

(she had been surprised at first, when he leaned into her, nodding when she hovered an arm over his shoulders

she hears his heart pick up when they push through the mass of people in the lobby, shoulders hunching up to his ears and she pulls him a little closer in response)

lena looks surprised when they step into her office. it’s always so nice- lena’s eyes widening, bright and green against the sunlight pouring in as a pretty flush settles over her cheeks- kara loves surprising her

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Tonight on Supergirl Virtual Season!

Double trouble and Cat in a compromising situation. All hail @pinkrabbitpro! Praise in the comments, or hit her Tumblr ask! And check out tonight’s other post from @supergaysupercat!

Here’s what to expect from act 4:

Cadmus’s true motivations for holding CatCo hostage are revealed, putting Kara’s identity and life at risk. Outside CatCo, rescue efforts continue, and an unlikely hero emerges and catches Donovan by surprise.



Actresses for Esme Squalor

1.) Helena will always be my Esme really. She. Is. Esme. Squalor.

2.) Eva Green tho??? WHY NOT?

3.) Margot Robbie. I didnt want to connect Esme with Harley but they are almost the same and i like the idea of Esme being (a little) younger than olaf

4.) Lady Gaga bc she’s real life Esme Squalor?

5.) Rachel Mcyes

6.) Lena Headey i dont know why but i like her bitch face. 

And they should give a chance for a new comer actress ofc. But these ladies always reminded of esme. And why almost everyone wants a woc to play Esme? I dont like when poc are playing villains. Idk. What u think?

Burning Passion - SilentRain91

Word Count: 222, 837

Summary: Kara finds herself drawn to Miss Luthor, even when she learns about the alien detection device she made. Lena notices Kara easily, but wants to be mindful of her position as a professor.

Alex is annoyed when she learns Maggie will be sharing a room with her. Things change as she finds herself falling for Maggie, however, Maggie doesn’t believe in soulmates. Maggie digs how feisty Alex can be and it scares her to be falling for Alex, who is waiting for her soulmate.

This is the story of how their lives entangle with one another and unfold.


Lynda Carter singing at the Ford’s Theatre Gala, “The Stars Salute the President” (1981)

A musical/variety tribute to President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan by performers at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. Jack Klugman welcomes the assemblage, including Loretta Lynn, David Copperfield, Lena Horne, Peter Gennaro, Itzhak Perlman, Andy Gibb, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, Juliet Prowse, Andy Williams, Lynda Carter, Dom DeLuise with magic assisted by Sen. Howard Baker, Jr., Jack Klugman, George Benson, Luciano Pavarotti, Rodney Dangerfield, Christopher Cross, Twyla Tharp, Tony Bennett, Natalia Makarova, and Gloria Agostini.

Tonight on Supergirl Virtual Season!

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Here’s what to expect from act 3:

CatCo is held hostage in Cadmus’s latest plot. James calls for reinforcements, and Lena offers to help.


Kara and the Viral Images - T_Sauce

Word Count: 10, 092

Summary: Kara Danvers is just trying to live her life. It’s not her fault she knows so many powerful women. It’s also not her fault that the paparazzi keep getting the wrong idea about them. It’s not like she was actually sleeping with Cat Grant, or Lois Lane, or Supergirl (that wasn’t even possible)… Lena Luthor however was slightly more complicated?

All Kara knew, is that if many more images went Viral, Alex may actually kill her… After all, Kara Danvers was meant to be a secret identity, and she had more Instagram followers than Angeline Jolie these days…

And now, four months after coming out as dating Lena Luthor, TMZ strikes again. Now she’s dating Maggie and Lucy Lane too?! Apparently Kara needs a publicist to keep up with her own dating life..


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  • Supergirl S02E21 

Can’t believe the next episode is titled from both a quote and a ongoing meme. guys we done made it.