lena and hanna

Y en ese momento sé por qué inventaron palabras para nombrar el amor, por qué tuvieron que hacerlo. Es lo único que sirve para describir lo que siento ahora, esta mezcla desconcertante de dolor y placer, de miedo y alegría, que me recorre apresuradamente.
—  Delirium, Lauren Oliver.

there’s a band called The Tuts I really like obvi bc their music is great plus 2/3 of the band are WOCs (one of whom is Pakistani like me!!) and are intersectional feminists. in terms of racial rights I love them. but unfortunately a non-binary friend of mine said that they’re friends with Lena Dunham and idolise Kathleen Hanna, both terfs, and they never got back to my friend about their ask on tumblr about trans rights and they’re active on tumblr. so like I’m so excited that there’s racial representation from an indie band, but I am pretty disappointed for my friend so it’s conflicting listening to them right now. it’s like I could still like their music and just support them racially. but yeah just knowing that they lack trans positivity kinda taints it for me

Hanna, your mother is suicidal. Open your eyes.

Really, her self-centeredness tonight was off-charts. And yes, what Elijah said was harsh, but…at this point in time, I don’t think he’s wrong.

I feel like the show is ramming down our throat that Hanna is actually going to be a good mother and everyone (and audience) are insane to doubt this. This is an “epiphany” for her. But she has no money. Or common sense. And I know many women come to motherhood with less-than-ideal circumstances and thrive when doing it. But I feel like Hanna just wants to be a mom so she can write a think piece about it. And just wants someone else to do the hard stuff. How often tonight’s did she just assume her mom and Elijah were going to help her?

And I feel the show is setting up that Adam is going to miss Hanna via the movie and they’re going to reunite to raise the baby. Which…I mean, no. No, no, no.

I surprised the show is going such a conventional route with this story. With its progressive background, I hoped for more balls in this in addressing the choices Hanna has. “Redeeming” Hanna via motherhood is lazy, sexist writing. Let her be flawed–she doesn’t need to be redeemed. Let her be messy. I still hope for a twist here, but I’m thinking Lena Dunham’s overwhelming desire for viewers to “accept” Hanna is going to make for a pathetic lil ending here.