lena & stef

4x12: Dream A Little Dream

As Stef and Lena stand vigil over an unconscious Jesus, he dreams of an alternate world wherein he tries to save Mariana but can’t get to her.

Already stretched thin, the moms receive news that Callie is in serious legal trouble.

Mariana seeks comfort in Mat’s arms.

Brandon tries to hold the family together.

fosters character summaries
  • Stef: I'd know because I'm a cop.
  • Lena: I just think everybody needs to calm down.
  • Callie: *runs in front of a bus* *gets hit by a bus* Of course this would happen to me.
  • Brandon: Don't let anybody ruin your life. It's your life. So you should ruin it.
  • Jesus: I can't help it if everyone wants to have sex with me.
  • Mariana: You can be smart and sexy. I'd know. I'm both.
  • Jude: *on a school trip*

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