lena basilone


“I wanted to know how it was to love somebody the way Pop loved Mama.  At least I wanted a few days, or weeks if I could get it, to know what it was like to be married.  I wanted to be able to say ‘I love you’ a few times and mean it … Lena agreed to marry me.  We set the date for July 10th, 1944." 

- John Basilone

yk sometimes i stumble upon those blogs that have like 5638 fandoms and 74838 ships in their bio and amongst those 74838 ships they have shit like d3sti3l and winc3st and st3r3k and k@r@m3l and j0hnl0ck and w/e the fuck, but then i also see malec there and it baffles me to no end how u can tell me that, after u discovered malec aka the epitome of healthy, pure, wholesome, god tier relationships who actually invented Love and everything that has to do with it, u have eyes for any other ship, not to mention abusive/toxic/incestuous/never-gonna-happen-two-str8-white-men-who-looked-at-each-other-once ships that could not begin to compare to it in a million years?? how can u tell me u discovered what True Love means, and u still settle for below mediocre or downright gross “”‘ships’“”??