len's artwork


Vermilion Lighthouse Fresnel Lens Manufacturing 2016

This reproduction 5th order Fresnel was modeled after the original manufactured by Barbier and Fenestre, Paris in 1877.  The 180 degree fixed lens is equipped with 180 degrees of prismatic reflectors at the rear of the lens.


Michael Crawford’s Phantom + “blinde” eye

(he wore several contact lenses to achieve this look - on the “blinde” side a white and a blue one, and on the “good” side a dark brown one. The level of whiteness and pupil varies in the photos, so it looks like he experimented with it)

You can read more here: http://operafantomet.tumblr.com/search/the+phantom’s+contact+lens

Here it is! My piece for the Yamashizuku Collab 2016! The song is ‘Karakuri Burst’ and my character is Kagamine Len/Ren!

I have to thank @teamosfanpage for giving me this opportunity to participate! It´s my first time being part of something big like this! I´m so happy there´s now one about my absolute favorite producers!

I just woke up and saw all these wonderful artworks and to be honest I am more than happy! You all guys did such a wonderful job ♥ (and you made my day thank you)

About my work: I don´t like the coloring because it looks so blunt/dull BUT it´s my first real artwork so I should be proud :,D ! Please pay attention to the flower because that´s obviously where most of my time and dedication flowed in haha

Anyway to finish it off I just want to say this event was really cool and you guys should definitely hold another one next year! If you do so I´d participate again!

and here’s the second one, because I’m impatient

Title: Ars Gratis Artis (ao3 link)
Fandom: Flash, Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Len probably should have thought twice before he revealed to everybody just how good an artist Mick is.

(years later, Mick pays him back for it)

A/N: for the @legendsofsuperflarrowmemes’s prompt 30 (Coldwave. Artist!Mick gets Leonard to pose for him. Naked.) and for @kickingshoes, as a distraction.

warning: no adult content at all. barely answers the prompt. I’m sorry; I tried!


“This shit’s gorgeous,” Len says frankly, and he means it, too.

“Lenny,” Mick whines. His face is red and he keeps shifting awkwardly from side to side, as he had been ever since he’d come home and found Len perusing his artwork. “Just leave it be, will you?”

“No, seriously!” Len says. “I don’t know why you kept these from me. They’re amazing. Did you make these with a blowtorch?”

“The initial groundwork, yeah,” Mick says. “The rest is pencil and pen and stuff. Lenny…”

“Do you sell them?”


“You should.”

“No one would buy them,” Mick argues.

Len snorts. “Sure they would,” he says firmly. “Your art’s really good.”

Mick is wringing his hands, but he’s stopped trying to pull Len away. “You really think so?”

“I really think so.”

“You’re just buttering me up,” Mick says suspiciously.

“I’d steal it,” Len says firmly.

“You’d steal anything.”

“I’m serious! This is sell on the black market good.” Len pauses. “This may even be sell on the normal market good.”

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